Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thanks Somerset Studio Gallery

I went to the book store today and flipped through the Sommerset Studio Gallery (Summer 2007) and finally...finally on page 180-I saw my picture. Yay~ I was so pleased. I don't think the man checking out magazines beside me at Barnes and Nobles understood my little squeal of excitement. But, I don't know him so it does not matter. Oh, thank you Lord. That is what I wanted. I just wanted to be published this year. Remember when I wrote my goals for this year and that was one thing I was shooting for? I have been published two times this year. So, I met my goals. I will have to go back and see what else I set for goals because it seems to me that this was the most important or highest priority. So, I did it. What's next?
I'm hoping to get an article published. I know, I'm not really a great writer. That is what my sister, Rhea, is for. Well, other than the obvious sisterly relationship and friendship...she is my editor. She will know how to make what I am trying to say look good. She is my life-long editor. She edits my resume and anything else I deem too important to just send along with all my imperfections.
I've been working on an article that I hope will get published in one of the magazines I love. I won't tell you about the subject so I don't jinx myself. I have written the rough draft-and I need to send it to Rhea-Rhea (sister) for editing and feedback.
So, all in all, it was a great day. Just seeing my picture in Sommerset Studio Gallery alone was enough to keep me happy for quite a while!

Mixed Media Piece "The Crier"

"Llorona" is what they call her. She is the main character in a Mexican Folklore story. My sweet friend Marisa told me this story and I decided to illustrate it through this mixed media piece. Here is a link to one version of the Llorona story. I encourage you to go and read it and then look at the picture again. It will make sense then.

Anyway, according to Marisa, Llorona is the equivalent to "booger bears" and such things our parents or older siblings might have used to scare us into doing or not doing something when we were children. Remember? You better not act that way or the booger bear will get you! Or maybe I just came from a weird and dysfunctional family? heehee

I created this piece with my prisma pencils, water colors (the shimmering H20 brand) and some inks. It was really done hastily and I think I might could do better now on canvas.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Landscape Artist

Have I told you about my son? My son is quite the landscape artist. He (with some help from his dad) built this awesome (that word is not good enough but it was all I could come up with) pond in our backyard. OMG it is so big and beautiful. My son is an amazing person. Such many dreams. And his energy! Wow. I know he is going to do something amazing with his life. I can't quite explain my feelings for my son. Sometimes he makes me so mad! Then there are times that he amazes me and I love him so much my heart could burst. I am his mother....I created (with some help from his dad-heehee) him. If I can't ever think of anything I did that was magnificent, I can think of him and his sister; Heather. I am so blessed with beautiful and wonderful children.

Anyway, this pond has been at least a year long project. It has had it's ups and downs and so correlates with our relationship with our son. When he first decided we needed this pond...he started digging, without consulting with Dad or Mom.....just started digging. Then, the fights and anxiety about gas lines, water lines, ugh......the father and son fights---yuk. But he kept digging.....he was determined. I worried he would blow up him, the house, us, everything. But, he kept digging. He is so stuborn and would not hear any suggestions. He needed this to be his was like he needed to prove something. And prove he did. He proved that going against the grain sometimes pays off. He proved that he can create the most magnificent creations. He proved that he loves his father (and me) so much because I believe he was creating this pond for us. How can I tell him how much I appreciate him.... (tears).

Now, graduation right at our heels (tomorrow) he has started another pond. "Project Number 2". I wonder what life issues will come while he creates this pond? He is going off to college soon. I think he wants to finish it before he goes. It seems like he wants to make his Dad and me as comfortable as possible before he leaves us. I know I sound biased, but have I told you that my son is amazingly mature and grown up for his age. He is everything to me. I love him.

Thank you Cody! I pray that you will recieve all the things in life you hope for. I will always love you! THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HATH MADE; REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Many Art Projects

I have been very creative and crafty lately---perhaps a manic episode?! It is just a busy time of the year with Cody graduating and prom was last weekend. This is a picture of him in the giant limo they rented.

And, as if I did not have enough on my mind...I decided I would have a booth at the Stanton Old Sorehead Trade Days...June 9th. I was probably prompted by the need to make extra cash with a son going to college and all. Nevertheless, my friend Marisa and I have committed to this and we need to get a bunch of stuff done before then. I have a lot of things I have saved over time that I will take. However, I am making some charm necklaces and some more purses to add to my stuff. I made some patriotic necklaces this weekend. Here is one:

On top of all of this and every other crazy thing going on in my sister who I am very close to moved away...far far away. I am having a little trouble getting used to that idea. I'm very excited as she is coming for Cody's graduation. GRADUATION?!!! We are having an after party and I have been planning the appetizers, decorations and arrangements for months. Now it is all coming to light. I'm off from work Thursday and Friday so I can get everything done. Cody gets a scholarship awarded to him at the awards ceremony at school tomorrow at 10 a.m. So, I'm definitely going to be at that. Any prayers for Cody are appreciated as he starts out his adult life.

