Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fru Fru Town People

I made two more Fru Fru people today

and I just had to do a group shot of all

of them. They totally crack me up! I get so tickled when I am trying to think up each character. I even get my husband involved. It is hilarious. He has been very helpful on this matter.

But, those of you that know me really well, know that I am terrible with names. So, how in the world will I be able to keep up with the names of these Fru Fru dolls? So far, I have been able to do it. I totally imagine each character that I imagine up for each doll. However, I don't think I better do too many more. Like my husband said, I might hook the wrong people up with the wrong people. I might have affairs going on that I don't even realize if I don't pay close attention to my stories. Anyway, I'm having so much fun creating each doll and his/her persona. I have a tag on each doll with his/her story so I can keep them straight. These little Fru-Fru people have really made me laugh a lot. Can you believe I entertain myself so much? What a dork I am!

This is Vivian. She is the mother to Rebecca and Little James. She is the wife of James Schmidt, the General Store owner of Fru Fru town ......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funky House Neighborhood

I finished another house this weekend. It is the one at the end that has a lime green top and striped body. I really enjoy making these little pillow/ornament/shelf thingys. What the heck do you do with them? Look at this shelf! Look how artsy and fun it is. That is one idea. I was thinking they would make great house warming presents and I even sent one to my sister a while back right after she bought a new home.

I'm working in Fabric right now. I have made a few new Fru Fru people and some houses. I am getting all kinds of ideas for my Fru Fru people, even my husband likes to help with their names and stories. I hope you had a good Tuesday. Good evening.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Funky Art Queen Has a Web Page Now

Hey Everyone,
Shew, I have been so busy trying to get ready for the Funky Finds show in April. I have several other projects in the works and I can't wait to share some of them with you. For now, I am just going to share with you that I finally got my own web site. I have thought for some time now that I would like to have a web site but I just could not get to it. Determined, I finally got to it, and finished it this weekend. It is a very simple (no bells or whistles) web presence. So don't get too excited. Please come and see. It will always be a work in progress. Hugs, Happy Monday and hope you all have a wonderful springy week.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

little black dress

little black dress
Originally uploaded by Funky Art Queen

One of my latest little collage pieces. I tried a new crackle technique using hide glue as recommended in Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner. I really liked the outcomes (on the sides). That hide glue stinks though. Shew! (see more by clicking on pic which will take you to flickr)

I need a little black dress too. I need it for another American Heart Gala-this one is in Midland and Odessa Texas on March 28th and it is a little more formal than the one a few weekends ago here. So, I will have to take some time today to find something. It has to match the jewelery designed by Lisa over at Majestic Designs that I will be modeling for her that night. It is so pretty and glitzy. I might need security to follow me around lest someone snatch it from me. Ha!

Whatever huh? Anyway, sorry I have not gotten to visit everyone lately but I'm making a point to visit blogs tonight. Hope you have an amazing Tuesday. HUGS!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Enjoying The Koi Pond at Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast
Lesley Chandler...a.k.a. Funky Art Queen reporting here live from Fredericksburg, Texas. We are here at the Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast enjoying the peace and tranquility in the cozy little Magnolia Room (the finest suite in the Magnolia House). We are status post shopping till we drop and eating until we pop.

It has been the most wonderful (much needed) little weekend getaway. I think Ms. Heather needed this little escape as much as we did....she has not stopped smiling since we left home. She had so much fun shopping downtown. She found herself a cute little t-shirt (pink of course) and a blingy set of earrings, and a blingy pink ring. Then we took her to a little cemetary in town that had many old, old grave stones. She took lots of pics. She was clearly enjoying herself so much.

This is Craig enjoying the living room at the Magnolia House.

Our room. Yawn!.....Can't wait to snuggle up in this comfy bed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Save the Polaroid!

I was tagged by Kim over at Queen of Arts and it had something to do with posting a photo from my 7th pic folder and the 7th pic. Well, I just cleaned out my photos this weekend and I don't have 7 folders or a number 7 photo.....but....I do have something to discuss reguarding, Kim, this is what I will contribute......HUGS TO KIM THE OTHER QUEEN!!!

