Friday, February 29, 2008

ACEOs for Sale

Hey, I'm having an ETSY sale. I have significantly reduced the prices on some of my items and I have placed two new items up for sale today. Yes, my dear friend Renea inspired me to try and sell things again. I had a long dry go have a looksie when you get a chance.
I listed these two new ACEO's. Here is a link to MY ETSY SHOP.

Some Work Humor

Cows...A Poem by Richard Armous
Do nothing but browse
And drowse
And now and then moo.
That's all they do.
Yet even while grazing
They aren't lazing.
Even while snacking
They aren't slacking.
If not illustrious
Thay are inner industrious,
Making milk with all their
With every bite.
Cream too,
With every chew.
I'd like it fine
Could I combine
In such measure
Business with pleasure.
Happy Friday from the Funky Art Queen.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pocket Full Of Prettys

I'm so proud of my BFF Renea! She is a blogging sister after a very short time. She has received awards, sold art, and made tons of new friends. If you have not already gone to her site to see her, please go and check her out today at this link Pocket Full of Prettys. Even Einstein thinks she is cool!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ATC To Trade

Hey, I have been making all kinds of ATC's for my workshop this weekend. I decided I would really enjoy trading some of them. Afterall, that is what it is all about. So, here they are in all their glory. The first three responders who say TRADE in their comment....will get one of these three cards. I would also like to hear if anyone has a collection of ATC's and how they keep them. Do you keep them in a box? Did you make a box to store them in? Do you keep them in a trading card notebook in those plastic sheets? What do you do with the ones that have some kind of embellishment that keep them from fitting in the plastic sheets. What else can you tell me about your experiences with ATC's that might help me with my workshop this weekend? Thanks for participating.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Funky Art Queen Gets Tagged

Here is my husband....good sport as always...modeling my new apron that I made for the mixed media workshop next weekend. Let me know what you think. I think it needs something else....maybe something on the actual pockets? Anyway, bravo to my husband!

Renea from Pocket Full of Pretty's tagged me! I don't think I have been tagged in the 3 years I have had this blog. Apparently, it is the MEME tag game in blog world. Since Renea always says I'm all about Me Me Me....then this is right up my alley! Rules: 1. Link to the person that tagged you. 2. Post the rules on your blog. 3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. 4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. 5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

  1. I read a lot of self help-motivational-positive type books. They just really inspire me and help me keep the saw sharp as they say.

  2. I can't stand the feeling of kleenix rubbing together or someone putting it in their is like the sound of someone running their fingers down the chalk board.

  3. My husband tickles my forearm for me almost every night to help me relax and go to sleep. We get in some television....then when I'm ready to go to sleep....I flop my arm over there. He always takes that arm and tickles it like a good husband.

  4. My favorite meal in the whole world is a pot of pinto beans, "tators" cornbread with butter and a big old onion. Yummy! Good Stuff.

  5. I love to get one scoop of orange sherbert and one scoop of chocolate when I get ice cream. The flavor of orange and chocolate are so wonderful to me.

  6. I am night blind.....and hate to drive at night. I can't see very good. I wear glasses at night and that helps some but normally I don't go anywhere at night by myself for that reason. If I do, I have a driver!

Now, who should I tag.....hmmmm. I'm going to tag my sister who does not yet have a blog so I can't link her.....she can post her comments on my comments.

  1. Rhea....that would be you.

  2. Carolyn at Carolyns Days

  3. Carmen at Musings from a Mermaid

  4. Susan at A Walk In The Park

  5. JoAnne at Paper Cats Page

  6. BlueJade at BlueJade's Musings

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Secret

A friend of mine recommended this book and I am so glad she did. I am only half way through and I am totally moved and inspired by the ideas. The secret is nothing new idea really. It is all about how powerful the mind is and how we create our own reality by our thoughts. The Secret is based on biblical principles but I would not say it is a heavily religious book. The author refers to the 'Law of Attraction' a lot in the book. I highly recommend this book! It is awsome.

