Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Days Like This for 2009

beach toes
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Resolving to Make My Resolutions:
I'm really struggling wtih coming up with a plan for the new year. I know I want all the usual things ie; healthier living, being kinder, taking more time with family, being a better housekeeper, employee,sister,daughter,mother,wife, fellow blogger, and friend (taking a moment for a breath) and not to mention.....ARTIST! It can be overwhelming at times can't it? How can I improve in all areas at once? That is where I mess up.....thinking such thoughts.

So, some how, I will have to get my mind in a relaxed state and be quiet for a while until clarity comes. Maybe I should take up meditation? Hee-hee, people that know me well will think that is funny.

Seriously though, I do think that more times like the beach scene here are important. So that is my number one resolution.

I also want to expand my horizons. I have begun the process of developing a creative instructional book. I'm keeping the subject matter private for now. Any help on that topic of getting such a book published (not self publishing)is appreciated.

I also want to take some classes in the art/creative world.

I want to help my daughter more with her art too. She has turned out to be quite the little artist. I don't like her subject matter so much as it is darker and scary stuff....but she understands that. I love her talent though. It is kind of a yin/yang thing at our house. Ha!

Oh, and I really, really, really want to go somewhere with a beautiful beach with my husband in the summer. This September will be our 25th anniversary and that will be our celebration.

Then, I want my husband and I to focus more on our retirement plans ie; saving, planning, and dreaming.

Happy New Year to all of my friends and family in blogger world. 2009!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Shout Out

I don't have much to say today. My brain feels a bit like the bobidiboo song that is on my playlist here. (Oh come on, turn up the volume and enjoy the music-the playlist is at the bottom of the blog...i updated it to reflect my mood today) I'm back from the trip to see Cody in Biloxi ( I can spell it correctly now). I spent the entire day yesterday trying to get things back in order at our house.

I got a new camera for Christmas. I think it will take close ups better....much better.

I've been thinking a lot about the New Year and where I really want to be going with my art. Do I want to continue with Etsy? Do I want to pursue other means for selling which would be what? Just what do I hope to achieve with all this? Anyway, I'm certainly not down about all this. I'm just always excited by the New Year and all the possibilities. It is funny to go back and look at my new years posts from the last years.

2006 in anticipation of 2007


Anyway, I would like to take a moment to shout out to two of my dear friends who seem to have gone underground or into hiding of some sort. (joking)

D Baker-Got your very creative little Christmas card and I enjoyed reading about updates on you and your beautiful family. I added one particular song on my playlist for you and me today. You will know which one it is!
M-Got the ornament-So appropriate for a Texas girl with a flavor for color and glitter!!!
Love you both.

Well, gotta go shower and get to work! Back to work.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

christmas on the beach?

Happy Holidays!

From Bilouxi Mississippi

This is Craig and I on the beach in Bilouxi, Mississippi. Who would have ever thought we would spend over 13 hours driving to come here for the holidays? Oh the things we do for our children and to be with our children. At least this way, we know where everyone is! We spent some time on the beach yesterday and took lots of pics. We don't have much experience on beachs being from West Texas!

We spent some time drawing pictures in the sand. Some of us wrote love messages..hmmm wonder who that was?

Today, we plan to do some sight seeing, shopping, and yes, some geocaching. So, more later. Have a lovely day.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Memories

click on the article above to enlarge. I wrote this several years ago for our local paper. Forgive all the typos- hey, this is Big Spring, TX! It made the front page! I know it was a while back because there is an add for the Jurasic Park movie-the first one. I'm adding it here as an entry in Ambers Great Christmas Giveaway.
I also hope my sisters enjoy this memory. Merry Christmas sisters! I love you Ronetta and Rhea. We are blessed to have each other and these good memories. Hugs.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seven More Days Until Christmas

OM gosh, only 7 days. The panic is setting in. I think I must work better under pressure because I'm suddenly making lists...checking them twice....etc. Anyhoo, just a few things to share this morning.....

  1. Debbie over at Suburb Sanity featured me in her blog! Well, I say "featured" as it seems a little more special then saying "mentioned". Anyway, if you don't visit her blog, you are missing out on lots of laughs. She is very good at capturing the day in the life of women, mothers, me, she is a lot like Erma Bombeck. I hope she will write a book someday. She has over 99 followers, maybe you can add to her numbers.

