Monday, August 27, 2007

Yard Art

I did meals on wheels today and saw something like this in someones little yard. It just impressed me so...I could not wait to get some pretty rocks and do the same in my yard. I bought some little rocks at Michaels today and brought them home. I had to water down the spot where I wanted my little Ichthus and then I drew the design with a stick. Then I placed the rocks in the design and embellished with some glass marbles. I pounded them in the ground a little with a rubber mallot. This is right at our front porch. I told my husband I should change it every week to give our few guests and the postman some entertainment. It was a short and fun activity for me this evening.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Frida Kahlo and Mother Teresa

What do they have in common you might ask? They are human! Today I saw a news story about how they have recently discovered through some journals kept by Mother Teresa (declared a Saint) that proved her doubt in God. Even though (before she died)she explicitly asked that these journals not be shared, the catholic church has released them so that we can further oogle and judge her. It does not surprise me that she expressed doubt and depression at times...has anyone ever read anything about her work in Calcutta? She was stronger than I would have ever been! I think she is saintly simply because even after all of her works and self deprivation of material things, she still questioned if she was good enough. She called herself a "hypocrite". Hmm sounds pretty human to me. And yet, she kept doing her work of taking care of the poor and sick.

A rich and pampered woman once went to Calcutta because she wanted to work with Mother Teresa. First Mother Teresa criticized this woman for wearing such nice clothes and make up. Later when this woman asked, "where do I start?" Mother Teresa was quoted as saying, "Start with the one closest to you". Does anyone remember "my God why has thou forsaken me?"...AND HE WAS GODS SON!!!!! Give her a break! Please! Sorry, I have always loved Mother Teresa and what she did with her life. When she was very young, she left a wealthy family to go and take care of the sick and poor.

About Frida. How could these two women have anything in common? They were human! All of a sudden, I hear that in 2004, they uncovered some of Frida's journals and have discovered some things about her that we did not know.,2933,288152,00.html She actually played with puppets! Wow, she had a playful side. Again, not what we understood this sometimes dark and sad woman to be.

What these two women had in common is that they kept journals. They chose to write about some aspects of their lives in their journals. But, it has disappointed some to discover the women were not exactly as we had "painted" them over the years through various media. Some people are disappointed because they thought they had these two iconic women pigeon holed into certain characters. But, you must consider this. They only wrote in their journals what they knew might possibly be read by others. There are still things that only God and they understand about their lives. That is why I wonder.....why do we think we must judge others

Announcing winner of Self Portrait contest

I'm announcing the early end to my Self Portrait contest! I's early but I have not received any other entries in a while and I think I made it too long anyway. OK, This is the winner by Kelly! It is busy, colorful and true journal art. I wonder if Kelly keeps a creative journal? I love to do that.

My second runner up is Stacey with her wonderful digitally altered photo of her self. All us women/Moms are a little crazy like that Stacey! Heehee

Thanks to everyone who participated! Kelly, I am going to submit the picture you won in an upcoming artshow so as soon as that is done, I will send it to you. Stacey, you get a surprise runnerup gift! I will need both of you to send me your address. HUGS!!!! AND KEEP BEING CREATIVE!

Custom Pillow for Marisa and Mireya

Here is Marisa and Mireya's pillow. I could not resist adding that photo to something she could keep. I worked on it last night and finished it this morning. Yes, I got up early! I can't sleep when Craig is not here and Biscut is not real happy with me because I'm not as fun as Daddy so he tossed and turned, I tossed and turned and finally gave it up. Now Biscut is napping on my bed. It's like, "Shew she's I can sleep". Heehee

Anyway, the pillow is just a small token of appreciation for my dear friend Marisa. She was so good to me this week. When I was having car troubles, I had to leave my car in the shop so she let me drive her car back to Big Spring (home) from Midland and keep it until the next day. She's just cool like that! So she gets this tomorrow at work.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Funky Art on Display

Today I pulled a lot of my art out to decide which pieces I will enter in the Big Spring Art Association show. The deadline for entries is the 29th of this month. That is Wednesday! So, I -played with several pieces, placed them in frames and cleaned the glass. Here is a display of a few pieces I am considering. This is my first show so I have a few things to learn. You have to get each piece "wired" for hanging. And, you have to have all this info on the back of each piece and determine the price if you want to sell it. But, it's a step out for me and I'm actually excited!

My weekend has been good thus far. Heather and I are on our own this weekend as Dad went to Irving to be with Cody. They are having some good father and son time together. So, Heather and I have had some good Mother and daughter time. We ate at Hunans Chinese food buffet today. Then we went to the nursing home to visit some of her sweet friends. She got one special friend some flowers and candy. She is so good with the elderly. I just watched her visit with everyone and kiss and hug them. She is an angel....truly with the elderly. I'm so very proud of her.

