Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Christmas Long Ago Contest

Christmas is fast approaching......before you know it, St. Nick will have come and gone....cookies in his pockets...milk to go please.

For some reason I was telling Renea (Pocket Full of Pretty's) about this photo of me and my step brother sitting on Santa's lap. I did not have this photo but I remembered it being in my mother's collection of pictures. I emailed my mom and she did all the hunting and scanning and sent it to me---thanks Mom.
Mom tells me I was "3" and brother was "5". It just really made me happy to see this.....and a little sad. I miss "little" Ronnie. Anyway, I would love to see your favorite "Christmas Long Ago"pictures. Hmmmm......sounds like a good idea for a contest. Let's do it!

Here are the rules! Prize INFO At the Bottom of this post!
1. Blog the photo from your favorite "Christmas Long Ago" and tell the story

2. Put a link to my blog in that entry and tell three others about the contest

3. Let me know you are participating through comment on my blog or email-then I will add you to the Funky Art Queen's Christmas Long Ago Contest Blog entry.
That's It!
I'm going to let the general public pick the winner by posting links to each one of your entries and soliciting votes.
The Winner Will be Announced on December 24th....Christmas Eve.
PRIZE INFORMATION: You can select one item-any item from my
Etsy shop!
OK, now get going! Good Luck!


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Oh girl, that is the sweetest photo of you & your brother. It looks like he liked Santa little better than you did. Ha! We got Corey home, then we drove back home saturday. I was sick the entire time. Have been sick all weekend! YUCK! Call me tomorrow, maybe lunch? Love ya, Renea

Susan said...

Looks like fun, I'll see what I can come up with. Take care.

PLO said...

What a hoot! I will have to see if I can get my Mom to scan and email me one. I am sure she will. I love it! I have a killer Easter photo of my sister and I on the Easter Bunny's lap and I was about 8 months pregnant. My sister, the Easter Bunny and I could NOT stop laughing. When I post my next post on my moth blog, I will make a link here. TOO FUN!