  2. Oilcloth: Yesterday, I was listening to Martha Stewart 112 on serius radio and she was talking about making oilcloth placemats. I have been interested in making oilcloth somethings for some time but could never find oilcloth. Here is the link she suggests for purchasing oilcloth But she also gave some tips about sewing oilcloth. She said always start with a new needle as it is "tough" to sew. Make your stiches a little longer (can't remember why). You can't wash oilcloth in the washer. While I was looking for oilcloth info on her web site, I found this pattern/instructions for the lunch bags made from oilcloth. So, FYI if you were interested...

  3. The Christmas Sweater: Great Book! If you get a chance to buy, borrow or check out from the library.....I highly recommend. It is a wonderful and heart warming story. It was a quick read and I don't recommend reading it in public as you might cry a tear or two.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nine Days Until Christmas

Only 9 more days until Christmas. Are you ready? I'm ready. I have not finished all my shopping, I have not done everything I would like to do, I can't figure out what we will do with our dogs while we are gone to see son, but.......I'm very unusually calm about it all. I'm just kinda like .......I will get done what I get done. SO THERE!!!!

Last night I tried out a new recipe I discovered in this month issue of Country Home. Recipe on page 90 for Mexican Chocolate Brownies. It sounded interesting as it called for "Mexican-style chocolate (abuelita). I actually found this chocolate at our Walmart in the "Hispanic" section. It is packaged and marketed for making hot chocolate. Anyway, it is a dark chocolate and has cinnamon in it. Yummy! The brownies were awesome and I don't have much left to give away which was the intention.

You have to try out new recipes before you start handing them out. I learned this the year I gave out cookies in a jar. They looked very nice but that particular recipe was not all that great!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fishing For Blog Love

I just love all my blog buddies! You all just keep me going. Every single one of you....well with the exception of the occasional know who you are! LOL I just think we are so lucky to live in a world where we can form these wonderful and encouraging relationships. I have to say, if I saw most of you at a store or something....just passed by you....I would not know you. But, if I saw your blog without your banner or just your art even, I would know it was you. I have even spotted some of your work in several magazines. I will just be thumbing through and all of sudden I spot you!!!! I get so excited. I know her! I'm pointing and sometimes jumping up and down......people are looking at me funny. I just had to say that. I appreciate you all!

Yesterday was a hard day to start! My husband and I were so worried as we had gone 2 days without hearing from Cody. He would not answer his cell phone, email, texts or anything. My husband was about to have a cow and I was trying to keep him calm and act like he was being silly and overly protective. After all, Cody is a man now. "Let him be....he is probably just having fun with his friends since it is his days off" Then I had to go to Walmart to get away from hubby and have a nervous break-down. Oh, all the things that go through your head. Anyway, long story short, hubby called the AFB that Cody is at, had them go and check on Cody and probably embarrassed him profusely to the point that he will never miss one of our calls again. Cody had been in bed with a little cold and did not hear his phone. Or at least that is what he said. So, hubby calls me and all is well. Well, first I had to have a crying spell (relief). Question-Does it ever get better? Do you ever stop worrying yourself sick about your children. Can we just put one of those little chips in their head like they have for pets now?

Here is my latest piece of art-"GONE FISHING". It is now available on my ETSY.
NEWS: Renea (Pocket Full of Prettys) was called out to son and daugther-in-laws yesterday as someone is thinking about making their grand appearance. I can't wait to meet little Kennedy! Keep them in your prayers please.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea

I have an inexpensive Christmas gift idea for an interesting and personal piece of art. Here is a picture of the one I just created. The photo probably does not do it justice. Here are the instructions:
1. Go to your word processor-like Word or Works and type in words that are meaningful to the person for whom the gift is being made....I typed in our family names, dogs names, hobbies, etc-and then copy the text to the clipboard
2. Go to Worlde this link here
3. Click in the "paste in a bunch of text" box and paste your text from your clipboard
4. click the "Go" underneath the box
5. Look at what you made! Then, you can change it up using the buttons.....just play around until you get what you like.
6. Print it out on photo paper
7. Use that print out for your art
8. Or, go to copy shop and get a larger copy
9. Buy a frame-I got mine at Michaels and used my 40% off coupon
10. Wrap it up- Wala- Beautiful and thoughtful art gift....Yay for you

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Christmas Long Ago Contest

Christmas is fast approaching......before you know it, St. Nick will have come and gone....cookies in his pockets...milk to go please.

