Saturday, June 30, 2007


I am so excited because I received an invitation to do a live on-line chat about the Frida Skirt from EBSQ. EBSQ is a great on-line gallery that many artists use to display their work. I just read the email last night and of course I responded right away. I love to teach others how to do different techniques! So, needless to say.....I am honored. Will keep you updated on the details. Meanwhile, here is a link to my on-line gallery at EBSQ.

This is my last weekend for Cody to be here before he is off to college. We are going to take him out to eat tonight for a special-family dinner. I don't know how I will cope with his absence but I imagine it will all work out. I just pray he will be safe and make good decisions and stick to his studies so he can accomplish his dreams. Lately, I have been worrying about how hubby and me are going to cope with so much time together! Last night we were talking about how we need a hobby both of us would enjoy together. Hmmmmm-like my sister and her husband both enjoy antique hunting and gathering. My husband is Mr Sports guy and the pond/landscape guru. Me, well it is all about art and crafts. We both enjoy traveling but that does take a certain amount of $ which we are not real endowed with at this time. So...think, think. Last night he suggested fishing. Hmmmmm-I like it ok but like I told him. We both have obsessive personalities, how can one obsess about fishing? I'm just brainstorming here. Maybe since we both dream of traveling, we could read up and learn and plan and save about our next trip? I think that is a good idea. I will throw that at him when he gets up. Have a happy Saturday!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fabric Art Placemats

Hello Creative People! Here is a pic of my Funky Art Personalized Placemat. This one of course will be mine. Now I have to be able to stay focused enough to make hubby, son and daughter theirs. Then we will have one funky table. But I love that it is personlized.
When I saw this fabric-(it came like this all pieced together) I knew I had to have it for something. It would also make a lovely Funky purse.
I'm still on my fabric craze! I finished Heather's purse last night. I'm working on my dear friend Renea's birthday present now. So, as usual, I have plenty to do in the art/craft world. But, I love it! I have been reading the Belle Armoire magazine (Art to Wear)and I found a new magazine (new to me) called "Creative Techniques". I can flip through these eye candy magazines over and over-oh so many great ideas.
One more thing before I go and get beautimus for work! TGIF!!!!! I have to tell you I was given a Rockin' Girl Blogger award by my friend stacey. I am honored and I would like to thank everyone who came here tonight to show their support.......oh, sorry, I got carried away.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Lost Soles

I suppose by telling you this, you might think I am a little on the strange side. Maybe you already thought that and maybe I don't really care! ok...i CARE..but not that much. Be prepared because once I explain all this to you, you will begin to notice what I am talking about and it will bug you too even if just a little. You will begin to notice this phenomenon and wonder as I do the who, why, what and all the stuff that goes with this particular subject. Are you ready for this question? And, if so, are you ready to begin to explore the subject through a series of photos that I begin presenting to you today? Perhaps you too will take some photos to help with this study.
I'm sure they were always there and this phenomenon is not new, but for the last few years I have begun to notice many, many single shoes lying on the highways, city streets, and neighborhood roads. One shoe in the middle of the road. There are big, dirty, worn out, man looking shoes. Then, there are the tiny, toddler looking shoes. Children's shoes are often what I see. That causes me to think of the frantic mother looking all over the house in the morning to get that kid to school or daycare. Funny how I don't recall seeing any women's stylish shoes. Perhaps that is because women cherish their shoes.
When I see these shoes, I wonder how they got there. Did someone open the car door to shut it better and it fell out? Or did a toddler throw it out the window when mother was not looking? Did it fall out of the back of a truck or travel trailer/boat. Why is there always just one? Why don't both shoes end up together? I know this is strange, but I think I may be on to some kind of strange phenomenon. Have you ever noticed this? Remember, if you do notice this in the near future, snap a photo and send it to me as I am starting a collection. What for? Why not?
Here is a picture of my first photo (not my first sighting) of a single shoe on the road, discovered today on a neighborhood street by my home.

I'm gonna start a flickr group on this subject albeit a lonely one and see what happens. Remember to always keep that camera ready. You never know when you will see a Lost Sole. Come and join this group at Flickr! It is called "Lost Sole" and add your pics.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Frida Kahlo Altered Skirt

Here it is...the moment you have all (and when I say all I mean all 3 of you-heehee) been waiting for. The Frida skirt is making her debut right here.

This of course is the front of the skirt. I finally finished it this morning. See, it pays to get up early. I always get so much done in the morning when everyone else is still in bed. First, I get the dogs out, start the coffee, let the dogs in, sip my coffee and I start eye balling all my projects to decide which one I feel like working on. I had already determined that I would get this skirt done this weekend. I also plan to finish Heather's purse and my little placemat project. Oh, and my friend, Renea, said she would not mind getting one of my funky purses for her birthday in July so I better start that project. So, it looks like it will be a fabric art type of weekend. Things could change though! ( I like to add that clause in case my interests change as they so often do.

