Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another artist interview

Raise your hand if you are tired of looking at the pic of my husband on my last blog?! Heehee. Not that he isn't cute and all, but we artists/creative people need lots of eye candy stimulation. We get bored so easy. My apologies for not blogging lately. I've been busy dahling! I have been commissioned to do a very large 48"X60" piece of art. Oh my goodness...just trying to get the canvas in my car carefully was an adventure. But, I got it home safely and I have been working on it every evening when I get off from work. So that is my excuse for being slow on the blog.

Anyway, for now, let me point you to my other blog "I Must Share This" so you can meet "Sam" a new artist I discovered on Etsy. I think you will probably recognize her work if you are a big Etsy fan. Go and check out the interview. Comments welcome and encouraged!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Frida Made it Home

Isn't hubby cute? He has this raised eye brow thing going on that made me think of Jack Nicholson. I asked him to model this piece of art for me. He is always so sweet and participates in my silly antics! ANYWHOOOOO!

I have to tell you the story about this Frida piece. I sent it to Somerset Studio almost a year ago. I did not hear anything for the longest time and I kept wondering what had become of it. I finally got a weird email from a complete stranger who had received my Frida art. FUNNY! I really did not think it was that funny then. Anyway, long story short....I suppose Somerset Studios manages so much art ( I can't even imagine how they organize it all) that they accidentally sent it to another artist.

So I finally sent her the money for the postage and she sent it lovingly packaged back to me. It contained that rejection letter they send with art they can't use. (I figure if I share about the ones that are published, I should also tell you about the ones that are not.) So, all in all, I have spent about 30.00 on postage and handling to get it to Somerset Studio + a check for postage for when they would return it to me and then to this kind lady who let me know she had received it. I think I should sell it for 1000.00 don't you? Hee Hee.
I'm going to post it on Etsy for that much! OK, perhaps that is a little steep. But the emotional strain and stress over this whole matter......heehee again. Really, I'm just trying to be funny. I am going to list it tonight. Also, in closing, I have to introduce you to "Rupert" our pond frog. I think it is one of the frog/tadpoles my sister Rhea gave us. See how he has grown?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Christmas Ornaments in September

I thought of this idea last week and I had to start making them. I can't decide if I will try and sale them or make my whole tree kind of shabby chic or victorian with all these type ornaments. Here is how I did it on this one...then I will tell you about the others that I don't have pics of but they are very similiar.

This is one of those plastic ornaments that is in two halfs that fit together. Got it at Michaels for about 2.00 I think. It also has a hook on the top to tie string or hang wire.

I had this vintage pin-pretty big and suspended it from the hook on the top of the ornament with very fine wire...I wanted it to hang in the middle.

I filled the bottom with vintage beads-pearls-pinks-silvers.

I tied wire ribbon and one that was not wired to the top.

I used a toothpick to apply Aleenes Jewelry Glue around the edges of each side so that it will stay shut. Walla! A Victorian Christmas Ornament.

The others were created with those glass ornaments you can buy at the craft stores. You can take off the top but it only has a very small ( a little bit bigger than a pencil head) opening. So, of course you won't be fitting a large pin or brooch in their. So I just used the same instructions above omitting the pin. Just fill it with pretty beads and tie some pretty ribbon. Now get busy so you will have enough for your tree. Or you could make lovely gifts for your friends!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Haute Handbags and Horn Tooting

I received my copy of Haute Handbags in the mail yesterday. It was a wonderful moment that I delayed until after dinner. My mother was here so we got to open it up together. Man, that was a good feeling to have my mother here with me to share my 5 minutes of fame! So we found the page my purse was on in the table of contents. How cool to see your name in the table of contents of a magazine!!!!

Me and Mama just giggled like little girls. Then we rushed to the pages. I'm so very pleased. My newspaper purse has two pages. So, I hope you will pick up the Haute Handbags Magazine and let me know what you think. I can't remember what page I'm on because I already gave the magazine to my mother so she could take it and share it with other family out of town. She does not have access to a Barnes and Noble or a place to pick one up. So just look in the table of contents when it is available. They say it comes out Oct 1st but usually that means a week before I think.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. I spent the day with my Mother and sister. We went to garage sales in Big Spring and Midland. We picked up one of my best friends; Wild Over Wine -Lisa and she joined us for a few garage sales. Oh MY GOSH! She had on the most beautiful necklace! Guess what? She made it. I hope she puts it on Etsy for you all to have a chance at it. It was FABULOUS and that is probably not a good enough word but it is early Sunday morning! Then Renea-Pocket Full of Prettys met us for lunch and they finally got to meet my mom. We all had such a nice time. Renea told us she sold another memory box on Etsy! Oh, I know she is thrilled. I just feel so blessed to be in the company of such talented women. These two ladys inspire me so!!!!

