Thursday, April 30, 2009

mixed media spring flowers

This is a digitally altered version of the "Spring Flowers" piece I finished tonight. This piece was done on a canvas on wood. I covered the entire piece with vintage dictionary pages. Then I painted the background of sky and grass with textures. I created the flowers from Fimo Clay. I covered the clay pieces with more dictionary pages and painted with glazed/acrylics for transparrent look. The stems of the flowers are striped wooden skewers.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Funky Finds Was Hot


Funky Finds turned out really nice except for the heat. There was no air conditioning! As you can see, everyone was hot, even "Pete" this cute and smart puppy. He belonged to Loop and Lil.

I just got home a few hours ago. I had such a good time with my friends Lisa and Renea. Renea and her husband Barry were the greatest hosts. Look at me trying to look cute in the middle. I'm such a poser~!

I sold a little bit and met a lot of very nice people. All in all, it was a great time. We met so many nice people and networked with several savy artists and shop owners. One lady even invited Renea to teach some art technique workshops at her mixed media store. I can't wait to do something like this again.

Lisa's Booth

Mine and Renea's Booth

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dumpster Diving Diva

Dumpster Diving Diva
Yes, I have to say, I probably looked something like this yesterday. I'm hoping that my bo-hiney did not look so much like this one though. OK, are you ready for this Lucy Ricardo story?
It was Monday and I was working. I parked in the hospital parking lot and was going to go in and market to all the social workers. I spotted a trash dumpster and decided I should take advantage of that and clean the trash out of my car. (When you work out of your are constantly cleaning trash out). So, I gathered up all trash and proudly walked over to the dumpster that I was parked so close to. I'm always so proud of myself for making do on the run.
I proudly released my trash into the dumpster and before it hit the bottom I realized I also released my car keys! DANG IT! I could see them but for the life of me, I could not reach them.
First, I looked all around for witnesses (none) so I dipped in slightly with my arm reaching as far as it go. Not even close. I thought to my self "Self, surely there is something in that car that can help you reach those keys". All I could find was my lint brush. It did not help any. I found myself with legs dangling much like this pic and my tummy being squashed beyond anything I have ever felt. Still, not keys. I tilted out of the trash can and noticed at least 3 cars that were pulling into the parking lot that surely had witnessed the crazy lady diving in the dumpster. I was desperate!
I noticed a nice looking young man talking to a nice looking young lady several feet away. Did I mention that he had really long arms?
I explained my situation and he kindly (and very easily I might add) grabbed my keys from the dumpster for me. He and his cute little girlfriend laughed with me. After it was all over, I thought to myself, I am Lucy Ricardo incarnate. Where the hell is Ethel?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Funky Stuff

Do you need some funky in your life? Well, here it is sistah! I did this the other night with my prisma color pencils and some markers. I have a little plate that a friend gave me with a very similiar design. This is somewhat digitally altered on Flickr. If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know I can't resist a good digital altering. I think it came out pretty funky/cool.

It has been a crazy weekend already. Cody is coming home on Saturday the 25th of April. Guess what else is happening that day? ....The funky finds in Fort Worth. So, I won't be here when Cody comes home. But, I will be here Sunday. I'm going crazy trying to get everything ready for the Funky Finds. I'm very excited. I am just glad to get to spend time with Renea and Lisa. It would be nice to sell some things too so I can add to my secret (shhhh don't tell my husband who never reads my blog) fund for our 25th anniversary trip to Seattle. He knows we are planning to go, he just does not know I have been saving secretly for it. So, keep it quiet o.k.? It is going to be so much fun to present him with our travel package. I have never done anything like this before. He deserves it, for putting up with me for 25 years. I deserve it. We deserve a special trip don't you think?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Outside the Box

I spotted this car in Midland,Texas a few weeks ago and I laughed when I saw it. I could not wait to tell my husband about it. I told him it looked like a green station-wagon on big wheels. I saw it again today and took this pic. Notice how they have it parked away from other vehicles so it won't get door dings!

After some thought, I decided it really is not all that funny anymore. I applaud the person that came up with this vehicle. This is totally evidence of creative thinking. I love it. BRAVO to this person whomever it is. Who would have ever thought to put a station-wagon on this type of wheels and to paint it green? I love people who are not afraid to be different. 5 Stars for courage. Now if it just had a little step so I could get out of the thing without breaking any body parts! Heehee

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Storm is Brewing

This is a picture I took from my front door last night. The weather man was warning of hail storms all around us, "golf ball" "hen egg" so many funny ways to describe the size of the frozen ice balls that were assaulting neighboring towns. So, we waited and watched. We got clouds, wind, darker clouds......then finally a nice little shower. Thank goodness no hail. We have lived through many hail storms and all the damage that results. It is not fun. Here is a pic of the hail my friend Lisa got at her house in Midland.

This is one of my latest creations. You know how I'm always soldering charms. Well, I had this idea yesterday about using the alcohol inks on glass and then soldering it. This is what I came up with.....a necklace charm and earrings. I love how they look when the light passes through them. I was excited about the results. I will have to try something like this again but I am out of glass slides. Will need to order some more.

Can you tell I have had bloggers block? I just could not think of anything blog worthy lately. My mind has been clogged lately with work issues and missing my son. So, I just need some good karma to come my way. So, hugs to everyone.....Happy Easter!