Here is the back and a close up of the Frida Kahlo skirt;

NOw I have to brag about my husband. He got me the best present ever for Christmas this year. He got me a satelite radio with serius. I love listening to it so much on my way to work and home every day. I have many favorite stations but my all time favorite is the Martha Stewart Station. I listen to "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer"every afternoon from 4-6pm. Then in the morning there is always some cooking, craft, gardening, etc show that I just enjoy so much. So, long story short, I thought it would be cool to have some kind of way to listen to the satellite radio in the house. I assigned my husband to figure that out yesterday via telephone and before I even got home, he was calling me to tell me he bought this little unit I could plug in my satellite radio to inside. So, I have been listening to 80's Station and Martha all morning while arting away. OH, I'm a spoiled brat...huh?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Altered Denim Skirt Goes Frida Frida Frida

Using fabric as a medium for art is something else I really enjoy. It seems like I go through phases of mediums. One week might be canvas, the next it is wood, then metal, glass.....oh the possiblities are endless. But now, I'm going through a fabric lust. I have worked on this Frida skirt for a month or two on and off. I'm so excited about it because I tried it on the other morning and it fits me. In one way, that is bad because when I started the seemed a little big in the waist-hmmmmm. Maybe that ice cream every night is not a great idea. But for this purpose, it worked out well. I know I will have a hard time deciding if I will sell it or keep it for myself. The extra money is always nice....but sometimes I wonder if I don't deprive myself by not keeping some of my things for me! RATIONALIZING-I KNOW!
I did give myself one of the funky purses because...I could not sell it. I started carrying it the other day and I've enjoyed it! It makes me feel like some kind of hippie! I think I must have some hippie in me anyway. Who cares?!!!
Anyway, about the skirt. I took the leg seams out of some of my husbands discarded Polo jeans and added fabric in the v in the front. Of course it is wild and funky fabric. Then I added appliques, embroidery, transfers and all kinds of embellishments. I will add a pic when it is completely done. I still have to add some embellishment to the back pockets and sew the hem. Can't wait to show it to you. Meanwhile, I am thinking of another idea for a fabric project. I want to do some kind of altered/personalized placemats for the dining area. But I have to buy some fabric and I don't want to spend any money right now. I will keep you posted on that!
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My Little Container Garden

OK, this is my first garden ever and I am so excited that I have to share this with you. We had vegetable gardens when I was a kid-lots of times. The best meals were those with fresh vegetables from the garden. Cantelope, black eyed peas, tomatos, fried squash and fried okra (burned just a little on the edges like I liked it). My mom was always canning peas, beans, cucumbers (oh the bread and butter pickles were out of this world). So finally, after all these years of missing out on all that home grown produce, I decided I wanted to try my hand at a little gardening.
When I say "little" that is what I mean. I knew I did not have time for a big vegetable garden since I work full time and have a 45 minute drive to and from work. I also knew that our soil in the back yard is horrible. We have had such dry spells the past few years. Our back yard is not much more than a cliche pit. So, my solution was to have a little container garden. I have never had my very own garden. So I started small.
I started with some tomatoes, banana peppers, cilantro and jalapeno peppers. I started them in the house from seed and after the freeze scare, I moved them out to the barrels I had purchased for the "containers".
The poor things have been beaten to death by rain, hail, and wind. We have had more rain this year than we have probably had collectively for the past few years. We also had a terrible cold spell right after I set them out and they looked as if they would die. But after a little warmth inside and some water and some sun...they started perking up. I imagine this is probably boring to some but you have to understand how elated I am to have actually grown something we can eat. We were actually able to harvest some of the cilantro yesterday to add to our fajitas. UMMM...they are so full of flavor. I bet I have told 20 people today that we used our own "home grown from scratch" cilantro this weekend. Here is a pic.

I noticed the first blooms on my tomatoes and peppers today. I could not help but take a picture. I promised Rhea (my sweet sister) I would share these pics with her since she can't be here. So, here they are; my grown from scratch tomatoes, peppers and cilantro. Lesley's First Garden.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exploring Funky

I got tagged! This is my first time actually. I always wanted to get tagged. It's kinda like school days when you hoped you would be picked quickly for the Dodge ball or Red Rover-Red Rover game. So, I'm IT!@!!!!!!