For some reason I was telling Renea (Pocket Full of Pretty's) about this photo of me and my step brother sitting on Santa's lap. I did not have this photo but I remembered it being in my mother's collection of pictures. I emailed my mom and she did all the hunting and scanning and sent it to me---thanks Mom.
Mom tells me I was "3" and brother was "5". It just really made me happy to see this.....and a little sad. I miss "little" Ronnie. Anyway, I would love to see your favorite "Christmas Long Ago"pictures. Hmmmm......sounds like a good idea for a contest. Let's do it!

Here are the rules! Prize INFO At the Bottom of this post!
1. Blog the photo from your favorite "Christmas Long Ago" and tell the story

2. Put a link to my blog in that entry and tell three others about the contest

3. Let me know you are participating through comment on my blog or email-then I will add you to the Funky Art Queen's Christmas Long Ago Contest Blog entry.
That's It!
I'm going to let the general public pick the winner by posting links to each one of your entries and soliciting votes.
The Winner Will be Announced on December 24th....Christmas Eve.
PRIZE INFORMATION: You can select one item-any item from my
Etsy shop!
OK, now get going! Good Luck!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Cool Generator or Digital Tool

Well, THANKS Jennifer over at BUTTUGLEE for pointing me to yet another cool digital tool. Then one is right up my alley. You know how I love typography. YOu go and try it. I have to stop so I can get ready for work. Someone help me stop@!!!!!!
go to THIS SITE and have some fun.
You can't steal the photo so you have to make a link to it at Worlde. However, you can print it out. I want to print it and make shapes for scrapbooking or art. Oh man, this is going to be fun. Well, gotta go. See ya later.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Decorations

I'm enjoying my holiday decorating this year. Here is a picture of the shelf in my newly redecorated guest room. I loved working on this and I like to think of it as a constant work in progress. That way, I can change the shelf according to the season/holiday. It is just entertaining to me.

On another note, excuse me if I gloat......I WON I WON. I WON THE PRIZE ON THE QUEEN OF ARTS 100TH POST GIVEAWAY. She decided the prize would be whatever the winner chose from her etsy site. I had my eye on those Diva magnets several days before the contest. How lucky am I? I'm excited. Kim, the a lovely person. She is so wise and says the wisest things that both inspire me and cause me to think a little harder about things. She is a gifted encourager and artist. So, it will be an honor to have something that she created.

Now, for those of you that know me well, you can disreguard this next paragraph as you already know this. But, for those of you who are just getting to know me......I want to share with you (WARNING.....SHAMELESS BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCEMENT COMING) that December 11th (next Thursday.......mark your calendar here) is my BIRTHDAY!!!! I will be 44! But, I'm still hot! Heehee


Saturday, November 29, 2008

To thine own self...

"To thine own self be true". I don't know why, but sayings like this stay in my mind....I have so many sayings and quotes stuck in my head . But sometimes, I don't even understand the phrases or quotes or prose that is stuck in my head. It just gets in there and then.....sometimes.....every now and then, I get it. I understand or at least, I come to some understanding that is right for me.
This one.....("To thine Own Self Be True") is a quote from Hamlet/Shakespeare. After doing some research, I discovered that my understanding for this phrase is not exactly what was meant in the famous prose. See more about that here.
My interpretation of this phrase is that I need to remain true to myself. It reminds me not to get distracted so easily in my art interests or anything else for that matter. It reminds me that I love bright colors and messing with glue and as many mediums as possible to create a wonderful and funky piece of art. Being true to myself reminds me that just because I can make something that someone else has created does not mean I will enjoy making it. Do you get what I'm trying to say?
So, since that has been running around in my mind with all the other crazy things that run around in there......I was inspired to create this mixed media piece. This is more of what I love and the message is clear.....TRUTH. Oh, and I have to mention that this is an encaustic piece. I used beeswax on the collage pieces and the last layer of the entire piece.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Decorations

I think I mentioned I already did the Christmas decorations since Cody will only get to be here for Thanksgiving and not Christmas. I kind of did a blue/silver winter type tree. It is different for me as I usually do a traditional type. Cody arrived Monday evening and we have enjoyed him so much. He leaves on Saturday. We celebrate Thanksgiving with the big family gathering over at my Aunt Peggy's house. I'm hoping that we will all get to go to a movie later today as well. FUN! Yes, I will take my know that!

