Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mixed Media Artist

I would like to introduce you to one of my dearest friends. Her name is Renea. She just started a new blog and I would like her to feel welcome in the blog world. Please give her a warm welcome.
She is a very talented artist and one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. We have had some good times together. She is one of my sistahs and friends. I love her. Please encourage her and get to know won't be sorry. I made this cube from one of her pieces. She is just so whimsical. This is a link to her blog... "Pocket Full of Prettys". Feel free to mark it as a fav! Am I partial to her?.....OK, busted.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Laurel Burch

Thanks to all who are participating in the Art Supply Swap. It is going to be so much fun! I have already started preparing my box. It's kind of like old times when we used to decorate a shoe box for Valentines. But now, our treats are different. But, chocolate is still a good idea! Heehee. Thanks again to all. Remember the deadline to participate is Feb 3rd and deadline to mail your surprise is Feb 14th.
Laurel Burch-1999 Self Portrait
I want to take a moment to introduce you to an artist that a new friend of mine introduced me to. Thanks Donna. You may have already known about this lady/artist. I did not know I was familiar with her until yesterday when Donna told me about her. Coincidentally, my husband had bought me a journal with her art on it for Christmas recently. Wow. Anyway, I have always been drawn to her art and just never knew (or took the time) to know who she was. Take a moment to read her story. She is even more amazing to me now. Please go and read about her and view her colorful, funky, and cheerful art.
Sadly, she passed away on Sept 13th of 2007. Her birthday is Dec 31.

Monday, January 28, 2008


ArT SuPpLy SwAp

Have you been participating in that unwritten contest of 'whoever dies with the most art supplies wins'? Do you have tons of art supplies and even some that you suspect that you will not ever use? I know I do.....I can't stand to throw anything away because just as sure as I do, I will find an article in CPS or Somerset that tells you how to use this supply. But, realisticly, I think I would be happy to know that I don't have that one supply or media because I shared it with someone else in an art supply swap.

In response to this New Year and my need to organize and renew....I have several items I would love to swap. So, that inspired me to sponsor an art supply swap. But, how will I organize it? How will I ensure that everyone who participates is pleased? I can't promise anything but if based on the trust and artist sisterhood system....I think we will all come out well.

Here is how it will go:

  1. Send me your address

  2. I will pair you up with another participant

  3. Gather up a regular shoebox full of art papers, fabrics, rubberstamps, (these are just examples), paints, markers, pencils, found objects, whatever you want to share with your art sisters and get it ready to mail.

  4. I will send you an address of someone to share with. You and that person will swap. So be nice and kind and share well. Remember 'tis better to give than to receive'. Let's make this fun and kind.

  5. Deadline to sign up is Feb 3rd.

  6. Must mail by Feb 14th

  7. Please send me feedback so we can see how this goes.

Happy Art Supply Swap. Can't wait. Fun Fun fun!!!!!! Sign up here!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Valentines Doll Wrapped Up to Go

She is ready to go! All wrapped up and somewhat fru fru'd. I hope my friend likes her. I also finished the ATC Valentine doll and this is her sitting up against the gift.

She is flying out in the mail tomorrow to another dear friend. There is just not enough time in the day to make all the stuff I want to make.
I am thinking about doing an altered book inspired by a new internet friend named Donna. She encouraged me to finally take a pic of this old house I see everyday on my way to work. I got a couple of good pics and she suggested an altered book. She also wrote a nice little poem that will be part of the book if she says that is ok. I want it to look very old and worn. Hmmmm the wheels are turning. But wait, I still have a few more valentines to do!~

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Valentine's Doll

I finished her tonight. She is not quite like what I had in mind. I had the hardest time with her face. The one you see is not what I started with. This one is actually a polymer clay face I glued on to her after trying so hard to paint a nice face on her built on head. It looked like one of those blow up dolls before. I kept painting over it and repainting but to no avail. Finally, I just glued one of these one her head.

I have a higher appreciation for Noodle and Lou now. Her little doll was just precious. But, this is my version and I know my friend will like her. It is definitely the F.A.Q. version.