Stacey tagged me and here are my answers Ms. Stacey. But first, I must say that some thought has gone into my answers. Mind you, I have a 45 minute drive to and from work every day so I probably have a little too much time to think. Some thoughts about this tagging and revealing about one's self; First, you have to consider how much you want to reveal about yourself. What parts of your self are you willing to share? How much do really want others-(in the internet world) to know about you? What will they think of you? What if you are too boring or to risque or just plain weird? See....I have too much time to think. So, I decided, I would try to be as honest as possible. Those who love me because of who I am. All of my flaws and imperfections. It's all part of the package. So, here I go...

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was working for a home health company in Big Spring, Texas as a Nurse Case Manager. It was a good company for the most part. My son was all involved in baseball, and both of my kids were in school. I was on call a lot of times and so many times our life was interrupted for me to go and see patients on our services. Everything in those days was about Mama's job. Shew...I don't miss those days/nights. We were a busy little family.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was working for a company called Sempercare was a long term acute care facility and it was such a good company and I had such a great boss and CEO.. But, the company was bought out by another company whose name I will not mention because they don't even deserve to have their name mentioned....The transition was not smooth and I did not like what was going on so I found another job with a great little Mom and Pop Home Health company called HomeCare Plus as a marketer which is where I am today!

Five snacks you enjoy:

Chips and Salsa
  • Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • New: Flour Tortilla Tostitos: Oh Man they are good

  • Chocolate anything

  • chips and guacamole
  • Five Songs You Know All The Lyrics To: Ok this is hard because i know or at least I think I know the lyrics to a lot of songs. I have always listened to music...the radio or stereo has been on all my life. Music is so important to me. There is a song to go with every memory.

    1. Hit me with your best shot: Pat Benatar

    2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T :Aretha Franklin

    3. Wide Open Spaces-Dixie Chicks

    4. My Wish-Rascal Flats-I used this song on a video for my son who recently graduated from highschool

    5. I love Rock and Roll-Joan Jett

    Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

    1. Take care of my all of my close family members needs first-I can think of so many things I would do for my kids, husband, mother, dad, sisters, grandma. all of them

    2. Give to a program that supports women entrepreneurs who would not have any other means of support. I would want to provide them with education, inspiration, and the financial assistance they needed to bring their dreams to reality.

    3. Take my husband to Ireland and other places we would like to travel to together

    4. I guess this falls under family but I would want to help my son and daughter be financially set for life. I would like to help my son start some kind of business as he is quite the entrepreneur. I would want to help my daughter set up some kind of program to help children with disabilities because she has a special place in her heart for these and abused children.

    5. Me and my husband would retire. I would go everywhere; to include other countries to study art techniques and styles and I would do art whenever and wherever I wanted. FUN!!!!!

    Five bad habits:

    1. chew too much nicotine gum:but at least I don't smoke

    2. talk too much

    3. eat too much sweets and unhealthy foods-lately, I think I have to have ice cream every night.

    4. Cuss like a sailor sometimes.

    5. Procrastinate bills and paperwork and boring stuff like that.

    Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:

    1. knee high lace up mocasins with a Def Leopard Concert T-shirt-

    2. a Bandana for a belt...Not because I have not tried lately! It's just that my waist is not that small anymore

    3. A perm!

    4. A Prom Dress-unless they have proms for old folks

    5. A whole piece bathing suit....I still have fantasies that I will get fit enough to wear a bikini someday....not ready to give that one up-Now if I would just stop eating those chocolate chip might could happen..

    Five favorite toys:

    1. My computer

    2. My Dremmel-it has been so handy in my art-it drills, has a wood burner, screws, unscrews, it can do anything!

    3. My Satellite Radio: I have become addicted to the Martha Stewart Station and the eighties station and so many others. I love my satellite (Sirius) radio!!!! It helps me cope with that long drive to and from work.

    4. My digital camera-It's a Kodak and I have it ready at all times

    5. My cell phone-it is my connection to the world when I don't have the internet.

    OK, that is all of my answers. I hope you don't love me any less! HUGS!!!!! Lesley

    Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    On the News-News West Nine

    Marisa and I were on the morning show on Channel 9 this a.m. We were so silly that we asked the producer to take a picture of us on the news set. Don't we look like naturals? We were doing a spot for the "Life in a Bottle" kick off tomorrow. It was fun, but....I had to get up extra early to get over to MIdland by 7 a.m. So, I'm a little tired tonight but I have fond memories of mine and Marisa's 10 seconds of fame! Fun Stuff!

    Saturday, June 02, 2007

    Mixed Media Dress Form Doll

    I wanted to show you this dress form doll I made. I have been working on this on and off for the past few weeks. I finally finished it tonight. Now, I'm working on another dress form (paper mache) but it won't be quite like this. I am working on a tutorial for that one and will share it when it is all ready. So, get ready!
    Happy Saturday.....

    Sleep Late Tomorrow!