Then we went to Wally World and wondered around for quite some time. I worked out in the back yard by the pond with the plants and flower beds. Weeding, watering, etc. I watered my tomatoes and peppers. I have worked on a pillow for a friend some and did a little house keeping. I miss my husband but I have kept busy and Heather and I have had some quiet time. Tomorrow....Craig comes home, roast for dinner, and hugs...lots of hugs.....

I forgot to could I forget? I got the most wonderful package from FedEx this morning. It was a package from my sister. She had completed the circle journal entry I had challenged her with on her birthday. It was so wonderful. She and her husband also enclosed a very, very special gift for our anniversary. It was too much but oh so appreciated. She is a dear and so is her husband...even if he does call me Lester. I feel truly blessed today. We went from such a rotten weak to a wonderful weekend. Thank you Lord for all the blessings you send our way.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Art Show

I'm going to give you a sneak preview of two of the pieces I am going to enter into the Big Spring Art Association Art Show. I was very excited to see the ad about this show. You can enter several pieces and I am going to stick with the mixed media category. One entry will be this copy of my recent piece called Wabi Sabi. Only this one is being done on a piece of wood. The textures are cool.

Another piece I am working on is inspired by my previous piece of the African sisters. This was also done on wood. I incorporated a lot of texture and color. Here is a sneak peak of that piece.

I'm trying to take my time and do quality work. I have never entered an art show really and I hope I do alright. So...wish me luck. Happy Thursday...tomorrow...TGIF!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Modal Panties

This is kind of off the beaten path for me but I feel I must share this with you. It is too big to keep to myself. I just can't be that selfish.

My daughter told me about some sheets she discovered that were so soft and wonderful that I must try them. She told me they were made out of "Modal". So, because I am a lover of soft and comfy...I found some sheets made out of modal at target. They are the softest sheets and the most comfortable, airy sheets I ever owned. In fact, they are so comfy that one morning I was lying in my bed enjoying the softness thinking that I must find a night gown made from this material. Then I would be in soft ecstacy. I even thought that if I could not find a gown in this material, I would find some of the sheets and make one. Well, that is not necessary. The clothing industry has discovered this fabulous fabric! YAY!
I did a little research to learn more about this wonderful fabric. Forgive the cut and copy!

Modal type of viscose. Modal fabric has softness, good drape and is comfortable for wearing Modal fabric has good moisture regain and air permeability which is often considered better than cotton fabric, it is a good material for exercise clothing and health suit, which can serve to benefit physiology circulation and health of the body. Modal fabric has level up surface, fine and smooth and velvet, which have the effect of natural silk. The yarn has the character of high strength. The fabric has good softness and brilliant luster. The effect of the finished Modal garment is very good, and the form is steady. The garment maintains anti-crease properties and has relatively easy care.

I found the most wonderful panties at Kohls. They are made by Jockey (97%) modal. They are the "granny panties" that I love but I notice they come in the bikini panties and other styles. I'm telling you, you have to try them. You will not be able to stop rubbing your bum! It feels so soft. I mean that in the cleanest way too. It is just so soothing. Now I am on a search for the perfect Modal gown. Please consider this one of those rare and helpful hints by the funky art queen.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