Hubby and I were out cleaning around the pond yesterday and I noticed the fairies have already put out their Christmas decor. It's like they knew that Cody was coming. I think that was sweet if that was the case! Anyway, you all have a wonderful day, hopefully filled with family, friends, food and naps-and THANKFUL THOUGHTS.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nubian Queen Lola's Cajun Kitchen

OK, I know.....I promised some Christmas decor photos but this is much more interesting. So....hubby calls me into the living room this evening to see something on television.....(he always does that and I'm always slightly bothered but glad when I see what it is he wants to show me on tv). He was watching "Texas Country Reporter" which is a wonderful little show that comes on every weekend. It is a kind of documentary by of unique individuals and places in Texas.
One of the stories tonight, was about a lady named Lola Stephens who has a little cajun kitchen in Austin, Texas called "Nubian Queen".

SO might say. But her story is so awesome. She is truly a one woman show. She is the cook, the waitress, the cashier, and the dishwasher at her little kitchen. But that is not the most impressive part of her story. While she is serving her patrons at the front door, she is feeding the homeless out the back door of her restaurant. She even closes on Sunday....."to feed the homeless". She is such a humble but strong woman! She is a firm believer in Luke 6:38 which reads, "Give and it will be given to you." Here is a video of her talking that will give you more of an idea about what kind of woman she is.

I don't know, I can't possibly tell it in a way that would move you the way the Texas Country Reporter story moved me. But, you might take a look at the links provided. I think she is a modern day saint like Mother Teresa who says....."We can do no great things.....only small things with great love".

Felt Bird Ornaments

So far, I have made three of these little felt birds. This one is "cranberry" colored felt with a grey heart/wing. I embroidered the word "peace" on the wing. I learned to do the blanket stich for these birds. I have also made a pink and a cream colored one. All available in my shop on Etsy of course.
This weekend, I am finishing up my holiday decorating. I already have the tree up and several other decorations because Cody is coming home for Thanksgiving and not Christmas. So, I wanted it to be festive for him. Also, my sisters are coming from New Mexico! My mom is coming and so many others! Yay! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving this year. Can you tell? What are you doing this weekend? I know several people who are getting their Christmas decorations out and starting the process.
I hope to post some pics tonight or tomorrow to show my Christmas spirit gone Crazy! Hugs and happy weekend.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Spool Knitting Kit

I have been working on this little spool knitting kit for a few weeks and was finally able to list it today on Etsy. Do you know about spool knitting? It is a type of weaving/knitting (also called corking) that has been around for hundreds of years. It was a great way to get children interested in knitting. I learned about it when I was very young.
Our teacher taught us how to make the knitters from an empty spool and some nails. I recently learned that there were all kinds of ornamental type knitters and they did not all look like spools.

Take a look at this flickr group with all the pictures and collections of old spool knitters.

Anyway, my kit is available in my Etsy shop. Come and have a look.

Now, in reference to Renea "Pocket Full of Pretty's" funny pics about the dogs looking out the window and tearing up their owners blinds, etc. Here is the view from the inside at my house.
We seem to have the same problem with Sebastian. He is always propping himself up on his elbows (do dogs have elbows?) and looking out the window. He has torn up many sets of blinds and the window is alway filthy with his nose and paw prints. But, he looks so cute when I come home and he is looking out the window at me.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pink Art

I know that pink is not in my usual pallet, but, I wanted to do something different...something pink for some reason. I guess I thought that would be as far away from my usual colors as I could get. Something new and different.
What a fru fru girl she is with her pink poodle! She is sooooooo not me! But, I love her. Hmmmm, she reminds me of someone......a friend of mine........I wonder who........???? I completed this piece last night and will post it on my etsy in a moment.
Meanwhile, I had a great day. I got up very early to drive to Odessa for the American Heart Walk that I was the leader of for my work place. We had a great turn out and lots of donations. I enjoyed the dancing/aerobic warm up. It was very hip hoppy and zuma like. I wanna take a class like that. FUN!

Husband traveled with me so he could geocache in Odessa while I walked. Then he and I went to Johnny Carino's for lunch. We drove back to Big Spring (all this before noon) and I dropped him off at the house, picked up the daughter and off to my Aunt Peggy's to see my Mom who had come to town. Also got to visit with several family members who I have not seen in awhile. It was great. Here is a pic of Heather with her great grandma...