Oh, I received one of my art entries back from Sommerset Studio with a letter that they have photographed it for "possible use" in the June issue. So, keep your fingers crossed for me! Then I can say I have been published "multiple" times-heehee. I won't share the picture until I know one way or the other so I don't jinx it!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Polymer Clay Weekend

I had an artful, creative, and relaxing weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day! I worked on these clay tins on and off all weekend. I'm mad because they won't cure quick enough because the weather is humid. I want them to dry so I can post them to sell on Etsy or Ebay. I don't want to try and sell them until they are dry and ready!

My family got me three Richard Gear Flicks for Mother's Day. I have not watched any of them yet. I like to delay the satisfaction. He is my sweetie....besides my husband of course. Anyway, Cody got me a dozen beautiful white roses this morning for Mother's Day. He hugged me and told me he loved me which meant so much to me.

Things are bitter-sweet lately. My son is graduating from highschool in less than two weeks. He goes off to college in a month or two. I am scared to see what life will be like without him here all the time. What will we do? Hmmm......In one way, I look forward to the peace but in another way, I worry about his safety and happiness. I just want him to be ok. I have thought a lot about making him a little booklet-like a recipe booklet with references to all the problems that could possibly occur along with soluti0ns to fix them. Like, I already bought him a hide-a-key because he has locked his keys in his car many times.

Am I crazy? Am I too controlling? I don't know how he will make it. I guess he will just have to learn everything by "default" as my sister says. Afterall, isn't that how I learned about life?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers...especially mine! I know it's tomorrow but just in case I don't post tomorrow~ I have a card and these blocks. I intended to mail your card Thursday...but did I? No-so I am mailing today and you will get (as usual for me) a belated Mother's Day Card. You will get these blocks when you come for Cody's graduation. I love you Mom-I think of you often.

My friend Renea showed me some altered wooden blocks she had made recently and I was just so inspired. I have seen the altered blocks over the last year but I had not tried them yet. So, I decided to make my mother some for Mother's Day. I thought they turned out pretty good. I made three blocks in graduating sizes to symbolize the three daughters-I'm the oldest so I got the biggest one-heehee. It never changes does it?
I put several old photos of her girls on each one of the blocks. One side of each blocks spells out M-O-M. So she can just turn them over any way she likes depending how mad or happy she is with one of us or all of us each day. I thought she could put them on her computer desk or her window above the kitchen sink so she can see the blocks everyday.
I was inspired to write a poem about the blocks-not really a Mother's Day poem but a poem about these "Memory Blocks" in general. I want to make some blocks and put them in a glass box I recently purchased so people can see the blocks within and be inspired to open the box and look at them.

Blocks of Memories
by Lesley Chandler
When I was just
a little tot
My mother gave me
wooden blocks
to learn my colors
and ABC’s
To build with my hands
and 1-2-3's.
Now all grown up
I still have blocks
I keep them in
a little box
Blocks with my old photos
to remind me to play
My blocks of memories
I’ll Cherish always.
Oh Blocks of time
Blocks of my youth
Blocks of memories
Blocks of Truth
by Lesley Chandler
May 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007

OMG Where Have I Been?

This is a digitally altered image of a painting I did recently with journaling in the layers. I liked the digital alteration much better.

Can you believe I went so long without blogging? What is wrong with me?! I have been busy with life issues and though I keep doing art...seems like I can't finish anything. But, I'm kinda pumped up this weekend. I am doing some polymer clay tin containers and I made several polymer clay faces-that are in the oven right now. I just feel like working with the clay.

Oh, have you got the latest issue of Cloth,Paper, Scissors? There are several things that inspired me. I want to do that recipe swap! I think I will do something on my grandmother's chocolate mayonaise cake or her yellow cake muffins. It has to be something about my grandmother. I love Cloth, Paper, Scissors! The cover alone this month is so beautiful. It just gets me so inspired! There is a great article on page 76 about a woman with Panic Disorder and how her art has helped her cope with this disorder. The "Embossed Hardware"...also inspiring to me as I have played with washers and dressing them up with embossing powders-but metal colors like copper. Transparencies...I don't know why I have not gotten in to that yet. But, the article on "the workshop" inspired me to give this a try....all the possiblities. Can't this magazine be every month; instead of Six issues a year. It seems an eternity until the next one comes. Don't they know we are hungry for more?

OK-look for more posts this weekend as I explore the polymer clay world and spirit dolls.