POLAROIDS-I's old news.....but since I bought the vintage pink Polaroid off Etsy (can't wait until it gets here), it has become quite the issue with me. Polaroid is no longer making the instant film. They are going digital and all modern and stuff. Yay for them....but, raise your hand if you think it should be about them?! What about us? What about the few weird and nerdy people left in the world that love Polaroids? How will I go on? Hand on my head.....eyes looking upwards.......(Curtains close) heehee

I actually bought some Polaroid film at a Walgreens last year for a Polaroid I picked up for 50 Cents at a garage I can't find it unless I get it online. You can find it on ebay but I wonder for how long? It's just kind of sad to me for several reasons. One reason I'm sad is I always wanted to try Polaroid transfers. They are so lovely. Other reasons are just that I love to have the option to play with Polaroids should the mood strike me.
In my search for Polaroid film I discovered this site called Save the Polaroids. That site really got me excited about Polaroids. And, it prompted me to go through my old photos and find my Polaroid shots. I had a lot more than I thought. I took a lot of Polaroids of my daughters first birthday. (The above pic is not from her first birthday...we did not serve Corona at her first BD party-I believe it was Coors Light) Though I don't remember exactly, I must have had a Polaroid Camera in the earlier years of our marriage, because we have several Polaroid shots of that time period.

So this post is not 10 pages long-I will just post some links for you in case you are interested in Polaroids.
  1. Save The Polaroid

  2. Save Polaroid (a Flickr photo group...lots of fun Polaroid shots here)

  3. Poladroid: Oh this was so much fun and will be for a long time....I downloaded this software so I can make any photo appear to be a Polaroid.....but it also gives you the whole experience-like the Polaroid sound and lets you "shake" the photo to help it develop....this is a photo that I FAUX Polaroided. I must warn you though.....the people on the Flickr photo group say mean and ugly things about people who post fake Polaroid shots on their group. Just FYI!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Little Mixed Media For Ya

Happy Sunday,
Did you spring forward? Oh the things we could have created in that one hour.

I drew this little lady yesterdays with pens/prisma pencils and added the water soluable oil pastels around the background and just rubbed them in. I added the question mark with a paint marker and digitally added the words on I love quotes like this. I discovered this quote at a car wash place on a sign. Had to use it!

We got to talk to Cody for a long time yesterday. He is a little entrepreneur. Not only is he doing his job in AF....he has been building fences part time for extra money. Anyway, he was in good spirits and it was just so nice and uplifiting to hear from him.

I finished up a lot more clay heart pins and bird pins and I need to package them for the Funky Finds in April. I feel like doing some fabric art or maybe drawing some more today. I'm burned out on clay for the moment. Hope everyone is well and I hope spring is knocking on your door. We all need to go outside and play!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Being True to Me

OMG (I hate when people say that but in some cases I can see how it is needed). I went to Danita's blog early this morning and I read her entry about being on the Somerset Studio cover for the March/April 2009 issue. So, I stopped at B &N today to 1) Use their bathroom (it is hard when you are out on the streets all day marketing and need BR privileges and 2) to see if they had the new Somerset Studio that Danita mentioned. I got it! So, I finished my work day.....came home and after my walk, sat down to enjoy the article I was dying to read.

It was such a wonderful read by Rice Freeman-Zachery on page 38 with lots of yummy pictures. I had no idea that Danita lived in Ciudad,Juarez.

Without spoiling the article, I have to say the one part that just touched my soul was this statement by Danita, "At the beginning, trying to find my own style, I made a lot of mistakes. Unconsciously I tried to be someone I wasn't and was going in many directions like a ship with no rudder......." Hmmm, could that be me? YES! Life is a journey, no?

Wow! I so long to find my style. What is my style? Do I have one? How would you describe me? Just curious what others think that style is. Not fishing for complements, just honest feedback. Hugs to all my bloggies!

Congratulations Danita! It was an awesome article and I am proud for you! You are something special to me!