Today was a special day because we celebrated my son's 19th birthday. We all went to Midland and ate at Carinos-I'm still full. We shopped and enjoyed each other's company. I can't believe my baby boy is 19. It has been a lovely weekend thus far. Tomorrow.....laundry, housekeeping, etc.....yuk!!! Have a good Sunday. Hugs!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Polymer Clay Doll Progress

Just a quick pic to show the doll progression. I just rolled out some more clay and rolled up my sleeves last night with determination and input from friends in cyber world. So, here she is in her naked glory. I will finish her soon if I don't break her. Her little legs move but her arms are stuck to the sides and I don't want to break them. But she can sit down now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Choices

OK, I was so mad last night because I messed up on an art project. First time? No, of course not, I just so wanted this to go right. Let's back up a bit to the beginning. This weekend, I found this site Noodle and Lou Studio. I discovered the most precious little polymer clay doll that the artist had created. You can see it too if you just scroll down a bit. So, I decided I wanted to make one for a friend for Valentines. So, I got the polymer clay out and got to it. This is what I do-often. Just get to something without thinking it through.

The first thing I realized was that my doll body was too thin. How would it sit up? It would have to be hung. That really disappointed me. But, instead of being upset and dwelling on this, I decided to make something of her anyway. I thought, I will make an ATC and attach the limbs to that and do something with this head and body later. I did not know how Noodle and Lou attached her limbs to her doll so I tried heart shaped brads. Then, then.......I broke the little leg....the clay is so fragile. But, I thought, I can make another I started working on the arms and broke one of them too. I was so frustrated. Finally, I just gather up everything and threw it in the studio and went to bed. Sometimes you just have to leave well enough alone. But, I could not.
I decided today, I would email Noodle and Lou and ask her how she did it and she emailed me back with kind and patient instructions. So, I will try again to make this Valentines gift. It just means a lot to me. I may never make another but I have to make this one. It is about conquering fears of failure, lack of confidence and making a gift that I know my dear friend will treasure....just because I made it. Hugs cuz you know who you are! Wish me luck! Now where is that clay?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another JuJu Doll

Her Name is: Beauty

I finished her today. I am in my cyclic funk this weekend and can't seem to get inspired. This happens from time to time. I think my brain just needs to rest sometimes to recharge. But, when I'm like this, I like to finish projects I have on the back burner. This was one of them. I still have several of these to do because I already glued their little heads to their little bodies! I'm thinking of doing a Valentine JuJu for a friend. I also want to make an ATC doll out of a queen of hearts playing card for another friend for Valentines. Let's see if I actually do it. I always think if I write it then I will remember.

Mermaid Treasures
Here is the altered tryptich mermaid collage. I called it "Mermaid Treasures". I really was not pleased with the letters on the side. I am thinking of changing them to scrabble or some other type. These are kind of metallic and they are raised by a little thing behind them. Not digging them at all. But, it will work for now. OK, back to laundry and perhaps a little snappy nappy.
Rhea, if you read this, I hope you and Ronetta and Jessica are having a fabulous time. Hugs!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Digital Photo Fun

Just a little digital fun! You can do this with one of your photos too! Just go here!
It is early Saturday morning and I am sitting here in peace and enjoying my coffee and checking out some eye candy on Flickr-blogging-just enjoying myself. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about life. Reflecting....continuously trying to evaluate where I am at....what makes me happy....what I want to happen in my future. I suppose the book I mentioned in my last blog had some impact. That idea about living in the present. Which brings me to this idea that I have had formulating in my little brain for some time now. It's like that song...."If you can't be with the one you love the one your with". No, I love my husband very much. It's not about that....I relate it to if you can't be where it is you think you want to be right now....then love where you are now!
For example, I have been dreaming and fantasizing about our dream home by the lake. Just a little simple place. I dream of having a big garden, herbs, flowers, vegetables....all of it. I dream of having a simple little studio and perhaps even a little gallery where I will display art by me and others. I will have workshops and I will meet so many wonderful people. My husband and I will sit out on our porch in the evening and watch the lake, the nature of it all. We will travel some and we will just have a ball. Of course I won't be tied down to a J-O-B. I will make enough money in my studio and workshops!
In the fantasy, this all would occur when we retire....this is not going to happen for some time. So lately, I have been thinking why do we have to wait to live our dreams? Why can't we incorporate as much of our fantasy into our current life as possible? I'm pretty sure I started thinking like this some last year. That is why I planted my little container garden.
So, how do I live this dream now? I think that I should try to create the environment I envision into my current home. I should try to constantly remind myself to live in the moment.
We are planning a really big garden for the backyard this year. That is a good start. I am still working on my mini workshops plans. I just could not get the courage to go and talk to the craft stores this week. I have to do that!!!!!! I know~!!!!
Hubby and I can take get aways to those lakes and nature places from time to time. There are so many things we can do to love this moment. Have a happy saturday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

five secrets

I'm reading a book called "The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die" by Dr. John Izzo. I heard about it on the Martha Stewart Radio (Satellite Radio) on the way to work one day last week. So, I had to have it. I will say it is not a riviting read, but, several things he has said in this book have stuck in my head. I think that it will contribute to positive growth on my part. I do recommend it.

