Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nine Days Until Christmas

Only 9 more days until Christmas. Are you ready? I'm ready. I have not finished all my shopping, I have not done everything I would like to do, I can't figure out what we will do with our dogs while we are gone to see son, but.......I'm very unusually calm about it all. I'm just kinda like .......I will get done what I get done. SO THERE!!!!

Last night I tried out a new recipe I discovered in this month issue of Country Home. Recipe on page 90 for Mexican Chocolate Brownies. It sounded interesting as it called for "Mexican-style chocolate (abuelita). I actually found this chocolate at our Walmart in the "Hispanic" section. It is packaged and marketed for making hot chocolate. Anyway, it is a dark chocolate and has cinnamon in it. Yummy! The brownies were awesome and I don't have much left to give away which was the intention.

You have to try out new recipes before you start handing them out. I learned this the year I gave out cookies in a jar. They looked very nice but that particular recipe was not all that great!


Debbie said...

I am so sorry they weren't great. I hate it when that happens. They do look good.

Funky Art Queen said...

Debbie, thanks for visiting. The brownies were good but the cookies not so much.

Kim Mailhot said...

I guess it will all get done somehow ! Feeling the same way ! Found a good sitter for the dog though ! That helped ! I hate putting her in the kennel - she comes back wit such a horse throat that I know she has spent the whole time howling or barking. Breaks my heart !
My girlfriend who is staying home for the holiday said she would take Chica for three days to hang out with her Old English Sheep dog ! Yay ! Camp for the dog !

I agree out trying stuff ou before you give it away. The problem is that trying all those goodies first, and then eating all the goodies that everyone else gives makes for an Elastic Waistband Christmas !!!

Keep on Rockin' around that Tree !

Susan said...

Oh my, I would be mortified if I baked cookies for gifts and they were not spectacular. I'm really funny that way. The brownies look delicious, I hope they are a hit.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hey girlie, brownies look yummy! I am sooooo tired, I am coming home tonight. Miss you & Lisa. But wouldn't have missed this for the world. Miss Kennedy is so precious, she looks just like Corey did when he was a baby. One of Corey's friends said strong genetics! Ha! when she was first born I was so scared! Praise be to God. Hope to see you tomorrow, Love ya, Renea