Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pink Grapefruit Style Interview READY

Hey, you gotta come over to I MUST SHARE THIS to read my interview with Pink Grapefruit Style shoppe owner. Her name is Holly and she is very nice and offers us some great ideas for us Etsy people. She has the most awesome vintage findings in her shop and you have to keep watching her because she adds new things all the time and they go fast. So please come and take a look! Hugs to all and enjoy the long weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wine Bottle Decor


So lets say you are taking a bottle of wine to that dinner party or that celebration. Wouldn't you like to bling it up a bit? Wouldn't you like to leave a little keepsake for the hostess? I have enjoyed making these and I am thinking of all kinds of ideas for the upcoming holidays.
Oh, I also finished my next broken china blue willow charm bracelet. I sold the first one the day I listed it. So that got me excited. I thought, oh maybe this is it! This is that one thing that I will sell, sell, sell! Heehee So, of course I got started on bracelet number two and listed it today.

I have to tell you that Renea, Lisa and I have been talking a lot about the catch 22 phenomenon that occurs for the creative entrepreneur. One of us, was commissioned to do several pieces of work much like one she already created. While she was thrilled and excited to make these big sells, it some what removed the creative joy....You know, doing the same thing over and over. I have read similar situations from other Creative Entrepreneurs.
So, let me ask you this? What would you do if you received a custom order for 100 pieces of the very same piece? Could you manage that or would it become a drudgery? It's like the old saying "Be careful you may get what you wish for". You just better be prepared is all I'm saying.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My New Design Blog

I started this blog called "I Must Share This" some time back and just dropped it. Recently, I have decided to bring it back.......A RIVIVAL OF SORTS!!! In addition to my art blog, I wanted a special place to share new and interesting things I discover. If you are a creative spirit, you can come here for eye candy and to learn about new and interesting things in the creative and design world.
I already have two lovely ladies lined up for interviews that will appear on the blog very soon. So, keep your eyes open and ready because I can already tell you it will be a treat! Now, I have posted an entry there today to get you started. Please check it out and any input you give is appreciated. I MUST SHARE THIS

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesdays Ten Tiny Things Wrap Up

Oh my goodness! I had such fun with the Tuesdays Ten Tiny Things Challenge. I enjoyed everyone of your entries. Every one of you is a winner of some sort. So, just read below to see how you won! But first let me say thanks so much for doing this. You know, life is short, and we sometimes do silly things to fill the time....and sometimes, there are special people in the world that help us to do that. Thanks to all of you. It's the "little" things that matter. That being said, Congratulations to Amber for winning the overall challenge of "Most Creative". Please email me your address so you can receive your tiny piece of art by me. Now...
  • Queen of Arts (the other queen) First Place for Quickest Entry! She was so excited to do this challenge that she did not realize she had a week. However, I think she did darn good in such a short time and she was the first entry. I particularly liked the lizard! Thanks Oh Mighty Queen! I'm doing a bow right now.
  • Amber at Recycled Realities wins first place for most creative. IT was quite a hard decision but when you read her blog entry for that will understand since you are also a creative person. hers is the two hands at the bottom holding the objects. Please go and read her entry.
  • Renea at Pocket full of Prettys: Wins first place for most romantic and sentimental. Again, you have to go and read her entry on her blog. Hers is the fist pic in the middle row with the angel. Her and her husband have been married over 27 years. They are still so in love! Thanks Renea for sharing this.
  • Sarah at Sashibala's Creative Meanderings: gets Fist Place for most inovative. She took her pic while at work with her cell phone. I also loved her little joke about the corporate world. I totally understand Sarah....been there done that! Hers is the pic of thumb tacs.
  • Bea at Creative Sandwich: gets First Place for most creative writing. I loved her blog entry for her pic. Her pic was great but I enjoyed her writing and humor. (middle one top row)
  • Janet at Lavender Loft: First Place for Hardest Working and Having the MOst real miniatures on hand! Wow! I love all her little things. Thanks Janet for participating and giving us two entries! Love it!
  • Jennifer at Jennifer Conway: First Place for Most Inspirational-It just sent me over the edge to see her little gnome and I decided I had to have a fairy house. Thanks Jennifer!
  • Dawn at Art of Humogenous Proportions: First Place for most colorful entry. Also, I loved the elf and the spool of thread made me think of my grandma. I love my grandma so much. She was a seamstress for the public. Hugs to Dawn!
  • Arlene at Art De Me: First Place for Most Naturally Creative: For sharing her collection of stones/rocks shaped like hearts. I know Renea (Pocket Full of Prettys) will love this collection. Yay Arlene!
  • Running With Scissors: Fist Place for Most Exotic and Interesting Collection. I particularly like the Pagoda and then the tin man. that little spiky round thing? Hmmmmmm wonder what that is. We should have a contest to identify that! Heehee
Again, I enjoyed this challenge so much. Thanks to all who participated. Please note that the above list was done randomly and without regard to level of bestestness (is that a word?) Each entry was equally awesome. Please let me know if I messed up links or photos. It is harder than it looks to organize a challenge like this! Love My Blog Girlfriends and Sistahs!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fairy Door Discovered

