Monday, November 17, 2008

Spool Knitting Kit

I have been working on this little spool knitting kit for a few weeks and was finally able to list it today on Etsy. Do you know about spool knitting? It is a type of weaving/knitting (also called corking) that has been around for hundreds of years. It was a great way to get children interested in knitting. I learned about it when I was very young.
Our teacher taught us how to make the knitters from an empty spool and some nails. I recently learned that there were all kinds of ornamental type knitters and they did not all look like spools.

Take a look at this flickr group with all the pictures and collections of old spool knitters.

Anyway, my kit is available in my Etsy shop. Come and have a look.

Now, in reference to Renea "Pocket Full of Pretty's" funny pics about the dogs looking out the window and tearing up their owners blinds, etc. Here is the view from the inside at my house.
We seem to have the same problem with Sebastian. He is always propping himself up on his elbows (do dogs have elbows?) and looking out the window. He has torn up many sets of blinds and the window is alway filthy with his nose and paw prints. But, he looks so cute when I come home and he is looking out the window at me.


Rhea Calvert said...

I love that pic of Sebastian!! You should see the inside of Jeep windows.....they are horrible for the same reason! Love you! Rhea

Kim Mailhot said...

I remember spool knitting ! I did that in school as a little girl ! Fun how everything old becomes new again with time !

Love your Sebastian shot ! Ah, the things we put up with for our doggie love. Almost as many things as we put up with for our husband love ! Just joking ! They sure make it all worth it in end, like when they show us how happy they are to have us home !

Have a great Tuesday !

PLO said...

What a hoot! I love the owl bag. The dog in the window is hilarious. I have small children and a dog that do that!

Melissa said...

I followed your bread crumbs from Queen Kim's blog.

Owls are cool.

I had to comment about that adorable butt though! Makes me want to pinch it.

~Fuzzy Pet Butts are cute~