Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Yes, I do believe it is time for a creative challenge. I think I have just the thing for ya! Did you know that I got married on the first day of Autumn? That is September 22 (25 years ago). We certainly did not plan it that way....it was just a convenient date at the time.

I love the fall season. I love the colors that appear in the trees and sprinkle the ground. I love the pumpkins and all things that honor the celebration of the harvest. I remember this song we used to sing in music class way back in elementary school....
"Voices of the Autumn Winds
Through the mist are calling
Hum farewell to a summers going
as the leaves are falling"
This season makes me think of school days, riding on the school bus, football games, homecoming,Thanksgiving, Halloween, Orange, Brown, Black, baking sweets, cooking more, crafting, decorating for the holidays.....so many pleasant thoughts. What does fall make you think of? THE CHALLENGE: Send me a picture of a photo of something that you love about fall. It can be something you created, something you see, a journal entry.....But send me a link and I will create a FUN FALL Fhoto mosaic with all of your works. We will each get to vote on one favorite (not our own) and the winner will receive a little surprise from me. Addendum: This challenge will end Oct 31 and winner will be announced first week of November! Thanks RXBAMBI for asking about how long challenge lasts!
The above picture was taken by me on Bainbridge Island while on our trip last week in Seattle, more about that later. The leaves were so beautiful I had to take pics of them. I digitally enhanced the photo.....I just can't leave well enough alone!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fabric Postcard

I made my first fabric postcard today! I enjoyed the process. I followed a couple of online tutorials (just google "fabric postcard instructions" and you will get all kinds of information.) I love the whole idea of mail art and since I'm enjoying fabric art right now....it seemed only natural to try some fabric postcards. So.....without further ramblings......here is my first fabric postcard.....

One of my loyal followers will be getting this in the mail in the next few days.
Today we went to Midland to get a new pump for our pond. We stopped at a few other places and ate at Texas Burger. YUM!
Craig started packing for Seattle which got me inspired to start packing. (Heather is already packed). We leave Tuesday. Tomorrow will be a day of getting everything ready for our trip as we leave Tuesday morning.....I'm so excited. Will keep you posted.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Things Great Love

"We can do no great things...only small things with great love." Mother Teresa
There it is! Eureka! Ah-Ha! Elation, joy, and excitement, lights flashing, trumpets blowing! I get it! I get it! I finally get it and I'm so exited about this revelation that I can hardly write it down fast enough so that I can share it with you later on my blog.
"It" has been in front of me all this time. My favorite quote, for so many years, has finally revealed to me my truth, my meaning.....the answer to the constant nagging questions burning in my heart.....Will I ever do something great?......Isn't there something far greater that God intended for me to do with my life?
While asking myself these same old questions today, this quote came into my mind very strong. "Small things.....Great love". Boom! It hit me! Stop pushing so hard for that ONE GREAT THING.....that great craft book, the greatest piece of art ever, you get what I mean.
Take every day and every little opportunity to do small things with GREAT LOVE and live your life to the fullest every single day....one day at a time. Every day do little things to make other people happy. Give lovingly of compliments and little recognitions such as birthdays. If you find a particularly heart warming article in a magazine, share it with others. Little things- great love. Do you understand? I believe that if I start trying to live more in the present and for today that the rewards will come through peace in my heart.
I would love to know your thoughts on this. I would love to know if this makes since to you. I would love to know that my journey has had a positive impact on you. Please leave your comments. I love them and cherrish them.
Some small things you can do with Great Love
1. Sneak a sweet note in your spouse's/lover's lunch or book bag
2. Warm up someones bath towel in the dryer while they are showering and hand it to them when they finish showering. It will be a warm and nice surprise!
3. Sign up for a birthday reminder service online (here is one that I use) and start asking your friends and family to sign in or give you their birthdate. You will receive notices. Then....recognize their birthday in some way. It does not have to be an expensive thing.
4. Remember names-Figure out a way.....that makes people feel so good
5. Give compliments freely. If you feel it say it!
6. Copy feel good articles and share them with people that like this sort of thing.
7. Listen-Just stop and listen to someone.....stop talking, make eye contact, and listen and encourage and support....make it about them today....not you!
8. Send a card or letter by snail mail.....email is nice but getting a nice card in your mail box is so tangible and wonderful...Do MAIL ART! OH I HAVE GOT TO DO THAT SOMETIME!!!
9. If you make a cake for your family, take half of it to a neighbor......you don't need all that cake! They will be so happy!
10. Do Gorilla art! Make a little ATC or some kind of art and leave an inspiring message on it and drop it in a public place for someone to pick up. It just might make their day. If you have never heard of gorilla art, google it. It is so cool.
11. I know that times are tough economically but just once try paying for the car behind you at the fast food drive through if you have a little extra and check out the smiles in your rearview mirror.
12. Volunteer for community project.
13. Send another idea to Lesley (Funky Art Queen) on how we can do small things with great love.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saving Polaroid

I saw this news cast a few weeks ago and I was so excited.....you know how I love the Polaroid camera. Looks like someone is going to start making film that will work with the Polaroids. Take a look at this CBS newscast from August 30th.