One of the things that sticks in my head is where Dr. Izzo talks about one woman he interviewed. She said that every decision she makes, she stops to imagine herself as an old woman sitting on her porch reflecting back on this decision. Will she pleased or disappointed with her decision? Will she regret the decision she made? Boy, that really stuck with me. Another point I got was about how we should live in the moment. We spend so much time planning for later. Planning for tomorrow, next year, our retirement. He reminds us that life is so short that we should remember to enjoy every moment. This one hit home with me because I know that I am always planning for tomorrow, next year and retirement. It is hard to live in the moment. But, when you try to think about what it is that would make you happy this moment, it is usually something very simple. Warmth, friends, family, foods, comfort..... I liked the book. You might check it out.

Meanwhile, right now, I'm cooking dinner and trying to blog real in the moment-teehee.

Monday, January 14, 2008

ATC Binge!

Help, I'm making ATC's and I can't stop!! Heehee

ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are fun little pieces of art. I decided that I would use the ATC as my first subject in my art workshops. Afterall, what better way to introduce multiple mixed media techniques? Plus, these little creations are so small (3.5"X2.5"), they hardly take any time at all. I have created about 10 of them using many techniques in just a day or two. I wanted to have some examples to show the people that attend the workshops.

The ATC image posted above is one of the favorites from the 10 I created. I used metal tape to cover the entire ATC canvas. Then I dropped three different colors of alcohol ink on the metal tape canvas and used the alcohol ink solution blender (just a few drops) and dried it (and blew the colors around) with the embossing heat gun. Then I stamped the circular image and applied the collage element of the fortune teller hand. I added the word "fortune" with my label machine. I finished the piece by using an emboss pen around the edges and embossing powder and heat gun to emboss.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mixed Media Classes

IT'S HERE! My poster from Shutterfly came in today. It turned out nice. This photo is not that great but the poster is so wonderful to me. I am going to use it to advertise for my mixed media classes. I have been working on my class activity plans and hope to have everything ready by next week to present to one of the craft stores I frequent as a proposal to teach mixed media classes. I have been ecouraged and redirected many times by a dear friend of mine to do this. It is what I love the most, teaching and inspiring others. I may never sell my art but if I can encourage one person to explore their creativity....well then, that is where I get my joy and passion. I already have a few students in mind for my classes.

I wanted to share this pic of my hubby. He had his 45th birthday this week. He is so fabulous, I made him a German Chocolate cake (His favorite). I cheated and used a cake mix for the cake but I did make a homemade cooked frosting for him. We also got him one of those fancy smancy turkey friers because he wants t0 make shrimp boil like my brother-in-law. So, we are looking forward to his trying that out. Happy Birthday My Love. You Are My Rock!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Recycled Handbags

I'm on a purse making frenzy again! I guess I just got all pumped up because I found out that one of my purses is going to be in Haute Handbags! So now, suddenly, I'm a purse designer dahling! Anyway, I am working on two inkblot handbags this weekend. I bought some fun material and some canvas with my Hobby Lobby gift certificate from Mother-in-law (Christmas Present). Last night I made the inkblots on the canvas. I am debating about adding some words like "what do you see?" or something. We will see, hopefully I can complete one or both this weekend so I can show them to you.
Meanwhile, in search of ideas for purses, I found this great site with tons of handbags that people designed from recycled materials. My favorite was the one made from magazine paper beads. Take a look here
I'm going to get a haircut and some highlights today! Weeeee! I hope I come out looking gorgeous......or at least updated! So, happy something for you today!!!!! Oh, and go buy something from me at Etsy so I can afford to make more stuff!!!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

All About Me JuJu Doll

Happy New Year! Here we go again! I'm not ready to put my New Year's resolutions in writing yet. Still thinking on this. Meanwhile, let me share my latest JuJu doll with you. This one is special because it is the "all about me" JuJu. I had a nice conversation with a good friend yesterday about how we (women in general) tend to take care of everyone else and neglect ourselves. So, I think my resolutions will be about taking care of me. The end result will ultimately effect those I care for in a positive way. As the saying goes, "take care of yourself so you can take care of others". So, even though it may sound is really a gift for others. What will you do for you today? This year?