One Week In the Life of a Funky Art Queen

Here is a quick summary of my week since I have not blogged that much. I will do my best to only highlight the big stuff.
Sunday-Cody was on day 2 of being home from college. We had a pleasant and restful day. That evening he was going out to see his girlfriend and I knew that was pretty much it for his visit with us. So, I went to hug him and had one of those Mama breakdowns. Yes, one of those sniffy, tear filled moments that leave the male child wondering if his mother is totally nuts. He gave me the proper hugs and comforting words and that was that. Husband was like "what was that all about?" (Rolling my eyes now). Monday-Craig and Cody head for Midland Airport at dark thirty and get Cody on the plane. Apparently there was good father/son conversation along the way. Back to the work week! Tuesday-finished the purse I intend to send to Somerset to hopefully be strongly considered for publishing. I worked on a notebook to organize all my art stuff. Bought a Midland paper on the way to work and discovered a call for art for the Big Spring Art show. Very excited about this so my mind went into the creative zone to determine what I will enter. Wednesday- Took off from 7-11 with the gas thingy (hose?) still in my car and detached it from the pump! Caused the manager of that store to freak. She made me wait while she called supervisor. I thought I was going to have to pay millions of dollars for that thing. Luckily she and another employee came out and told me it was o.k. that it happens all the time and that it just snaps back on. (Shew---sigh of relief). It was the topic of many laughs at work since I shared this little story. I had a great spiritual conversation with my friend Marisa which prompted me to get out my "Purpose Driven Life" book and start reading it again. I only made it through a couple of chapters last time I began reading it. So I read a little of that every night after that. (if anyone has read that book and wants to discuss it let me know because I have some questions).Thursday-My sister arrived! Yay! We had a wonderful visit at home and then we ran to Wal-Mart to get a few things. Fun with my sister. She is here until Sunday I believe. Friday-Mama got here! Heather and I went out to dinner with Mama and sisters and an Uncle and (there were 9 of us all in all). We had a wonderful time together. Then my sister came over and we watched a movie called "Premonition" which I did not like because of a disappointing ending! Then she went to my Dads to stay. Saturday-Son should be home later this evening and so I hope all the family can get together to visit -barbeque? Hmmm-So that it my week in a nutshell! Hope I did not bore you too much.
About the self portrait contest. I have received two entries-thank you Stacey and Kelly. I have received two other statements of intent to enter by: Cat and Sharon. I hope I can get a few more entries! I have enjoyed this so much that I am already thinking of my next contest. I'm going to keep my word and run this contest until the end of August but I believe my next contest will only run for a week! Oh boy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More about Post Secrets

Here is a link to a video regarding the next Post Secrets book. It is a profound video. Please go and take a look. Believe it or not...that is all I have today.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I wanted to post this newest mixed media piece titled "Wabi-Sabi". For a full definition of Wabi Sabi click on the title of this post. I think it is an interesting concept. This is kind of a contemporary cubism piece done with pencils and inks. I created this today. I hope you can incorporate ideas of Wabi-Sabi into your life.
Remember that nothing is finished, nothing is perfect and nothing is final.....that is Wabi-Sabi.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy birthday rhearhea

Today is my sisters birthday! Rhea-Rhea-Happy Birthday. "August Tonight" is what she used to say in lieu of "August 9th". I remember when she came into this world...I was 11 years old. It was summer and my mother had that big "with child" tummy. We had picked peas and we had them all over the kitchen to prepare for canning. Mama did that almost every summer....pregnant or not. I don't remember all the details but I do remember that the canning of the black eyed peas would have to wait until this precious little baby came.

I remember that we lived in town (Big Spring, Texas) when she was born and that me and my step-brother Brad joked about how we would call her "Radiator" since Mama named her Rhea Dion". That was all we could come up with for proper teasing. It's hard to remember everything, but I do remember the feeling that I had another baby doll to love. I remember that I used to lie on Mama's bed and hold Rhea on my tummy and rock her to sleep to help Mama. I remember feeding her and discovering that I would uncontrolably open my mouth when she did and chew as if I had food in my mouth. (LOL) Even from as an infant she made me do stupid stuff. Heehee

I remember after she came home that I (on my own) attended a local garage sale and purchased a pair of red, lacy, baby tights for her. I could not wait to ride my bike home to give my mama this gift for my new sister. I also remember that my mother sent me to the 7-11 that was not too far from our house to get Kotex. I was so very embarrased that I could not do it. I went home and lied to my mother that they did not have any. Apparently it traumatized me for life because to this day, I still can't buy that item by itself. If I need something like that...I buy a lot of other stuff to cover it up.

How did my baby sister (11 years younger) become my best friend? I don't really know the answer but there are many moments in my life that she was involved with that help to answer this question for me. I am blessed and have been since the day she was born. I love her dearly and miss her sorely. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSY! I am going to give you these cupcakes (picture from my dear friend Marah) pretend you are eating them up. Oh, they have no fat or if you should even have to worry about that. Do you know how happy I am that you are coming Wednesday. I miss you so....I could just cry. I love you sistah...I hope you had the most special birthday. I was blessed the day you were born!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

African Art Klimt Style

More on the African Style art series. I did this one in my Prisma colored pencils. But, it is a bit rough and therefore required tweaking digitally to bring it to my liking. I really liked the black and white version better. So here it is. I came up with an idea today that I am really excited about. I am going to do a collage with one of my african ladies and a heavily textured background with acrylics and maybe some inks. This means I will have to go to Kinkos and copy some of my African art for the collage. I'm excited about this idea. So, keep your fingers crossed that it will turn out Fantabulistic!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I woke up this morning thinking about Tuesday. Tuesday is kind of a "nobody" kind of day. Yet, she is still present and ready every week to do what she must do. She is not the first day of the week-, she is not even the first day of the work week, she is just kind of there....quietly doing her job to make the rest of the week work. Does anyone get excited about Tuesdays? Probably not I'm guessing. She is not like Wednesday "hump day" the middle of the week when we say to ourselves..."I'm almost there....just two more days until Friday!". Oh, to be Friday. That is the famous day of the week. But no, she is o.k. with being Tuesday. She is humble because she knows....She knows that without her, the week would not function correctly...Friday would not get here. Saturday and all her glory would not exist. So, she continues on, from week to week and comes to us in all her plainess and lack of brillance and shine.

