Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have worked all day (on and off) on these new art pins. Lisa showed me some pins that were kinda like this that really inspired me.....and that was all she wrote. They take so long to make as you have to allow time for baking of the clay, drying of the paint, drying of the glaze, beading, applying the pin backs. So, even though I worked so hard, I only have a few new things to show you. But I had so much fun making them. They are listed in my Etsy Shoppe tonight. Of course they will be with me at the Funky Finds event in Fort Worth in April.

I have recently joined FACEBOOK and I am enjoying it so much. I'm finding my highschool classmates slowly but surely. I am connected with friends and family through Facebook. It is just the coolest network that I highly recommend. As a side note to this, I may be working on our 26th highschool reunion because of facebook. We had a 10 year reunion but nothing since. (I arranged the 10 year) and just got busy with family and so many other things. I guess everyone else did too.

Nothing really new to report. My ankle is slowly healing. I still miss Renea only more now. I am looking forward to going to Fredriksberg,TX with hubby on March 14th. Cody will be coming home soon for a little visit, we just don't know the exact date. Will keep you posted. Have a great rest of the weekend. HUGS

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Natural Stone Clay by La Doll

UPDATE TO THIS POST AT BOTTOM OF POST: I made these little trees out of Natural Stone Clay by La Doll. I have been playing with this stone clay and it is much like Paperclay. But, it seems to dry faster and harder which works great for me and my inpatient self. I am making all kinds of clay things for thhe Funky Finds and anything else I get myself involved in during spring and summer. It is nice to have things lined up to keep you positive and excited. It's like that saying that I used to have on the bottom of my email......"all you need to be happy is something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for". Plus, I will get to see Renea, meet my friend Donna, and spend time with Lisa.

I'm very excited that I have been asked to participate in the Chroma's Working Artist Program. They are going to send me some of their paints and I am to interact with them about how I like it. I will keep you posted on this...
I finished some clay hearts today by adding some metal wings. I could not help but dig into my metal findings box to embellish my clay heart magnets. I'm going to post a few new things like this tonight on my etsy so come and take a look if you have a moment. Now, I'm going to try and catch up with all my fellow bloggers. PEACE AND LOVE to all my bloggies.

FEB 23

Here is a picture of the clay I used. I purchased it at Michaels.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Tuesday

Is it just Tuesday? I feel like it should be at least Thursday. I hurt my ankle yesterday trying to walk in high heel boots that I wear often and love so much. I was unloading the back of my car after work and I kind of "rolled" my heel and fell. That is what the ortho nurse called it ....."rolled". fUNNY! It felt more like "yanked". Anyway, the right ankle quickly began to swell and I was so worried I had fractured it. But my husband and I decided it was not a fracture and stuck it out until this morning and self treated doing the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) thing. Neither one of us wanted to be in the ER for God knows how long. I went to see the local (only) ortho and after xrays and a quick exam....discovered it was only a sprain. What a wimp I am. DUDE it hurts. How can this only be a "sprain"? Heehee, I'm so dramatic.

So, I got this brace thingy (hubby called it a "tendon compression device" because he knew that it would sound more dramatic and I would like thats....bless him.....) that I have to wear for two weeks and I can't do aerobics for 3 weeks. Knock on wood....I have never broken a bone! I was so scared and upset because I thought I had actually broken a bone. Oh well, I will live....meanwhile.........I still create.....
I felt like doing fabric art tonight so I finished this little house pillow. I love how teal and brown look together. I added fabric word "sweet". I'm making a bunch of these for Funky Finds event (see sidebar icon). I kind of freaked out today cuz Lisa and I were realizing how soon this event is coming and how much we still have to do. It will be fine but we have much to do before the event.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I finally made my husband his Emperor Penguin. He asked for one a while back when I made some other paperclay penguins. This penguin was also sculpted from paperclay. I also painted a wooden block and glittered it up to appear like snow or ice. Then, I put it in this little glass globe. He really liked it and he says he is going to take it to work and put it on his desk. Isn't he sweet? Anyway, have a wonderful day!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

VILLAGE CLAY WORKS Another Artist Interview

I ran across this wonderful and whimsical artist several weeks ago when her work was featured on Etsy. I have enjoyed looking at her work and I know you will too. Meet Catherine Reece from Northern California. She is a creative woman who has been working in clay for over thirteen years. She was kind enough to let me interview her for this blog. Please enjoy.