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paper Flowers and Fabric Flowers

Well, I'm kind of in a creative funk again. I hate it when this happens! I'm so glad that next weekend I am going to Fredricksberg, TX again to the trade days. I know it will inspire me in all kinds of directions. Meanwhile, while I am trying to get my groove back........I have been making a lot of little short term projects in the paper department. I made this little posey pin from faux vintage post/letters etc papers from the scrapbooking department. I actually wore it yesterday on my jacket.

Then I spotted this book on Fabric Flowers by Elizabeth Helene Searle at the fabric store and I had to get it. I used her instructions to make this first fabric flower. I want to try several of her other flowers instructions. Now, what will I do with them? Who knows? Does it really matter if I am enjoying myself? Probably everyone will get fabric or paper flowers for Christmas! Heehee

Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Evolution of a Big Piece of Art

Here it is....finally....the very large piece of art that I was commisioned to do. I finally finished it and the owner said she loved it. So, it is ok to show you now. Since this was something new for me to do a huge piece of art....I took pics along the way to show the evolution of the project. (See slideshow at bottom of this blog entry).

It is a highly textured piece...the flowers are stenciled with texture paint, the bottom background has textured waves and imprints. The top is very spongy/imprinted. The vase, that is my favorite. The lady that ordered this painting revealed to me that she and her husband are building a new home. She wants the painting for a focal point when people enter the home. So, I added these words in texture paint to the vase:

"Love to all who enter this house,
Welcome to our loving home.
Love to all who enter our home
And take love with you
when you go."
You really can't read it unless you know what it says. But, I felt it would be a kind of blessing to their home.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Purple Bird

My dear friend Renea inspired me once again. She said something about the birds I had made and that made me want to make another one. I was really planning to do another wordy bird but you know how I get distracted. I saw this purple and gold fabric in my fabric stash and it was calling me. What a funky bird this would make!

My husband loved it. He said it reminded him of a hologram for some reason. I guess the contrast of the orange checks and the purple checks is a bit much for the eyes! Heehee

The legs on this one were so much easier than the last ones I made. I used floral wire and taped them with brown floral tape. I guess the stiffness was just right and the tape gives you something to anchor it to the body by sewing.

I finished the big painting!!!!! I emailed a pic to Tandi (the lady who ordered it) and I'm waiting for her response. Then, if she does not hate it and I am not in a deep dark depression.....just kidding, I will show it to you. Anyway, I'm glad I finally finished.

Hope you all have a great week and keep in touch. I owe you all some visits to your blogs and I plan to do that tonight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Is Coming!

Halloween is fast approaching. I love halloween. It is the one day each year that adults can play dress up and act silly. I don't get into the monsters and scarry part. I just like the fun and silly parts. This is Pocket Full of Prettys and Wild over Wine last year as they went about marketing in their get ups. I can't wait to see what they come up with this year.

Me and my work gang are going to be dressing up as kind of a team thing. I can't tell you or I would have to kill you! So you just have to wait until then! But, it does insert some fun and fun is what we all need a little more of!


Speaking of Halloween, I have three Halloween items on my Etsy shop that I am going to take 25% off from now until Halloween. Two of my funky house pillows and one bracelet. Just take 25% off the price before you pay. OK, off to get ready for work. Have a happy Tuesday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

No Water Required Flowers

I was very busy yesterday with housecleaning, laundry, and not having the garage sale I was supposed to have! Neighbor did not get an ad in the paper as planned and I think I was really glad about that. I did not feel very good Friday and yesterday but I'm feeling a little perkier today. Anyway, I did find time to create these little (what I call) NO WATER REQUIRED FLOWER GREETINGS. I made three. But I have several more different themes I want to create. We will see about that. Oh, I should give credit where it is due. I was inspired to create these by two people. One, Pocket Full of Prettys....her little magic wands are so awesome! Then Butt Uglee's fabric flowers. She sent me one so I got to see it in person. I loved her little black and white stems. See how lovely it is to share our art and ideas? See how we each have our own spin on things.

