Saturday, November 22, 2008

Felt Bird Ornaments

So far, I have made three of these little felt birds. This one is "cranberry" colored felt with a grey heart/wing. I embroidered the word "peace" on the wing. I learned to do the blanket stich for these birds. I have also made a pink and a cream colored one. All available in my shop on Etsy of course.
This weekend, I am finishing up my holiday decorating. I already have the tree up and several other decorations because Cody is coming home for Thanksgiving and not Christmas. So, I wanted it to be festive for him. Also, my sisters are coming from New Mexico! My mom is coming and so many others! Yay! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving this year. Can you tell? What are you doing this weekend? I know several people who are getting their Christmas decorations out and starting the process.
I hope to post some pics tonight or tomorrow to show my Christmas spirit gone Crazy! Hugs and happy weekend.


PLO said...

I already have my tree and most of my decos up! I got the knit kit yesterday, it is just lovely...I know my monkey will love it! thanks for the bonus treat...the kids will get a kick out of that too! See if you can find someone to get you started on photoshop...and then you have to just keep playing. There is so much I can't do...or forget how to do! I am going to go see Twilight...have a great weekend!

Kim Mailhot said...

These birds are beautiful and homey, Lesley ! So very cute !

I can't believe that the Holidays are here ! I guess I better get with it since Thanskgiving is Thursday !!! Seems way too soon this year some how...oh well !
Have fun with the prep and process !