Then we had the cookout for my immediate family at my house. Wayne (moms husband) helped me figure out the secret to making actual shapes from broken china by using my dremmel. I'm hoping to try that out today. Cody could not stay with us for the evening too long because he had to go and see his fiance in a dance competition. I just feel thankful to the Lord for days like these. I'm always praying for this and that and sometimes I forget to thank!!!! So today, I thank thank thank you Lord!!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Butt Uglee Interview!

No, I'm not making some kind of mean remark about the person I interviewed. That is what she calls her art! Really! There is nothing ugly about Jennifer's folksie, outside the lines art. Please come to "I Must Share This" and read about her. Then, if you get a chance, go and check out her Etsy Shoppe! Peace and Love Hippie Sistahs!
And please spread the news about my new blog "I Must Share This".

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Son is On his Way

Yay! Cody is coming home for a few weeks! We attended his graduation from security police (Airforce) training (13 weeks) on Tuesday. It was a quick trip to San Antonio to see him graduate. We took him to dinner and we hit the road to come home. We were so tired yesterday trying to recuperate! Look at my two favorite guys in the whole wide world (sorry richard gere).

I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get his room finished. I still have to run to Wally world and buy some pillows. I need to find some sheets to make some curtains. But, mostly it looks really nice. The room is not completely what I want it to be because I wanted to use the headboard I refinished (but I did not have a nice mattress and box springs yet)....Also a few other things. That will come later after we get Cody off to his first assignment in Mississippi. Hey, any of you bloggers from Biloxi,Mississippi? He is going to be at Keesler Airforce Base

My mom is coming this weekend and we are going to have a little barbeque-nothing fancy-probably just burgers. Cody is excited to see everyone and I am especially excited to see my mom. I just miss her. We are going to estate sales and garage sales together that morning like we used to. Anyway, life is good. Hugs to all-have a happy and safe day.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

From Concept to Completion: AN ART PROJECT

I keep this little "journal" in my purse but I call it my brain. It is where I write all notes to self about work, grocery lists, and ideas for art. It has proved to be very helpful to me with one exception (I had a friend write a web address in it for me for something....when I went back to it later, I could not recognize the writing and I was very disoriented about it. I finally remembered it.

Here is what I do when I think of some idea for an art project (usually) I draw or sketch it out roughly on this book so I don't forget. In this case, I have always wanted to create something with those wooden plates you see at the craft stores. So, one day I thought it would be cool to collage a beautiful girl on the painted wooden plate. Then drill holes (3) and hang an old knife, fork and spoon from it.

As you can see completion of the project is not exactly the same as the idea sketched out but the concept is the same. Instead of just hanging the silverware, I soldered jump rings to the top and hung beaded wire before the spoon, knife and fork. I also added flowers around the girl because I thought that would make it look more like a plate. The words got changed too! I thought this girl looked like someone who was saying "Darling, I don't do dishes". So there you have it, from concept to completion....An Art Project.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What Me and the Fairies Did For Labor Day

This morning I was feeding the fish and I noticed a little fishing pole on the rocks by the edge of the pond. I looked closer and I could see that the fairies had definitely been fishing. Looks like they left all their stuff there on the rocks. It makes me wonder if they saw the size of the fish and decided they needed a bigger net. Or maybe they got scared! Oh well, I just left their fishing equipment alone so they can come get it later.
I also noticed they added on a new luxury to their home or should I say close to their home? How cool! I opened the little door to their outhouse and it looks as though they have already begun to enjoy their little private potty. They left their magazine for next time. So,

it looks like the fairies did some work and had some leisure time for the 3-day Labor day weekend. Just like us.
I did my usual house cleaning and weekend chores but I decided I was going to have some fun too. Monday, I went with Craig to do some Geo caching. We found several and it was fun! That is until this!

We were at a site just before Midland, Texas exit. The box was hidden somewhere in this pine tree the shape of a Hershey's Kiss. So, I hunting all around the tree, under the branches, on the ground, in the branches, using my hands to rake the leaves away to see if the box is buried under them. Next thing I know, Craig says "don't come over here". (He was on the exact opposite side of the tree and I could see him across from me.) I thought he must be taking a whiz or something but then I asked "why?". He goes, "SNAKE!". So I go over there, far, far behind him and he asks for the camera. He took this pic. I ran back to the car and told him I was through!!!! I really had the willies because just moments before, I had been in that area digging around. This looks like a rattle snake to me....but I don't know. SHEWWWWWWWWWWWW! I get goose bumps just thinking about it.