Tell us about who you are, what do you want to say as a statement about you?

My name is Catherine Reece and I live in Dublin, California (just east of Oakland). I am married and a mother of two kids. I have been professionally selling my pottery for 8 years. I was waiting for my husband to graduate from design school and find a job while i worked and played with clay. Over a few years I began to build a small business selling my pottery. MY husband didn't find the job of his dreams and so he joined my in the studio as my partner. Now we make our living as artists selling pottery.I think I am still trying to figure that out.

I used to know about 6 years ago who I was but now I have two kids ages 2 and 5. I try to find a balance between artist/business woman, wife and mother. On a good day (which is most days) I am excited about making pottery and creating new designs. I am amazed and thrilled that my customers keep coming back to buy my artwork and continue to say how happy it makes them. I am grateful to be able to help provide for my family and I am grateful to God that he gave me this gift to be able to create with my hands. And I am most grateful that I can spend every day with my Husband of 15 years at home working side by side and watching our children learn and grow!

What was your first experience with ceramics/pottery? It was at a Junior college, Pasadena city college, Ca. I was 19 Years old (20 years ago). I only did hand built stuff. Small stuff. I was intimidated by the Wheel. So I didn't try much throwing. The little throwing that I did do looked like little candle holders. It wasn't untill 7 Years later when I began my true adventure in clay. I took a ceramic class at a small art center. I got on the wheel and I never looked back. The first few years I threw only bowls. People would say "when are you going to throw something else?" And I would reply "Well, when I get tired of throwing bowls I will throw something else!"

I notice a lot of your work features insects and birds....nature themes. Tell us more about that and other inspiration for your art. Well,God is the author of life and it is through nature that i am mostly inspired. I also pay attention to small details in other artists/crafters work. It is usually a small design element or an illustrated line that catches my eye and I take it and make it bigger and incorporate it into my art work and make it my own.
A few years ago I first saw a dragonfly on a lake in Cable, Wisconsin and was fascinated with its flight and vivid colors. I began to draw other bugs and insects, the "dung" scarab beetle, cricket, praying mantis and the house fly. God created each beautiful and intricate insect and I feel compelled to draw them and tell their stories." When I first saw your Beetle Dung plate, at first I did not know what to the time I finished reading the plate I was laughing out loud. I found it to be so unique, educational and funny. You must have a great sense of humor!
Do I have a sense of humor? People always say that when they see my work. "Oh, you must have a great sense of humor!" I guess I do. Though, I think of my self more as a silly person. I like to be silly with my husband and two young kids. You know, making silly faces or saying something silly that they wouldn't expect. When I began incorporating my stories in the pottery,the dung beetle and praying mantis are quite silly and whimsical, I thought of it as "just the facts". I went to the library and found this information about these insects. I was inspired by someone who presented their photography with a small story in captions below. I love words and type. I was very excited.

Do you have any suggestions for someone who would like to give ceramics/pottery a try? It seems like it would be so expensive just to start?
Patience! Especially if they start at the wheel first instead of hand building. I takes a lot of practice just getting the lump of clay centered on the wheel. Just have fun! Don't be afraid of getting dirty! Classes shouldn't be too expensive if you take it at a junior college or an art center. The tools and clay are very inexpensive and the firings are usually included in the class fee.
Where else might we find your work or more information about you?
The gallery store in Oregon that you have the link to and other then that my husband and I mostly travel around the Bay area selling pottery at the art festivals on the weekends in the spring, summer and fall with 2 shows in arizona and a handful in Southern California where we grew up. I list my show schedule on my website

I always like to add something random to my interviews:You are going to be stranded on a desert island. Name three things you must have with you.
MY pillow. I love my pillow. I always get a better nights sleep with my own pillow. I don't have a lot of possesions or things that I have to have or can't live without but I would take a pair of scissors so that I could keep myself busy making art and craft projects out of leaves or twigs. whatever is on the island. I have to be creative. the third would be a kite, one that does loop de dos or tricks for entertainment. I could also use some of the kite string for my craft projects.
Thanks so much for participating in this interview Catherine. I wish you much success. If you have not checked out her ETSY shop yet, please go over there for a moment.

