Thursday, April 29, 2010

blog Giveaway

Hey, I'm hosting a blog give away on the UR Creative Sunshine Blog and tomorrow is the last day so please come and see!  

Monday, April 26, 2010

You Are Creative Sunshine!

I have started a new blog that is more about you and less about me!  I wanted to start a blog that would inspire you creatively!  I wanted to have a blog that would have inspiring interviews with other artists.  Art tutorials are a must along with lots and lots of creative jolts.  So, I opened the blog...."Creative Sunshine" last night.  I already have interviews lined up with some great artists and I have so much I want to share.  I truly hope that I will inspire you and motivate you.  So without further babble....I have to invite you to come and follow me on "Creative Sunshine".  It is new...just a come back daily and watch it grow up.  I can't wait to share my latest interviews with some awesome artists and craftsmen.

I am going to have a giveaway tonight so please stop by and you get extra chances for sharing

I will still maintain this blog so don't leave me!  Remember this blog is all about me and what I am doing.  The "Creative Sunshine" is all about creativity and you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Time at the Chandlers

Spring has definitely sprung at the Chandler's House.  My little corner of my flower bed that actually gets sun in the front yard has brought up the beautiful pink flowers that I planted years ago.  I got the transplant from my grandma.  These flowers always make me think of my grandma who always had them in her yard.  If it were not for this big ole tree, the flowers would bloom even more and it would be fabulous....but this tree is special.

We planted this Arizona Ash years ago.  I remember my husband standing out in a storm one time when it was just a baby.  He was trying desperately to hold it up and secure it so that it would not get blown over.  I remember so many special occasion photos being taken in front of this tree.  I remember thinking that it would never be big enough to shade the house and that my husband was crazy for thinking so.  Look at it!  It's huge and makes a lot of shade.  Here is a picture from several years ago....take a look at the tree behind the snowfamily!  OMG!

I worked quite a while pulling weeds and pruning the pond area yesterday and today.  During the winter, we put a net over it and kind of neglect the entire pond area.  The nets are off and the fish are feeding!  I love our pond that my guys built a few years back.  I had a fairy family living underneath the tree for some time but I have not seen them this year......yet.

Some of the gold fish and Koi are getttin' huge!

Then, I worked in my little English Ivey bed around another tree in the back yard.  We had lots of weeds that needed pulling.  I like to do that-weeding.  It is very therapeutic to me....calming.  I do my best thinking while pulling weeds.

Finally, I decided it was time to rest.  I went in and took a nice hot shower because my lower back ached.....not a spring chick anymore and all that bending and working muscles I don't normally use kind of gets to me.  Now, fresh and clean, I reflect on my work and my joy at being outdoors and seeing all of the wonders that spring brings to the Chandler Home.  In closing, I have to show you this last picture of the Flag we have hanging in our front until our boy is safely returned from his deployment to Afganistan.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Painted Birthday Wine Glass

I'm just having so much fun with these wine glasses.  It is always nice to discover a new medium.  It is also fun to see that the skills or ideas you have used with other mediums come in handy for the new ones.  I think I have a new idea for birthdays!  These would be fun to fill up with chocolate and wrap the wine glass in cellophane and fru fru the ties and bows at the top.  I will try to make one up for an example and take a pic.  Anyway, this glass is also listed in my Etsy Shop!  Have a happy day.  Remember to carry your creative spirit in all aspects of your life.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Painted wine glasses

I have discovered painting on glass. So.....naturally, the glass that I am most familiar with is the wine glass. LOL.  First I painted some Martini glasses with a zebra motif.  You can see them on etsy here.  Then I decided to do a leopard print, a sexy lady with a red dress and then the funky one above.  The funky one is my favorite and is more true to my style.  I started another funky wine glass and that should be done tomorrow.  Hope to post that one tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have had a lazy day.  It has been a bit cold and rainy the past few days.  I did a little laundry, a little housekeeping and a very long nap today.  My sis came over this evening and we watched our favorite shows; Project Runway and Cougar Town.  Hubby tevos these for us every week and she comes over for "date night" and we watch them.  I don't watch much television but I like both of these shows and we always enjoy watching them together.

Son is doing fine in Afganistan.  He was deployed to Bagram Airbase on Easter Weekend.  We got to spend a good weekend with him and his wife.  Fortunately, he has been able to call us frequently and keep us posted.  He sounds up beat and in good spirits.  He is doing volunteer work when not working his assignment and he is working on clepping some collage courses.  It is a 6 month assignment and I think it will get here quickly just like Christmas comes so quickly every year.  Hope you are well and having a lovely weekend.  Cheers!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Fru Fru People

I decided it would be terribly funny to create some of my Fru Fru dolls for the Blingin' B*tches of Texas; (The Sweet Potato Queen Wannabes group I'm in).  I imagined they (the dolls) would be like the Flat Betty and Flat Stanley that kids have to send all over to friends and families to get her picture made in whatever the location.

  I believe it is also sometimes a fundraiser.  Not the Case for my BBOT Fru Frus. 

No, these girls are all about fun.  Generally, we as working girls only get one vacation in the summer.  Well, now we get five or more.  If time and scheduling allow, these little girls are going to travel with each one of us on our summer vacations.  After that, we might even consider showing up at your house.  That is if you can convince us as to why we should come to your location.  Also, you would have to swear on  your life that you would send the original Blingin' B*tches lots of pics.  Of course you can't keep them!  You would have to ship them back honey.  If you want your own, let me know and I will do a custom order for you.  

I can't wait to show you the first pictures of the girls on their summer long travels.  

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


"When God Closes a Door.....He Opens a Window".  It is such a great saying.....I've always hung on to that idea to help me through really tough times.  I am hanging on to that now.  My son was just deployed to Afganistan-Baghram to be exact.  He is not quite there yet.....but he will be there soon.  He has a 6 month assignment there.

  I imagine that the "closed door" is our inability to talk to him or see him at our will.  The lack of any kind of control in this event makes that door seem tighter and decreases the chances even more of us opening it.  So, "closed door=open window".  This trip is going to open so many windows for Cody, his wife, and his family.  Forgive me for the bullet point is probably more of an exercise for me than anyone else.

  • Absence makes the heart grow stronger.  Cody's wife is precious...a ray of sunshine and she loves him so much.  She is in her first trimester of pregnancy.  Cody will get her a few weeks before her due date.
  • Cody has dedicated himself to working out and staying in shape as a means to distract himself from the negative pressures in his deployment.  He will come back with a six pack of abs!
  • Patsy and her sister; Amanda, will bond even more since Amanda's husband is also deploying.  This is a window that God wants ....for he loves sisterly love.
  • Patsy will grow even stronger because she will have to continue working and experiencing pregnancy without her husband and father of her child until delivery.  Cody would so be there if he could be.  But, since he can't .....Patsy will develop such strength and endurance.  
  • Cody's parents will grow stronger and learn to accept that Cody is man and no longer a child. 
  • Cody's parents will become more active in support of the United States Soldiers who fight for our freedom.  We will be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  We have already gathered several old discarded cell phones for Phones for Soldiers.  
I would love to hear your "closed door and open window" stories.  Please share.