I have started my apron too as Renea discusses at Pocket Full of Prettys. I can't wait to see Reneas apron because I know it is going to be cute. We just wanted to wear something that would add to the element of fun to this workshop I am doing next weekend. By the way, I believe at least 10 women will attend. I have prayed specifically for at least 10 people and I believe that they will be there. I learned this in the book. You have to 1) ask the universe (for me it is God) the thing you desire 2) Believe you will receive it 3) Receive it-act as if you have already received it. Visualize receiving it.

On another note, I just want to say that I love my blog friends. I am grateful for all of your comments and I love to read your blogs and see your creations from your hearts. I love to read about your lives and your passions. I receive so much inspiration from all of you. Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update on Art Swap and Lots of Exciting News

Ok, I'm officially in a manic state! I think I am feeling the hints of spring. It has been getting sunny and warmer around here. Things are starting to feel a little pre-spring. I know myself....after 43 years of life (I should hope so-heehee) and I know that this is by far my most happiest time of the year for me now and historically.

I just get this happy feeling.....I get to be outside more and feel the sun on my face a little (with SPF of 15 or greater of course). I am thinking about getting my yearly pedicure (heehee) don't you feel sorry for that nail tech? But, I got to get my feet ready for sandal weather soon!

I'm just excited about life. So many things are happening! My job is going great, my kids are doing great, husband is looking really great because he started working creativity is flowing......things are good. Thank you Lord!
I have scheduled a mixed media class for March 1st at the Hobby Lobby in Midland and I am preparing for that. I'm very excited about that because I love teaching others about the joys of art and creating.

Now, the news about the art swap. I received some photos from Susan at A Walk in the Park regarding the swap loot she received. -I'm trying to swindle her out of the crown stamp! You can see the pics above. I still need to hear from a few of the others to complete this swap. I want to make a mosaic of all of our pics of loot to post, please send pics soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Refinery Explosion Big Spring Texas

Yes, I live in Big Spring, Texas where the refinery exploded this morning. We made CNN! No art today. Just news from a Big Springer post explosion. I was already about 40 miles away in Midland when my husband called to tell me "Cosden Exploded". No, that is not the name of the facility but that is what we all call it since that was the first name for that refinery. It was bought by fina in 1963 and later Alon.

It exploded today....we live no more than 2 miles from that refinery and we have always talked about what we would do (not if but when) Cosden exploded.
Husband was in bed, 19 year old son just off from work from oil rig....playing video games. Boom. Husband thought someone ran into our house with their car.. Son scared him so bad. They went outside and saw "Cosden" like a "mushroom cloud" and figured out what was going on.
It broke the window in my daughter's bedroom( I had already dropped her off at work) and caused the cover to the attic to jump out of it's place....but other than that....nothing else personal....just the four people that were injured that we Know nothing about as of yet.
It was just son said he would never forget it as long as he lives. I just thought....we get up....we go on about our usualy business....and we never consider how this could be the last day....this is it.....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Polymer Clay Doll

Lisa's Goin' Dancin"Here she is....the doll I was talking about earlier. I am very pleased with her. Both her arms and legs are movable. You can find her for sale on etsy at: She is ready to go dancin'!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mixed Media

The above picture is a mixed media/collage that is going to be part of a purse I am designing for the Bags to Riches fundraiser. Can you guess what it is about? It is my dream job. I worked on this today. I also finished my sister; Ronetta's Valentine.....(late, I know) that is my middle name. Lesley Late Chandler. Heehee. Other than that, I did little. I did sweep and mop the kitchen and "studio". I also did a little laundry but it is only I procrastinated most of it for tomorrow.

I heard from one of the girls in the art supply swap. This is a pic of the loot she received.....

I have to say, she came out like a bandit! Yay! I hope to see pics from everyone else who participated in the swap! It is so much fun connecting with all of you.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on another doll like the one I gave Renea for Valentines but I'm hoping to improve the process. In order to focus my ideas and plan, I sketched out the ideas in my journal. Here is a peak at my journal entry....we will see if she comes out as planned.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Queen for the Day

I am back! Shew! Vegas was a blast....well everything except for the lay over for one more night due to the storm. We just did so much and had so much fun in such a short period that I'm still trying to synthesize everthing. I can't quite put it into words yet. I did get lots of pics and as I get settled a little more, I will share a couple.
I'm still quite tired but I have to make this post. I have a couple of updates! I got my art supplies from my art swap partner! Oh my gosh! This was so much fun. My package was waiting on me yesterday evening when I got in. I could not wait to tear into it. I got all kinds of great material/supplies for my art. My partner did good! I'm excited to hear from all the other swap partners! Oh, and my partner will ger hers shortly. Due to the late return home,my package just went out today! Bad art swap host!!
I also got a couple of lovely valentines. One from my husband and one from a dear friend (MR). Thanks you two! Then, as if I were not spoiled enough....another dear friend sent me a just because she wanted to card. She took such time to make it and it meant so much to me. I have it on my desk where I can see it all the time. It makes me laugh and inspires me girl! Thanks Donna!
I have so much to do to catch up! I really love to go places but really....there is not place like home.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Doll For My Sister-RheaRhea

My sister's JuJu has made it to her new home and she has already been to her first photo shoot. She is probably exausted by now....bless her little heart (that is stuck to her chest....permanently) Isn't this a lovely photo that my sister took?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Altering Photos

Although this is not actually a photo, the art was done on photo paper. I wanted to show you how wonderful Galaxy Markers and Opaque Stix work on photos(not ink jet photos). The background was created with alcohol inks a long time ago when I was experimenting with those. Today, I decided to play with my markers on this wonderful background. Both of the markers I mention just glide on so smooth and dry so quickly. NOW WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHY MICHAELS DOES NOT HAVE GALAXY MARKERS ANYMORE??? I finally get on board with something and they discontinue the very product I need! No worries though, I did find that I can buy them on line in several places.

I have been inspired by Karen Michel's work in altering photos for some time. I just have not tried this too much. But, I think this technique would be fun to use in my scrapbooks and journals. So, I am going to have to get the photo box out and find something to alter. I would recommend the Complete Guide to Altered Imagery by Karen Michel to the beginner in this art. Happy Sunday.
PS: I'm going to Vegas for work for the next few days so I probably won't be blogging. So, I will blog ASAP when I get back because I will be in blog withdrawal. Plus, I am sure I will have some great blog material then! What happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas! There is your warning! Heehee

Friday, February 08, 2008

Gods Hands

Three stories were on my mind first thing this morning. I don't know why but it just strikes me that some Guardian Angels were busy these past couple of weeks. Here is a link to the first story:

Second story-The baby last week being thrown from the window of a burning building (several stories up) into a firemans arms. The look on the parents faces when that child was in mid air dropping....dropping.

Third story: a 7 year old boy was missing day before yesterday in Odessa and he was out all night....gone. But he was found! Here is that story

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More on Art Supply Swap

We have 10 participants including me! Here they are in partner format-each partner swaps with each other one shoebox full of art supply stash! Oh Boy! Please, lets take a picture of the packages we recieve and send them to me via email
so I can present them in my blog later when everyone has received there surprise box.

  1. Pocket Full of Prettys + Girl Gone Thread Wild
  2. Funky Art Queen (me) + The Eclectic and Random
  3. Barb + Paper Cat's Page
  4. Mo's Musings + A Walk in the Park
  5. Musings From a Mermaid + ForCryEye

Monday, February 04, 2008

Handbag Contest

OK, I have a lot to say but I will try to be brief. I feel like I'm too wordy sometimes. Brief and to the point:
  1. First email this morning was from a lady that noticed my magazine handbag and she thought I might be interested in this Bags To Riches call for art. It is a purse designing contest that benefits a fundraiser for the homeless. I love fundraisers for great causes and I like to design purses. I'm already on it. Here is a link to that call for art. Hey, it's a prize for 1000.00 dollars for Grand Prize. Wouldn't that be great?
  2. I have a total of eight participants in the art supply swap. Thanks to everyone who participated. I'm looking forward to photos of the packages you receive. It would be awsome to share your photos with me so can post them on this blog. Remember that Feb 14th is the deadline to mail your packages. FUN!!! I'm trying to fru fru mine up a bit because I say Renea's package that is going to "Girl Gone Thread Wild". Mine needs some Fru Fru and that's all I'm saying.
  3. I got the Artful Blogging magazine today and I'm in heaven. Wow. It is so much eye candy and insightful words. You gotta get it.
  4. I received the best Valentine today from Renea. It is beautiful and I will pose it for a nice photo-perhaps tomorrow.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mixed Media Collage on Wood

It is almost done. I need to paint the sides and look over it some more to see if I need to do anything else. I did not like it yesterday because the foundation was too brown and dull. So I got out my watersoluble oil pastels and went crazy. I love the vibrancy of the colors. I just colored on and wet with brush and rubbed in with my fingers. This really helped around the flowers and the leaves. Ha! Perfect art for Sunday huh? Hugs and happy superbowl day!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Valentine Doll Made it Home

My little ATC Valentine Doll made it to her home. I love how Marah can take my art and make it look so amazing. I just had to show you this. She was kind enough to let me borrow this pic that she took of her. Marah is a Graphic Designer and she has an amazing eye for beauty and interestingness. She is the one who created my beautiful blog banner using some of my art. You can see some of her designs here at Etsy. Go and check her out.

Mixed Media Work in Progress

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday-or should I say....Happy Superbowl weekend! Yay! Husbands will be busy so we can do art! Or, you may want to watch the game. I don't even know who is playing but it is all I hear on the radio....even Martha Stewart! Recipies for dips, sandwiches, etc. (I'm sticking my tounge out and making a yuk face) Sorry, I just don't dig sports. The only thing I like about it is the halftime show and the commercials are usually very entertaining.

Anywhoo, In my great wisdom......I have partnered everyone up for the art supply swap and saved me for last. Now, I don't have a partner. So, I need some amazing artist to step up here and save me. No, we don't want anyone making two boxes. I want one new person to sign up for the swap. PLEASE! Heehee. I have my shoebox ready! Do I have to send it to myself? (LOL)

OK, that being said....I want to tell you about my project for the weekend. I have a painting I did that is hanging in my bathroom. I posted it at the top of this blog entry. But, I have been looking at it all this week. It keeps calling me to look at it. I kept thinking, I really like this piece and I want to do a similiar piece. But this time, I want to create it on wood. I am really weary and tired of canvas. I guess I'm just too careless and get in too much of a hurry. Do you know how many canvas pieces I have ruined by dropping, denting, tearing....etc. I may have just had an epiphany! Perhaps I should only use hard and durable surfaces like hmmmm.....I don't know.....WOOD? I love working with wood because first, it is porous and will hold up to all my mixed media techniques. For texture, you can carve into it or layer on top. So, I think for now on, my work is going on wood. See, I am narrowing my my style down a little with experience!

I first sketched out my piece on paper. Then I bought the wood and some "texture magic" and a few more flower stencils. I gessoed the wood front and sides. Then after that was dry, I sketched out with a pencil by vase and flowers. I smoothed some texture magic to the side of the vase and some on the top of the painting and textured through it. I wrote "Be still and know I am God" on the side of the vase. I also textured the vase and wrote "Be still...Be still" all over it. Then, I stenciled the flowers on with the texture magic and allowed that to dry. I painted the vase a golden yellow. This morning I "antiqued" the entire piece with a damp sponge and a copper colored acrylic. I painted the flowers red with yellow middles. I still have several more steps but I will keep you posted. Should be finished this weekend. Here is what I have so far, bad photo makes it look too dark. I will do better shooting the final finish! Hugs to all