Friday, February 06, 2009

My Friend the Real Queen

Renea and I in Seattle a Few Years Ago

Read about it here.....

Well, this is going to be a little heavy but I will try and keep it light. I know many of you saw Pocket Full of Prettys' post about her moving away. I'm so sad. I have grown so dependent on my dear friend but this is such a wonderful opportunity and a blessing for she and her husband. I know that we will keep in touch and visit each other often but I am still very sad as her leaving draws closer and closer. So, I am taking a little stroll down memory lane. The above photo is just another example of how Renea has always had faith in me and would follow me to Mars if I asked her to for some entrepreneur idea or passion for art or something like that.

Here is another example...
Remember the workshop? She just always drops everything and comes to help me no matter what scheme I am up to. She may have some serious concerns about me but she never tells me that and she just calmly and sweetly joins in and does whatever needs to be done to get through yet another one of my adventures. I always think we are a lot like Lucy and Ethel....guess which one of us is Lucy? Heehee
I love my Renea and my heart is heavy but I am going to be positive and I'm not going to cry again BARRY! Or at least not right now. So there! Love you Renea-you are the really Queen.

Thursday, February 05, 2009



Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day.......I love that song. .....they sing it in a scene on Big Mama and I just saw that the other day. Oh happy day......oh happy day......I love that song and I'm singing it today because we have water again! Oh happy day, I can take a long shower and soothe my aching muscles. I have been taking a cardio class and I'm feeling it. Anyway, we had a major water line break day before yesterday. Did you know that it takes exactly 8 bottles of water to wash your essentials and hair and brush your teeth? You could probably do it with less but I was not willing to compromise any further. Ha!

ON another note, I took some photos of the matchbooks and here they are. I don't know what I"m gonna do with them....probably give them to someone. I just had to make them.

I also took some photos of some charms I am working on for the Funky Finds event in April (see icon on the sidebar). Still need to take better pics before I post to etsy..Be watching for an artist interview I am working on. YOu are going to really enjoy this artist. I plan to have it up this weekend on this blog.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


So I discovered Stumbleupon and I stumbled all weekend and found a couple of cool things I would like to share in relation to Valentines Day. The first one is this site where you can go and just click on any box and read a love letter. This is just a huge collection of love letters.

The next one was really discovered when looking at Design Sponge (already linked on my blog on the side bar). It was one of the DIY projects. I made some hot pink ones with hot lips stickers on the front. I would take a pic but I am too lazy to get the camera out and do all that. Maybe later. Need more coffee.

Next, I thought the rose ice cubes were beautiful. The author of this blog said that most roses are edible but people use so many pesticides that he did not recommend using these ice cubes for drinks but rather for chilling the wine or something like that. At any rate, they are lovely.

So, I leave you these things with hopes that you will find them entertaining. I hope you also discover stumbleupon as I did but that you do not waste as much time as I did. I think it is a cool social networking kind of site I just have not figured out how to use it to promote my art. Happy Tuesday....gotta go to work!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fru Fru People

Did I Take a Picture She Asks?!

I made this little doll for Renea and I gave it to her the other day. Does it remind you of anyone? Today, I received an email from her asking if I took a picture of this doll? (heehee) AND, if I did, I should post about it. Of course I did! Here it is! I made this little F.A.Q. Fru Fru so that I could always be with Renea! Funny~! I love making these little FruFrus. I have decided to make them a series. Each doll will have his/her own name and story. I will sign each one on the back (Yes Renea, I know I have not signed yours yet). So, I have 4 (not counting Funky Lady here).

Let's see, first I made "Rebecca". She is a sweet, young lady (17) who loves working in her rose gardens. She has every kind of rose possible. When not working at the general store that her parents own, she is either working in her rose garden or attending social gatherings with her friends. She is a faithful attendant at her church and often teaches Sunday School to the youngsters. Lately, she has caught the eye of Fred, the local town banker. Romance is in the air. More later......