Saturday, January 10, 2015

Clay Bunnies
I have not stopped creating or thinking about creating wonderful things. I seem to spend so much time at work that I can't get to my crafts. Art is where I go in my mind when everything else is kind of crazy. Lately, paper clay has been my art form. I have all kinds of pieces I have sculpted that need painting. I have ideas for more pieces in my head. I need to get my journals out to sketch out my ideas so as not to forget. Anyway, here are some little bunnies. I am liking blacks and whites, tans and browns lately.....lines, dots, patterns.  

We are so excited lately around the Chandler household as we are going to have our second grandchild. She is due Jan 15th. They are naming her Charlotte Rose! That is so beautiful to me. I can hardly wait to meet my little granddaughter. She is going to be born in Spain which starts her life out really cool don't you think? 

We had our one year anniversary of our move to Austin, TX. on December 24th this year. The year went so fast. It has been a great move. We love it here. I love the people, the big city and all it has to offer in terms of entertainment and activities. We do not regret our decision to move here in any way. 

My job is going great and I so love the people I work with.

The family is doing well and we can't complain about one thing! God is good. So there is your update about the long absent Funky Art Queen.