Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Funky and Proud

Just wanted to say a big thanks to all who responded to the last post. You are all so smart and insightful. I think after much thought and several good conversations with my friends, I feel better about this whole idea. My conclusion, I do many different things that fall under the "mixed media" category...even the jewelry. I have this never ending curiosity and desire to learn new techniques. Whatever I am working on at the moment is satisfying my creative cravings...if not, I don't do it. If I don't enjoy something....I don't do it. It is that simple.

The "Funky Art Queen" thing? It occured to me that the people that would be put off by my d.b.a. would be those that most likely would not be drawn to my art in the first place. Thanks again. I just love every one of you. Next blog......not all about me I promise. HUGS

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To Focus or Not to Focus

So like, should I focus on one thing? Should I "doith one thing and do it well"? I wonder if I dabble to much in so many different types of media? It seems like a few people lately have made very kind and gentle comments that perhaps I should stick with my painting/mixed media type stuff. I don't think they are saying the jewelry is bad. I think they are saying that the jewelry is not all that different from a lot of the found object and metal jewelry you see now. It just does not really stand out.
If I could stick with one art form, my craft room would be much less crowded! Well, probably not, because even with the mixed media (you can use all types of stuff). I wonder if I could keep myself interested enough to stay in the mixed media department. Another thing I am curious about is my "Funky Art Queen" title that I have been using for so long. I wonder if that is pretentious and a turn off to some. Or is it just the type of name that would draw the people who like my type of art in? I'm just curious because I want to be successful at selling my art. So, I am always looking to improve and grow.
I'm not fishing for complements, I would just like some good constructive feedback from my blog friends. After all, we have to help each other out. Mean while, I found one of my earlier pieces and listed the print on Etsy last night. I also updated/re listed some items. Have a looksie! Hugs


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Air Force Proud

Cody called this morning early. He said he did not have any more minutes left on his phone card and could he call us collect. We told him how to do that and hung up. Then we remembered we no longer have a land line. Just cell phones. It seemed really clever at the time to get rid of our land line to save a little money. So we waited, and waited, and stressed and fretted. Is he ok? How can he call us? How will we make it all week without hearing how he is? In the very far back of my mind, I knew that Cody would find a way to call us. He is and always has been a determined soul.

Finally, after a long 30 minutes of fretting and borrowing the neighbors cordless phone and phone number in case he called back.....I was going to give him the neighbor's number to call collect......he called back. He borrowed someone elses phone card. He called and he was so cheerful and upbeat. He told us that he got some kind of badge for his marksmanship for shooting a gun. He is not sure of his time on his running. He said it all seems like it has gone so fast. He told us so much. He said that when they practice the march for graduation, that when he looks over at the area where we will be standing, he gets a tear in his eye. That tells me how mature and knowing that he is. That's my boy. I am so very proud of him. I can't wait to hug him and tell him I am proud.

Here are some pics we are sending him tomorrow to keep him laughing and motivated until next week when we will be there in person to cheer him on. Please send him some prayers for strength, courage, and peace in his heart.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Typography Art

I made these rustic looking blocks that were of course inspired by Pocket Full of Prettys

pretty blocks and my new found love of typography. I was so inspired with the typography things I saw on Etsy that I had to do something of that nature. I'm really pleased with the weathered look of these blocks. I have also been working on this little typographic painting. I created this on a piece of wood. I used acrylics, stencils, alphabet stamps, and sandpaper to create a more weathered look.
Weekend Update: The interesting weekend I was hinting about turned out to be no big deal. I was asked to be a hostess for a man from France who is on a bicycle tour through the US. Lisa called me and told me her sister in San Angelo had housed this young 22 year old man for a night and he needed a place in Big Spring for one night. After much "you are kidding right?" and "no way" type conversation....I agreed to do it. I was so nervous about the whole thing. Turns out, he has a friend in Midland and is going there instead. Shew! Oh, the funny thing is my husband who is usually the fuddy duddy, was all for it. The guys name is Sebastian.....(here is a link to his blog) which is the same name as my Golden Retriever. That would have been comical I'm sure. It would have made great blog material but I just could not get over the idea that some stranger would be in my house. Lisa is supposed to get a link to his blog so we can see more about this young man. Anyway, have a good rest of Saturday. Hugs to all my blog friends!

Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends

What would we do without our friends? Really! I just don't think I would be worth a penny! Thank you Marah for the very lovely Frida matchbox. You.....always thoughtful....always thinking of others. It was weird because that Frida matchbox looks so much like one that Lisa: Wild over Wine got me from Mexico about a year ago. She is always getting me and Pocket full of Pretty's something when she goes somewhere. I'm so glad for every single friend that has entered my journey. Not just because they give me things.....but because they contribute so much to my life. I can't say enough. Mush Mush.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Word to the Bird

Back to my new love of all things typographic and wordy. I found this bird on Etsy and Angela from Cotton Bird Designs gave me permission to post a pic of it here. She does not have a blog yet but I think she should don't you? Go and look at all of her little birds. They are fabulous!
I'm working on a little painting that is typographic and I will finish it this weekend and post it. It is interesting and I like it.
I'm pretty sure it is going to be an interesting weekend. I will give you an update on that later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How To Create An Etsy Treasury List

How To Create an Etsy Treasury List and Why You Should Bother

The Etsy Treasury List is just another way to help promote your fellow Etsy Artisian. Then, (even though it is not supposed to be a place for self promotion) hopefully those Etsy friends will return the favor. You can find the "Treasury" button on the home page of Etsy. Just click on it to take a glance at some of the lists. Basically, any Etsy member can create a list but only when the number of lists is below 333. It is really not that hard so I want you to get rid of the fear factor and just dig in.. Here are the steps in their most simple form. Just relax!

1. Turn on your computer (heehee....I'm sorry I could not help myself)

2 Log into Etsy ( You have to be logged in to create a "treasury" list.

3. Click on "Treasury" from the Etsy is the second choice on the list...right below "colors".

4. Now, do you see at the top left where it says the number of lists? You can only create a list when the number of lists is below 333.

5. Let's say the number of lists is 420 right now. In order to figure out when the next listing is possible, you have to subtract 333 from 420=87. So you have to wait until 87 of the current lists expire. Too hard?.....NO!

6. Sort all of the lists by expiration dates. Just click on the "expiration" link at the top of the lists. Go to the last one and then count up from the very last entry to number 87. If you will notice, each entry shows the time of expiration. What time does the 87th list expire? If it says 7 hours, then determine what time that will be your time. Hint, each page (except for last page has 20 entries/lists)

7. Be on the computer and Etsy Treasury at that time. Watch while the number of lists goes down below 333. Go down to the bottom of the screen. As soon as the number drops below opens up for you to type your title of your list. Type it in!

8. Hopefully, you will already have a list of item numbers that you want to list in your treasury. I aways list mine on a little piece of paper before I get the treasury list. Then I am ready to go. Here is a little sketch poster that lets you prepare before you get a list.

9. List all of your chosen items including 3 alternates in case some one sells something on the list.

10. Don't doddle with your list creating, it is timed so that if you don't get it done in time, you won't get your list added to the treasury. It is adequate time for even a dingy broad like me to get it done so don't panic. That is why you should have it prepared (item numbers) before you actually do this.

Now, I realize this may be clear as mud. So, I am going to list another tutorial that i used to help me through this. Keep in mind that the tutorial I'm sending you to says the list limit is 222 but that has been increased to 333. Treasury

Tutorial It may be more helpful. The important thing is that you learn how to do the treasury and not be afraid of it. This is a great place to promote your friends and then you!


