Saturday, September 20, 2008

Frida Made it Home

Isn't hubby cute? He has this raised eye brow thing going on that made me think of Jack Nicholson. I asked him to model this piece of art for me. He is always so sweet and participates in my silly antics! ANYWHOOOOO!

I have to tell you the story about this Frida piece. I sent it to Somerset Studio almost a year ago. I did not hear anything for the longest time and I kept wondering what had become of it. I finally got a weird email from a complete stranger who had received my Frida art. FUNNY! I really did not think it was that funny then. Anyway, long story short....I suppose Somerset Studios manages so much art ( I can't even imagine how they organize it all) that they accidentally sent it to another artist.

So I finally sent her the money for the postage and she sent it lovingly packaged back to me. It contained that rejection letter they send with art they can't use. (I figure if I share about the ones that are published, I should also tell you about the ones that are not.) So, all in all, I have spent about 30.00 on postage and handling to get it to Somerset Studio + a check for postage for when they would return it to me and then to this kind lady who let me know she had received it. I think I should sell it for 1000.00 don't you? Hee Hee.
I'm going to post it on Etsy for that much! OK, perhaps that is a little steep. But the emotional strain and stress over this whole matter......heehee again. Really, I'm just trying to be funny. I am going to list it tonight. Also, in closing, I have to introduce you to "Rupert" our pond frog. I think it is one of the frog/tadpoles my sister Rhea gave us. See how he has grown?


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Love your model dahling!! HeeHee! He is too sweet! Glad you got your artwork back. Love Rupert too! Give Heather a hug for me! Love ya, Renea

rhea Calvert said...

YAY!!!! Rupert is alive and well!!!!!!!! I remember when he was just a tadpole!! Love you, rhea

Rhea Calvert said...

Oh and Craig, "great job with Jack"!!! Y'all look like you are having a great weekend! Love y'all! Rhea

BlueJude said...

Hub is tooo funny and yes cute! (: The piece is fantastic...hope it gets a deserving home. And Rupert, well...there is just sooo much we could say about him! lol
Happy week...Happy Fall!

PLO said...

Rupert is hilarious. I have his cousin living near my front step, he likes to scare me on occasion. I can't believe your FRIDA book story...they should publish it now and tell about it's journey!

Sacred Snatch said...

Yay, for getting your "piece" back. Why don't you just keep it? It sounds like a great conversation piece. :D.

I often wonder why Somerset won't just take an image. At least for screening purposes, then they can only request pieces that they are really considering.

Sabii Wabii said...

Too funny about the shipping. My hat that is suppose to be int the nov Belle Amoire will be about $60 in shipping! Yikes!
Finally got the interview up. Take a look and let me know if you see anything that needs to be changed.
Thank you again for sharing...

carolyn said...

I'm glad you finally got your art back! I've heard that about Somerset...they keep art forever and then send back a rejection notice months and months later. I would keep it too since it's had quite a journey!
I agree...hubby is a cutie pie. Great expression on his face. :-)
As far as Rupert is concerned, I am definitely a dog person!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

POND FROG! I love frogs..

puckering up to kiss the PRINCE!

ugh.. so sorry! about the mess that SS put on you, BUT this lovely piece made its way back home to you...

that is GOOD.

I'm still missing a Mona Lisa ATC.

I wonder if the wind took it?


Have a magical DAY,

and thank you for sharing your world with ME. :)