Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paper Flowers and Fabric Flowers

Well, I'm kind of in a creative funk again. I hate it when this happens! I'm so glad that next weekend I am going to Fredricksberg, TX again to the trade days. I know it will inspire me in all kinds of directions. Meanwhile, while I am trying to get my groove back........I have been making a lot of little short term projects in the paper department. I made this little posey pin from faux vintage post/letters etc papers from the scrapbooking department. I actually wore it yesterday on my jacket.

Then I spotted this book on Fabric Flowers by Elizabeth Helene Searle at the fabric store and I had to get it. I used her instructions to make this first fabric flower. I want to try several of her other flowers instructions. Now, what will I do with them? Who knows? Does it really matter if I am enjoying myself? Probably everyone will get fabric or paper flowers for Christmas! Heehee

Have a great day.


Kim Mailhot said...

I hope the funk is short lived !

You could add your flowers to your xmas packages ? Snazzy wrapping is always fun !
Hang in there, our Majesty !

Sacred Yoli said...

That is a great book and I use it for reference all the time.
I have used some of my flowers for embellishments on handbags, art quilts, brooches and Nichos.

Possibilities are endless!

Lisa said...

so cute les! i love the tags and envelopes on your etsy site! you've been keeping secrets! they are adorable. may have to have some. luv ya lisa

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

So cute, saw it in person! Lucky me! Hope to see you tomorrow! Love ya, Renea

Janet said...

That little paper flower is just so cute! I've made crocheted flowers but never paper or fabric.

I hope your funk doesn't last too long. I'm kinda in one now too.

Carolyn said...

oooo, I love that book but sadly have not gotten around to fashioning even a single flower!!!! (this is the story of my life: so many things I wanna try that I never actually do!)

I'll pray for a speedy recovery from the funk.... believe me: I know exactly where you're comin from! It happens to me regularly. You just have to ride it out. Usually I use it as an opportunity to take a break and do someintg different: lunch with the girls (margarita's anyone?) or a shopping excursion (my husbands not a big fan of that!)
:c )

afiori said...

Lovely flower!! Do you protect the paper somehow?

It's weird - seems like most blog writers I visit right now are in a bit of a funk, including me I guess! What's going on? Is it universal? I'm always creative! Well, still am, but I have this feeling I don't get things DONE. Argh.

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lulu said...

love the flowers! will have to seek out that book for a look, too. ;) xo