Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mama Mia in Saint Louis

My sister, Rhea and I got back Sunday night from our trip to Saint Louis.  It was just one of those self indulgent sisters trips.  We have not had one in quite some time.  With her living in CO it is hard for us to get together.  But, we made ourselves plan this trip and we stuck to the plans.  We love Mama Mia movie and we knew it was based on the broadway show-so we hunted the traveling show down and chose the one in Saint Louis because the date fit our schedule and the place sounded interesting.

Saint Louis proved to be very interesting.  We found the city to be so clean and pristine.  The architecture of all the buildings was fascinating.  This city is rich in history and culture.  The people were so friendly every where we went.  Going to see the Arch was an awesome experience.  We got to ride these tiny little space ship looking things to go to the top of the arch and view the city.  Although I am not fond of heights, I loved it and felt totally safe!

Mama Mia was my first ever Broadway show and I loved it.  It was surreal to me and I decided the movie had it right on compared to the show.  Rhea and I want to be Mama Mia groupies-haha!
I have to say that half the fun of the show was the getting all dressed up.  It was fun trying to get all glamed up together.  You should have seen the hotel room after we got ready!  Here we are at the Fox Theater.
All in all, we had the best time, took lots of photos which you can view on my Flickr site! We met some wonderful people and made great memories.  Can't wait until our next adventure.  I believe we are taking my mother to see the Ellen show.  Mama loves Ellen and so do we......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Look Pants and Mrs. America

Here she is.......Mrs. America!  Well, not really, it is just me in my new pants that I made.  (New Look Pattern # 6896) For some reason, I decided today was the day to wear them.  I got ready for work and had my daughter take this pic.  I fussed with them a bit this morning feeling like I looked huge (not that I have gained any weight lately.....).  Then, I put on my "I'm hot----head held high look" and headed out the door.  I really believe that attitude is what it is all about.  First stop, one of my surgery groups.  They just went on and on and made me feel so good.  I love going to this account, they always do that so you can see why I start out there~! LOL

Anyway, I just really enjoyed my new pants and now I'm so inspired to make some more.  I really want black ones.  That will be my next pair of these babys.  I have so many patterns and so little time!  Things have been very busy here as my sister is  visiting and her 3  large dogs are with her.  We are non stop with activity as you can imagine.  This is the week we go see the Mama Mia show in St Louis.  We leave Thursday morning and see the show Friday night.  We are going spa hopping, art gallery visiting, arch viewing, and many other fun things that might have something to do with wine and sister time.  We so need this trip!  It will be fun!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Look Skirt Pattern 6463

I finished this skirt (New Look # 6463)  today!  It was so very easy that I really feel I should have challenged myself a little more by making view "c" instead of the easier "b" view.  As you can see from the front of the pattern pic below, C has two tiers and that is what I really wanted but I chickened out.  Although I like this skirt, I think I would prefer a smaller ruffle at the bottom like view D (second to last view on pattern front) After completing this one, I feel so confident about doing the harder ones.

I'm so pumped about creating my spring wardrobe.  I really want to use this pattern a few more times to make several different skirts for work.  I'm not completely satisfied with the one I made but I think it is because it seems kind of plain.  I want to try the very last one (view E-the pink one with the ruffle going all the way down).  I really think I can so do that.  Since I have to be outdoors so much in my marketing job, I like to wear skirts to stay cool.  You can put on a nice skirt with a blouse and a pair of sandals and look professional and stay cool.

I have a few other patterns I'm going to conquer soon.  The first one is McCalls M5813.  I love these pants!  They are so bohemian/gypsy!  I bought the fabrics for these pants last week and this is the next pattern I will attack.  Hobby Lobby was having a sale the other day and the McCalls patterns were 1.99 as opposed to 18.95 so I bought two.  Will show you those later, gotta pace myself.  Hugs to my blog friends.  Praying for warm weather soon.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Weekend Wear Fun Fashion Play

You could spend hours at this site I just discovered; POLYVORE.COM. What a great fashion and shopping tool. FUN!!! is so much fun to play with.....and hard to get off of.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

From Drawstring Pajamas to Project Runway

I discovered the television show "Project Runway" last year (the 6th season).  I know....kinda late, huh?  I just don't watch that much television and I don't even know how I happened upon this show.  But I love it. I appreciate the designers and their creativity.  It is so interesting to watch each designer execute their own interpretation of each challenge presented to them.

Recently, I had to make 5 pairs of zebra striped, drawstring pajama bottoms for my girlfriends and I to wear to the Sweet Potato Queen Pajama party.  By the time I finished the 5th pair, I decided I was "Project Runway" material (such grandiose delusions hee hee.) LOL!!!!  

Now..... keep in mind, I only have very basic sewing skills.  With those skills and grandiose ideas, I bought some sewing patterns and decided to start making myself some clothes.  Since I had a pajama pattern already, I decided to make myself a little nightie.  

I've had this pink printed cotton material for over a year now.  I made the nightie per instructions. I chose the correct size of pattern... I thought.  Upon completion, I tried it on and low and behold, it was just too tight in the chest area.  I was so disappointed at first.  Then I decided this is just part of the learning process.  My little sister Rhea will get this nice little nightie.  NEXT!

I decided I should do some research on how to purchase the right pattern size.  I learned that your pattern size is probably much larger than your retail clothing size.  One source explained that for vanity reasons, retail companies tend to size their clothing in smaller increments.  So, if you are normally a size "6" in store bought clothing, you might be a 10 in patterns.  Be prepared to measure your parts.  I also learned about measuring garments that I already have and comparing those measurements to the garment measurements on the back of the pattern.  Never knew that.

So, I measured my parts; waist,hips, and breast/chest area.....and I bought another pattern!  This time I would conquer a pair of pants with big fashionable legs.
 So, I found the perfect fabric for these lovely big legged pants and I bought the fabric and the notions for this pattern.

Now, not quite finished with the pattern/instructions, I find myself wondering if I should have paid more attention to length.  I think the pants will be too short....Dang it!!!! The pants appear to be quite short. Note to self, length-inseam also an important measurement.  Will see.  Maybe they will be just long enough for sandals. 

 I have decided that one can't  go from drawstring pants to fashion designer in such a short time.  These experiences are part of the learning process!  But I do hope that my experience will help you in your learning process.....Happy Sewing and Creativity Sisters!