I never learned how to do Polaroid transfers! I have two old Polaroid cameras that still work and need film! I have like 5 pics left on one of them that I hate to use for any old pics! I love Polaroids! So Hip Hip Hooray for the people that are attempting to start up again. I will buy film from you.

Did you ever have a Polaroid Camera? Do you have any Polaroid pics that you would like to share? I think it would be fun to do a polaroid pic challenge....what do you think? I would love to see them. Also, there is actually a Flickr photo sight where you can actually share real Polaroid photos....(don't even try to share faux Polaroids (you know the digital kind)....they will eat you up!

OMG! I'm so excited about my trip to Seattle, Washington next week for my 25th wedding anniversary. I can't wait to take pics and show you all of the places we visit. 25 years..... Wow!... It does not feel like 25 years at all. Look at us in this Polaroid pic at a Chilli Cook Off (only in Texas).

Oh, to be that skinny again! Hubby said, "I was a hippy huh?" He was a hippie cowboy and I loved him and still do. How is it possible that in this 25 years, we have raised two beautiful children and had so many wonderful experiences together? More about that next week. In the mean time, please let me know how you feel about Polaroid and the possibility of film being available again someday! XOXO

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Urban Experiments and Rob Bliss

I heard another great podcasts from CraftSanity today. It was about this kid (20 year old college student in Grand Rapids Michigan) named Rob Bliss. Seriously, he is greatness and we will be hearing more about him in the future. I feel it! This young man was able to orchestrate some very fun and interesting "urban experiments" (that is what he calls them). These urban experiments were all arranged through his facebook contacts.
One of the events was a huge pillow fight! Oh what fun that must have been. Take a look at this video
He has used his facebook account to orchestrate several really interesting community events. One of them was a zombie walk and I know some of you will dig that. I say KUDDOS to Rob Bliss. You gotta go and listen to that podcasts and do some online googling for "urban experiments" and "Rob Bliss" to read more.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm already missing my blog and blog friends, what was I thinking? Don't know! I'm just meant to blog I think. What is wrong with me~!??? I just think I'm going through this whole, "I suck" thing since my book was rejected....pity party....etc. and that is so not me. But, on a positive note, it has caused me to look closer at where I'm going with my creative life. I'm becoming more and more aware that life is about the journey and not the destination. Oh, I have heard that all my life but I'm finally getting it. My greatest joy comes from the creative process, talking about creating, and listening/seeing/reading about those who live the creative life.

Today, I heard the best podcast on Craftsanity #39 about Laurie Bee ( a purse designer in Seattle). She talked about how in the beginning she loved so many crafts but she knew that she would have to narrow down to one subject or thing to be successful. Anyway, if you get a chance to listen to it, you can find it here.....she is so business savvy and so fun to listen to her story. What is especially cool is that I just happen to be going to Seattle next week to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I just always wanted to go there....so I'm definitely going to find her shop.

I just have to share my art journey. I'm missing you all ......this has become a way of life for me.

I'm really digging fabric art/fiber art right now and I am exploring that further. I don't know if Fabric art/Fiber Art is going to be the "one thing" but I know I'm enjoying it right now and that is part of the "journey". So, keep tuned in, and enjoy this crazy ride with me. Love you all.....can I delete my last post due to embarrassment....or just keep it real? XOXO

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Winds of Change

Well folks I have made a big decision this week while swimming downstream (ref.last post). I feel like this Funky Art Queen blog has played it's course. (Have been here for almost 4 years and 400 some odd blog posts) I have enjoyed this journey....so much. I have made some wonderful friends, learned so much. You have helped me through many trying times. You have celebrated with me and laughed with me and shared your secrets with me. I may start another blog later and if I do, I will let you know. But for now, you can visit me on facebook.....i'm not ready to give that up! Heehee Now Renea and others, don't misinterpret this and think there is something wrong with me or worry about me. I'm great, just want to move on with my life and try some other things. I'm learning about fiber arts and I want to pursue this more seriously. It just feels right. SO PEACE LOVE AND ROCK AND ROLL to all of you. Keep Creating and loving life! LOVE YOU!!!
Lesley Chandler

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Swimming Upstream

Do you ever feel like you are swimming upstream...struggling against the water that is moving against you instead of with you? I heard something about this concept on a podcast today (swimming upstream) and this stimulated some thought about how I often feel I am going against the natural grain....swimming upstream instead of going with the flow. Do you understand what I am saying?
Sometimes, we are trying so hard to get to a certain goal that we do not see the great things that are lying at our feet. I'm just experiencing an "ah ha moment" in my life. I am starting to figure out that I just need to live in the present and appeciate the opportunities I have now. I'm sorry if this blog seems cryptic or vague. I really just want to say to you to look at what you have now. Are you swimming upstream? Maybe you need to go with the flow.....downstream......I'm going to try to go with the flow this week.