So I was cleaning around the pond area yesterday after we had a big storm that caused leaves and sticks to fall all over the place. I like to keep the pond area nice and "manicured" so that we can sit out there and enjoy it. Well, as I cleaned around the tree that is in the middle of the pond, something red caught my eye at the base of the trunk of the tree. I began to brush away the leaves and debri and to my wonderment and surprise......look what I discovered!

OK, it was a stretch. But, I was so inspired by the story about the shop keepers in Ann Arbor who have Fairy doors all over the town. I first read about this in a magazine this summer. I believe is was Romantic Homes. Then, I saw the article about Amy Powers in ARTFUL BLOGGING (AUTUMN 2008)-SEE PAGE 96. She created this little fairy world she calls "Club Little House". You can view her blog here at INSPIRECO.

I was so intrigued and I could not stop thinking about how I wanted to create something similiar by my pond. I have so many ideas for it. I need miniatures to create different scenes. I have thought of several little scenarios to set up and photograph. This is all entirely to entertain myself. It does not take much! Heehee

Here is a view of the fairy door and their front dock to the pond. Oh, I hope I can catch them out in their boat or maybe fishing. We will see.

Now, on another note. It is not too late to do the Ten Tiny Things Challenge I posted here. I would love for anyone to participate in this challenge. I need lots of entries so I can create a beautiful mosaic and post it on my blog of all of your creative works! Hugs and Happy Sunday. Oh and thanks so much to Pocket Full of Prettys and Wild Over Wine for promoting the challenge! Love You!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog Worthy Material

I have to say I'm addicted to blogging. Don't they say the first step is admitting you have a problem?

Hello, my name is Lesley Chandler a.k.a. "Funky Art Queen" and I'm addicted to blogging. I have not blogged for one day.....but I have thought about it. I keep my camera with me at all times due to fear of missing a blog worthy moment. I can't get ready for work in the morning because I get distracted by ideas to blog and my desire to entertain and enlighten you with my brillance.....heehee.

Now tell me, do you see the humor in this photo that I intended? I bought this vintage telephone about a month ago. I have thought about this photo op for sometime and how it would make a funny blog entry. Today, was the day. Not only did I take this good friend at Pocket Full of Prettys got some similiar photos of me today. Let's see if she felt they were blog worthy. Hmmm..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ten Tiny Things Challenge

I have started a collection of all the entries/photos of the Tuesdays Ten Tiny Things Challenge on my Flickr Photo Site. Please go and take a look and look at all of the entries. Comments are welcome.

Remember this challenge continues until Tuesday, August 26th! So, please come on and join the fun. The more the better. So far, we have some very sweet, creative and fun entries. Go and check them out at the Flickr Site.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday's Ten Tiny Things Challenge

Happy Tuesday everyone! I think it is time for a challenge. I challenge you to find 10 tiny things and group them together and take a picture of them and post them to your blog. Tell us why you picked these ten particular things. Come back here and comment and give me a link to your blog/photo. I will pick a favorite and post your pic on my blog. The winner gets one of my tiny pieces of art. It is a surprise! I will give you all week-until next Tuesday!
As you can see, I posted my 10 Tiny Things Picture. All of my items have to do with the written message. There are words,symbols,and numbers. The rock was a gift from my sister Rhea. I received it in the mail last week with an awesome handmade journal that she picked up in a fun little shop in Durango! Thanks Rhea!!

Meanwhile, don't get hung up on details....just find 10 tiny things. Your definition of "tiny things" is entirely up to you. It just has to be one photo of all of these things. FUN STUFF!!!! Now go find stuff.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day Trip to Fredricksburg

Yesterday was one of the funnest days I've had in a long time. We have planned this day trip to Fredricksburg for several weeks. We wanted to go to the Trade days that they have the third weekend of every month.

So my husband, my daughter and me all got up early and hit the road. We agreed that we would enjoy the journey and not just the destination. So we casually drove to Fredricksburg stopping to take pictures along the way, laughing, talking, and singing to the radio. All of us light hearted and enjoying this much needed trip. We stopped about 20 miles before Fredricksburg at a historical marker to try and find one of the geocache sites. (That is hubby's new hobby that I kinda dig too.) Anyway, so I start looking for the box and suddenly I see bones like a rib cage and I dart out of there telling my husband that there is a body back there. Turns out it was a poor deer carcase. My imagination is a little wild sometimes. We never found that geo treasure.
Trade days was fun. Can you believe I only bought a little charm for a necklace? There was so much wonderful stuff; antiques, junk, crafts, art, food, music, and rain. It rained but most of everything was inside barns and the rain just made it cooler. I took these two pics at one ladies junk store-most of her things were outside. For some reason she had all these dolls with no heads everywhere. Then Heather discovered this little collection. Hmmmm-She is either an artsy lady or a little on the morbid side.

We stayed at the Trade days for about 3 hours just looking and taking it all in. We ate lunch there too. Then, we decided to go and try and find some of Craig's geo sites. We looked and looked for two of them but the GPS thingy was getting mixed up with all the trees and the clouds. We finally found one of them and this is hubby proudly holding it up. Ain't he cute?

We drove home, bought chicken, ate dinner and we all got on our computers like we do. Then, shortly after, I went to bed and slept wonderfully reflecting on my beautiful day with my family. It was truly an awesome day~!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fabric Funky Houses

I have been in love with the subject of houses in art lately. I recently did an etsy treasury with all kinds of houses. I have pondered several different types of media to make houses and this is the one I came up with for the moment. I call them the Funky House Ornament Series. The one you see above is number 1. Number 2 is below.

These little houses were just what I needed to give me a charge in the art department. I needed something new and wild. My mind goes nuts thinking about all the possiblities and themes for little houses. My next one is going to be a Frida house so be watching for that.
I have not been myself lately....first of all I'm doing the whole hormonal waking up in the middle of the night and not sleeping good thingy. Then I recently had a classmate/fellow graduate from highschool pass away unexpectedly from a short spell of illness. That really got me. The funeral was yesterday. He was only 43 and has young children and an awesome wife. It was just so sad. So, my art, my therapy.....Hugs to you all
Love ya

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Funky Cat Sculpture

I finished the kitty the other day and listed it in my store on Etsy. She is kind of a funky kitty. That is why I downloaded the funky town song. She needs something with a funky beat don't you think?

I also listed several prints in my store. So you might stop by and take a looksie-the prices are very reasonable I think.

No plans for the weekend other than to work on the room.....yes I know......I keep saying know how you try to stay focused and you walk by the clay or the paint and you totally start doing art instead of what you were supposed to be doing? Is it just me?

Addendum: Look who is back! Jenn over at Noodle and Lou Studio is kinda getting settled in and I'm so glad. Cant wait to see what she is up to! Welcome back Jenn. Happy Thursday! We are almost there!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Yes, it is early. I'm enjoying my coffee (my worm) and updating my blog. More about the bird pic in a minute.
We got to go see Cody in San Antonio this weekend. We took his girlfriend Nadia with us and we all had a nice time. It was just good to spend time with him before he goes to Camp Bolus for 3 weeks. We won't get to see him during that time. I took my pens and colored pencils and canvas and used the idol time in the car and hotel to draw and color. I created 5 new ink/pencil drawings. This bird is one of my favorites. I did list this and another in my Etsy shop last night. I also ordered some prints that will be available soon.
I have returned to that book The Secret to refresh the positive message in my mind. I really feel like the message is so good. If you have not read it, I do recommend it. I want to get it on cd so I can listen to it occasionally in my car.
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day. Love Ya!