Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beaded Wrap Bracelet

I so started out this morning looking at fabric bracelets.  It all started with a conversation with a dear friend yesterday about a fabric bracelet with pearls, fabric, and all kinds of stuff.  Well, I got up and cleaned house in a hurry so we could go to Midland, TX to HobbyLobby and get some supplies.  I bought some fabric, some beads, some wire, etc.  I was so going to make a fabric bracelet.  Well, that never goes like I plan! LOL  

I started with strips of fabric that I sewed together-kind of an off white print.  Two pieces.  Then I braided in some copper chain that I picked up at HobbyLobby today.

I spent half the afternoon trying to figure out how to finish the ends!


Finally, I decided to sew a loop (copper) and a bar (copper) to each end for finishing and closures.

Then I decided to add all these beads.

Now you can't even tell it started out as fabric!  Oh well, a happy misadventure! It turned out alright.  I would so wear that!  LOL