Really, I did work on the large commission art piece. It is requiring so much paint. I just felt I needed to go over the background again because it seemed sparse. It is coming out very pretty and I think the lady that ordered the painting is going to be pleased. I am glad she is not in a hurry though because it is taking much longer than I anticipated. It is just hard for someone like me to stay focused on such a large project. So, I have to do a little of this and then a little of that and then back to the big piece. I can't wait to show it to you all when I am done. I actually have taken pics along the way to do a slide show called "Evolution of My First Huge Painting". But I don't want to show anything until I get it done and the owner sees it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

House Warming Gift for Sister

Yesterday was day two for me. I thought all day long but nothing came to me until late in the day it hit me. Lately, I have been making these little fabric houses. They are just little funky, stuffed houses that are ornamental and fun. I had thought these would make fun little gifts for people who have recently bought a home. A house warming gift. But that idea was brought about as a marketing idea. I'm always making all this stuff and trying to think of ways to sell it.
Then, DUH! It hit me. My sister and her husband recently bought a beautiful home. Why could I not make her a special little house. Usually when these thoughts occur, I selfishly think how that will keep me from making something that I might can sell. Well, it's not like I"m poor! I have a day job. I'm just obsessed with the idea of making this art thing my day job some day!!!!Anyway, I decided to make Rhea (my sister) and her hubby (Jesse) a little house warming house. I spent all evening after work on this. I even embroidered their last name on it. I hope that it will be a blessing to their home. I also wrote a funny little blessing poem to add to her house. But that is a surprise.
It felt good to do this and I know when she gets it she will be delighted. Or at least she will act like it for me because she is just good to me like that. I love my sisters! Hmmm.....I wonder what gift I will give today.
PS: I have always struggled with the idea of when you give you are supposed to keep it to yourself. What are your thoughts on this. Teach me teach me.Have a beautiful and giving day!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Little Fabric Houses

Happy Funky Fabric Houses!

I started making these little houses a month or so ago and I really enjoy them. They are just little pieces of fabric art that can be embellished in so many ways. The one pictured above is my most recent. I loved the little fibers hanging off the chiminey on this one.

I love the "house" shape and pictures with houses. I wonder what that means? I think the house shape/pics of houses represent home, safety, security, love, warmth, many many happy things to me. I think these little houses would be cute house warming gifts.

I made one of the little houses a Frida house. I know her house was blue and so I started with that. Then I added several fabric transfers and some letter buttons to spell her name.

Then with Halloween coming, I felt the need to make some Halloween houses. This is the latest one.

Happy Halloween!

All of these houses are available at my Etsy shop today! Go and check them out!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Cheeseburger Soup

It just seems like fall is the time to start getting out those soup recipes. I have been making this particular recipe for a few years now and the family loves it. The other day, me and Lisa and Renea went over to Olive Garden to eat lunch. I ordered the Tuscany soup for the first time and it was so good I wanted to lick my bowl but I restrained myself! Anyway, that Tuscany soup reminded me of my Cheeseburger Soup. They use sausage in the Tuscany and I use Hamburger meat. I love this soup.....I have never been a big soup eater but this one got me. So, since it is getting to be fall and will soon be winter.....I wanted to share this recipe with you.

Cheeseburger Soup

1/2 pound ground beef
3/4 cup chopped onion
3/4 cup shredded carrots
3/4 cup chopped celery
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried parsley
4 tablespoons butter
3 cups chicken broth
4 cups cubed potatoes
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
16 oz of Velveeta cheese cubed

1 1/2 cups milk
1/4 cup sour cream
In a large pot, melt 1 tablespoon butter or margarine over medium heat: cook and stir vegetables and beef , until beef is brown.
Stir in basil and parsley. Add broth and potatoes. Bring to a boil, then simmer until potatoes are tender, about 10-12 minutes.
Melt the remainder of butter and stir in flour. Add the milk, stirring until smooth.
Gradually add milk mixture to the soup, stirring constantly. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer. Stir in cheese. When cheese is melted, add sour cream and heat through. Do not boil.

You can print this recipe out at

I love the allrecipes site. I have my own little digital recipe box there. I have all my favorites recipes saved there. I used Velvetta instead of chedar cheese as written on this recipe. It is so much better to my taste. I would love to hear about your favorite soup recipes. Please comment and lead me to that recipe!
Also, please run over to Pocket Full of Pretty's Blog to participate in her 100th post blog give away! Go and look at the scrumptious little blocks you could win!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Hodge Podge of Things to Share

I found this cool site where you can make a seal for your blog or whatever. I believe I found this before. Probably blogged about it....will see if I can find that. But today, I wanted to share this with you for some digital fun. Just click on the image above to go and play with this digital toy. It is very easy.
I received a blog award from a very special friend and fellow blogger Pocket Full of Prettys. She and Lisa are my dearest and sweetest friends in the world. They are always doing kind things for me and I love to spend time with them. Anyway, sniff sniff (should have given a mushy alert huh). Thanks Renea! Now, I must pass the award on to other blog friends and here are the rules.....