Some of us are like Tuesday. We may not shine above all the rest. We may not be that glorious special day of the week...the celebrity "Friday" or the famous "Saturday" but we exist. We are as important as any day of the week or anyone in this world. Because, without us, the world would not function as it is commanded. We are here for reason. Don't ever question that. You are a precious and unique human being always growing in wisdom and love...always doing the best you can to contribute positively to this world. Did I mention that you are FANTABULISTIC?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Blog Contest Giveaway Self Portrait

Well, I just can't be outdone by Ms. Stacey who is fantabulistic. So, I am going to host a blog give-away too. Here is the deal. The objective of this contest is to stimulate ideas about who you are. Who are you? What is the definition of "you?"

  • In order to demonstrate or define "you" first post a link to this site and
  • send me a link of to the "self portrait" of you.
This can be a drawing, a photo, some type of poem, prose or anything that you feel defines you. This contest will be hosted by me until August 31. On that day, I will choose my favorite self-portrait. I am looking for unique, fearless, and bold entries. You may enter more than once.

This particular piece was created with colored pencils and pens and water colors on a 9X12 piece of water color canvas. It has a black matte on it that gives it a nice touch. Though this lady does not look like me, it is very symbolic of the real me. I love my naps...I love the dress because it reminds me of Klimt art and I love the colors. So, good luck and spread the word. Sept 1st a winner will be announced!

Scrapbook Pillow or Custom Pillow

I have worked on the custom pillow on and off all day and I finally have it ready to show you! I think it is a great idea for a Christmas present. I am going to be doing custom pillows-taking orders now for Christmas. This size 18"X18" (pretty big) is $45.00. I can also do smaller ones. Pillow forms range in size. All you have to do is send me the pic and approve the fabric swatchs before I begin. If you want words or will need to supply that too. Send me an email and I will get right back to ya! Now here is a pic of the pillow working for you.

Lesley Chandler says Good Morning

Happy Sunday! I have been in a funk again. Cried like a baby Friday night-indulged in self pity regarding Cody being gone. I still can't seem to figure out how to deal with this. But, Craig called him at about 10:20 P.M. and Cody talked to me for about 20 minutes. I was so happy to hear him. He sounded great. He is learning so much about computers and about how to live independently. He is sounding more and more like a man-still my son-but a man. Hmmm.

He had called me sometime during the week and told me "I miss my family" and he sounded a little depressed. I had already considered flying him home soon so I told him this. He says " you realize how much those tickets are?" I was proud to hear him say that but I told him I did not care...he was coming home! He was happy. I think he misses us and perhaps his girlfriend a little more. That's o.k...that is how it is supposed to go huh?

My friend Renea says it gets easier and easier so I will just keep pushing forward. On that note, pushing forward to all of my projects. The pillow should be done today. The two purses...I get a little bit done every day. Today, I gotta do laundry and housecleaning so the art will have to be during breaks or tonight when I'm done with my chores-(would much rather be doing art...but prefer not to live in filth).

Fantabulistic Day!

Oh, me and Heather had a great day yesterday. We went to Midland to go shopping for her some clothes for work. We picked her out several cute little outfits and some other things. She also purchased that Post Secrets book so she read those to me on the way home. We had a great time. I can't wait to see her in her new outfits for work. She is such a cutie and she loves to dress up.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Altered Jeans Skirt Tutorial

Well my Frida skirt tutorial was put up on the ebsq zine recently and I wanted to share it with you. For those of you who attended, this is a much more organized version with pictures. So go and check it out. Here is the link: EBSQ Zine

Current Projects:
  • A Newspaper Purse I want to send to Haute Handbags

  • A fabric purse-supposed to be a birthday present but totally did not get it done in time-she had to get something else-now maybe it will be a Christmas present-now I'm contemplating sending that one in to Huate Handbags-then if it gets published, it will be all the more special for my friend Renea

  • A pillow. I found this great pic of my husband when he was 8 years old. So, I decided it needs to be on a pillow. Then, I will use this as my show pillow to take orders for customized pillows for Christmas. Here's the pic: