Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Penguin Sculpture Done

I have to show you a pic of the penguin before it goes to my dear little friend. This little fellow stands about 3.5" tall and is about 2.5" from toe to tail (the widest point on bird).

I think it would be fun to make a fabric penguin. I have seen several patterns but they are all just not what I want. I may end up drawing one out. I have to think on it more because I want it to have a little panel for the egg to be underneath at the feet like they do. I loved that movie "Happy Feet" and that documentary on penguins last year I think.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Paper Clay Figures

I worked with clay all weekend and developed several figures/sculptures. This is one I have been working on for a week or so. I wanted to try a bust/head figure. She turned out to look a little like a spanish girl....go figure! I think she needs a rose in her hair.
I also worked on a penguin for a little friends birthday. It should be done tonight. I have almost finished the love birds (remakes). I have the two funky birds that I discovered instructions for on the paperclay site. Then, I sculpted a cat that I have painted red and tonight she will become a funky cat with the rest of her features and designs to her coat.
Oh, I sold a set of my Typography Blocks on Etsy this weekend. It really made my day. I made two more sets using my custom paper I created with the vintage pipeline maps and the font stickers. These sets are now available on my Etsy.
Craig and I went to two estate sales Saturday and I think I have him hooked! He really enjoyed it. But, we need to get a navigational system because we had trouble finding addresses in Midland. We went out to eat after and did a little shopping and came home. But we both enjoyed our time together and we are looking forward to a trip to Fredricksberg on Aug 16 to go to the trade days there. Guess I better get ready for work. You all have a blessed week.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Love Birds Slain

(Warning) the following may not be suitable for the squeamish or young audiences!

So I posted the pics the other day of my little love birds (last post) and left the little cake topper up on the cabinet and went to pick up some supper. When I got home, I found one of the little birdies mangled on the floor by the cabinet. I knew instantly that Sebastian had gotten them. The other bird was found under my kitchen table, equally brutalized. Oh, I was so mad at that DOG!!!! I yelled at him and I had such a fit.....he just went and hid under the bed. I even cried because I was so upset. I worked on those birds for 3 days. But, eventually, I remembered they were only material.....could be made again and that my dog did not mean to be bad. He probably thought they looked like a cookie. My husband reminded me that Golden Retrievers were initially bred to be bird dogs er uh.....to "retrieve birds". Duh!~

So I sculpted two other birds and they are curing and getting ready for painting this weekend. I could not help but show you this pic of Sebastian's little nose and tongue that got him in trouble. Hope you all have a creative and non-violent weekend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

love birds cake topper

OK, I discovered paper clay and I can't stop! I loved it the minute I felt it in my hands. It is so soft and does just want you want it to. So, I guess since I was in bird mode already, I created these little sculptured birds. I decided they would be beautiful on a wedding cake topper. So, I created this wedding cake topper for the birds to sit and oogle at each other....and perhaps kiss. What do you think?

The only thing I don't like is that I used "triple thick" gloss glaze. I would the birds to have been less glossy now that I'm done. But, my husband says he thinks they look more like porcelain or ceramic with the gloss and he loves them. If you work with paper clay, can you tell me what kind of glaze works good to protect your work?

I have so many projects started that I am telling myself I have to finish before I start anything else. We will see how that goes. I have a little clay sculpture of a woman from the shoulders up that I'm scared to paint her face. I'm so afraid I will mess her up. I have a pair of funny birds (clay) I'm working on. (These were a project found on the paperclay site. Then, I have a new pattern I drew out for a much smaller fabric bird. Not to mention I have not finished my redecorating project~! Oh well. I just feel blessed that I get so much joy from these creative projects and sharing them with my blog friends. Like the saying at the bottom of my email..."All you need to be happy is someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for." Zig Ziggler (A wise man indeed). Hugs and sorry I'm always so wordy. I just have so much to say!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birds and Bloomers

Hey everyone! I have been a bad blogger! I have become a weekend blogger! But, I have been productive. See the birdy? I have been so inspired to make a bird since I saw the one I blogged about a while back. Have to look that up to give her credit. I drew out a pattern last week and I have to say, this is not the first bird!~ heehee. OH MY GOSH!! I just think I can do anything and I don't even think about it being difficult. Then, I run into something that I can't figure out. In this case, it was those dang legs! I could not figure out how to make the birds stand. I finally figured it out (well my way of making it work). I'm so proud of my birds. Go check them out on Etsy. I am also working on some clay birds.

For some reason, I also decided I had to make some bloomers! I think it is because Renea was talking about them....she saw them in a shop some where. I just think they would be so comfortable to wear around the house. So, I got a pattern and all the accoutrement Friday. However, since I have been obsessed with the birds, I have not been able to cut out the bloomin' bloomers. I miss my blog friends and I want you to know that I am always checking on ya. I just don't always have the time to comment. You are on my mind and in my heart. Love ya!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Projects

I'm officially tired! I have been busy as a bee all weekend. Yesterday, Craig and I went to an estate sale here in town and I found these two shutters for a dollar! I could not wait to get home to alter them. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but now I do..more on that in a minute. Then, I spotted a garage sale on the way home and I found a full size bed frame for $5.00! Oh boy! I needed one for the guest room project. So, I have been stripping paint from that bed, the shutters, painting, sanding, painting, sanding etc....all weekend and I am so pooped right now. I still want to distress the bed (headboard) some more. I also want to add some rose wallies to the back/inside headboard. There were little sliding doors but I did not want them...I wanted it open so that I could display things on this shelf of the headboard.

I decided what to do with the shutters. There are two of them (above is a before pic of one of them) (below is the after pic). I'm going to finish the painting....(kind of a distressed mint) and then I'm going to buy hinges and attach the two. This will then set on top of the dresser with vintage jewelry and maybe scarfs, hats, stuff like that hanging on it.

I have really enjoyed this redecorating project. Someday I will be done....then we will have to start another room. Oh, I posted a couple of new things of my Etsy today too....so go and have a looksie! Hugs to all!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blue Willow Broken China Charm Bracelet

This is a bracelet I made inspired by Lisa. She bought me this charm made from broken china. So, I could not wait to get that Blue Willow bowl I bought at the garage sale and break it. I also discovered a new flux that is not greasy or sticky and it just made the soldering much neater and smoother. Anyway, here is the outcome and I really think I want more charms on it. What do you think? Do you know the story of the Blue Willow Design? Though there are several different versions, I found this one to share with you. Each charm on this bracelet is relative to the story. I want some doves and some other things though.

Long ago, in the days when China was ruled by emperors, a Chinese manderin, Tso Ling, lived in the magnificent pagoda under the branches of the apple tree on the right of the bridge, over which droops the famous willow tree, and in front of which is seen the graceful lines of the fence. Tso Ling was the father of a beautiful girl, Kwang-se, who was the promised bride of an old but wealthy merchant. The girl, however, fell in love with Chang, her father’s clerk. The lovers eloped across the sea to the cottage on the island. The mandarin pursued and caught the lovers and was about to have them killed when the gods transformed them into a pair of turtle doves. These are seen gazing into each other’s eyes at the top of the design.

Heather Wins In Hobbs, New Mexico

I can't believe I have not shared this fabulous photo with you sooner. Look at my precious little daughter. She went with her aunti Ronetta and Rhea to the casinos in Hobbs, New Mexico the weekend before last. She played the Wheel of Fortune Slot machines and won 400 some odd dollars. This was her first time ever at a Casino. Lucky girl! They told me that she was yelling "call my mom" "call my mom" and that a crowd surrounded her along with security. Isn't she precious in this morning after hotel shot? I really wanted to share this with Renea and Barry especially because they just love our little Heather. They will enjoy this pic. I stold this pic from my sister's photo site. They all went to Hobbs, NM for my grandmothers 92nd birthday.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Mixed Media Art

I want to share a couple of my most recent pieces. I wish that I was a better photographer so that you could see everything at its best. I need to employ my sister Rhea as my photographer as she takes fabulous pictures..and is really good at Macro Photos. Anyway, I want to show you this case that I finally finished. I have been working on it for a while. I called it, "Bloom" and I think it would be a lovely Journaling case or Art Case but really, it could be whatever you wanted it to be.

I painted both sides of this (in very good condition)brief case. The other side just says "bloom where you are planted". Side 2 also has some butterflies that I decoupauged on. I used a high gloss acrylic black paint for the sides of the case and the the tops.

I also want to show you this little shadow box I created with this little wooden box my mother picked up for me at a garage sale. She got a couple of them and this would be the first creation that I have come up with since I got them about a year or more ago.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Vintage Stuffed Alligator

I'm in big trouble for not blogging lately huh? I'm sorry. I have been working fast and hard to get Cody's room repainted "pale peach" instead of "baby Yuk" green because Cody was comingto visit this weekend. He has been gone since April and suddenly, I decided it was time to re- paint?! So, every afternoon this week, I rushed home and started the paint work. It took two coats to cover that yuky green. I decided to stop on Wednesday even though I needed to paint the ceiling and the trim; because I did not want the room to smell like paint when Cody came this weekend. So, I'm still not done......It is the project that just keeps going and going.....heehee. But look......at my little alligator.....
I named her "Rosie" because of her rosie pattern. She was born today from a beautiful cotton print with tea pots, tea cups and roses. I added a pair of pearls for her trip to her tea party! I love my little Rosie alligator and I am almost positive she will be a part of the new guest room I am re-decorating.
Did I tell you that my mother (naturally) still had the original pattern?!!! She brought it to me last weekend. Yay Mama!!!! You Rock! Here is another view of her in the bedroom I am redecorating;
II have several other projects in the works. I can't wait to share them with you. Hope you all have a fabulous and funky July 4th. HUGS!