1) there are only 5 people allowed
2) 4 must be dedicated followers of your blog
3) one must be a new follower of your blog, or live in another part of the world
4) and you must link back to the person who gave you this award

OK, of course I would give it to Pocket Full of Prettys and Wild Over Wine but they just received the award and we would be passing this thing back and forth for years. NOT! So here are the recipients I have chosen.

Kim at Queen of Hearts-always present and her.
Amber at Recycled Realities-another wise friend
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I want to leave you on this bumpy middle of the week day Wednesday with this pic of my most recent pillows of peace. I just love the peace sign lately. I see it every where and it is really groovy don't you think? These are all available on my Etsy Shop. Hope you will check them out. I think you will find the prices very reasonable.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another artist interview

Raise your hand if you are tired of looking at the pic of my husband on my last blog?! Heehee. Not that he isn't cute and all, but we artists/creative people need lots of eye candy stimulation. We get bored so easy. My apologies for not blogging lately. I've been busy dahling! I have been commissioned to do a very large 48"X60" piece of art. Oh my goodness...just trying to get the canvas in my car carefully was an adventure. But, I got it home safely and I have been working on it every evening when I get off from work. So that is my excuse for being slow on the blog.

Anyway, for now, let me point you to my other blog "I Must Share This" so you can meet "Sam" a new artist I discovered on Etsy. I think you will probably recognize her work if you are a big Etsy fan. Go and check out the interview. Comments welcome and encouraged!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Frida Made it Home

Isn't hubby cute? He has this raised eye brow thing going on that made me think of Jack Nicholson. I asked him to model this piece of art for me. He is always so sweet and participates in my silly antics! ANYWHOOOOO!

I have to tell you the story about this Frida piece. I sent it to Somerset Studio almost a year ago. I did not hear anything for the longest time and I kept wondering what had become of it. I finally got a weird email from a complete stranger who had received my Frida art. FUNNY! I really did not think it was that funny then. Anyway, long story short....I suppose Somerset Studios manages so much art ( I can't even imagine how they organize it all) that they accidentally sent it to another artist.

So I finally sent her the money for the postage and she sent it lovingly packaged back to me. It contained that rejection letter they send with art they can't use. (I figure if I share about the ones that are published, I should also tell you about the ones that are not.) So, all in all, I have spent about 30.00 on postage and handling to get it to Somerset Studio + a check for postage for when they would return it to me and then to this kind lady who let me know she had received it. I think I should sell it for 1000.00 don't you? Hee Hee.
I'm going to post it on Etsy for that much! OK, perhaps that is a little steep. But the emotional strain and stress over this whole matter......heehee again. Really, I'm just trying to be funny. I am going to list it tonight. Also, in closing, I have to introduce you to "Rupert" our pond frog. I think it is one of the frog/tadpoles my sister Rhea gave us. See how he has grown?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Christmas Ornaments in September

I thought of this idea last week and I had to start making them. I can't decide if I will try and sale them or make my whole tree kind of shabby chic or victorian with all these type ornaments. Here is how I did it on this one...then I will tell you about the others that I don't have pics of but they are very similiar.

This is one of those plastic ornaments that is in two halfs that fit together. Got it at Michaels for about 2.00 I think. It also has a hook on the top to tie string or hang wire.

I had this vintage pin-pretty big and suspended it from the hook on the top of the ornament with very fine wire...I wanted it to hang in the middle.

I filled the bottom with vintage beads-pearls-pinks-silvers.

I tied wire ribbon and one that was not wired to the top.

I used a toothpick to apply Aleenes Jewelry Glue around the edges of each side so that it will stay shut. Walla! A Victorian Christmas Ornament.

The others were created with those glass ornaments you can buy at the craft stores. You can take off the top but it only has a very small ( a little bit bigger than a pencil head) opening. So, of course you won't be fitting a large pin or brooch in their. So I just used the same instructions above omitting the pin. Just fill it with pretty beads and tie some pretty ribbon. Now get busy so you will have enough for your tree. Or you could make lovely gifts for your friends!