I suddenly find myself drawn to all things "typographic" or "fonts". I found these coasters on Etsy a few days ago and I have had them on my mind since. So, this morning, I decided to just get them for myself. I can't wait to get them. Here is the Etsy store that I purchased them from. She makes these often so if you like them, she probably has more. If you want to see more typography stuff, go and have a look at all the favorites I listed on My Favs on Etsy.
I want that "All the Words Bird". It is so cute.
I'm no design expert, but it seems like letters are everywhere and on everything for decorating your home. I think they add interest. I purchased some little glass balls with letters on them yesterday to put in a little iron birdbath as an ornament for a table. I just hope I don't go overboard. It will look like a school house! Heehee.....well I just wanted to share that with ya.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Etsy Treasury

I very strategically worked on getting an etsy treasury today. I GOT ONE! I tried to list my blog friends that have an ETSY account. So, if you ever get one, please do the same for me. Go and check it out to see if you are on there and let me know if you have any sells as a result of this. Hugs to my blog friends. Me and My blog Friends

Renea, I think I put two of your items up. I hope it results in success for you. Put your purses up and you will be rolling in the dough. Heehee

Jewelry Crazy

OK, this all started with an interest in making metal art/found object jewelry. I bought all kinds of stuff to do metal art jewelry and I have made some pieces. Then, as usual......I start bouncing all over the place with different ideas and media to make jewelry. I have made some more fabric beads this weekend and I can't wait until they cure so I can make a necklace I have designed in my head. It is going to be bright and fun! Here is a metal piece that sat around with this guy on it for a while. I finally felt the desire to finish it last night. I called it "Date Night". My friend Kim and her husband (they are still newly weds) have a "date night" almost every Thursday. I think that is a wonderful idea. We should all have that. I hope they keep it up. (The other side is an old vintage to a movie?)

A couple of weeks ago, I got to visit the Trinity (Midland) highschool's Photography class. I was invited to come and teach about ATC's. So, I decided to introduce them to the Tim Holtz (Ranger) alcohol inks. I knew those kids would love them and I think they did. I did a little demonstration and they all got to make some ATC's. Here are two of the many pics that Nina (Ms. Noel) took of our class.

Here are their ATC's. I enjoyed working with this group of kids. They were very creative .

Friday, May 09, 2008

Frida Kahlo Necklace

I just listed this piece today on on My Etsy and wanted to share it with you. I should be listing several other items this weekend so keep an eye out. Happy Friday. Hugs

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Things That Make You Go "oooooohhhh"

I decided to list some of my jewelry on Etsy tonight. I am determined to take my time on each piece to make sure it is a quality product and packaged beautifully. I am packaging my necklaces from the Junque A Tresor line in beautiful tins with pretty ribbon. I want the whole package to depict a bit of a vintage feel. Please go and see my first two pieces. I have about 10 0ther pieces that I need to list. However, I want to record them in my inventory and make sure they are pristine before I list them.

I am very excited about my two new jewelry lines. One, Junque A Tresor (Junk to Treasure) has exposed me to all kinds of techniques that one must apply with different metals. I feel a bit like a chemist. I especially love the fact that I had to purchase a propane torch. I was a little bit afraid of this device until my husband came to the rescue. He came outside to see me staring wide eyed (afraid) of the propane torch. He just picked it up, lit it and got me going on that new technique. I felt so macho working with that torch. ( I used it to create an aged look on a metal wire I was forming for a fabric bead bracelet). Next.....welding. I truly want to learn welding. How could that not be fun?

I guess I just needed a different medium to create art. I must say that I am so happy that I discovered metal and found objects as a new and exciting medium that I can create with. Even more exciting to create jewelry that even I have trouble parting with. Go and check out my two newest items on ETSY,

Monday, May 05, 2008

fabric bead jewelry and contest winner

It has taken me so much time this evening to get these pics uploaded. My computer is sooooooo slow. I need to do some maintenance. Anyway, as promised, I conducted the drawing for my 250th blog post. Heather helped me with this. So congratulations Ms. Sabii Wabii! YOu get the 20 dollar gift certificate from Dick Blick. I will be emailing you shortly or longly.....heehee. OK, that being said.....let's get on with the news!
This weekend I created two pieces that I am excited to show you. I made a bunch of fabric beads as per my previous post and turned them into a funky bracelet and a beautiful necklace. So, without further they are making their debut:

quick post

Hey, I just remembered my contest! I am in a hurry.....running late for j.o.b. so tonight an update and drawing of winner. Can't wait to show you my newest jewelry I created from fabric beads.....stay tuned this evening....happy Monday (sigh).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fabric Beads and other Stuff

These are my first fabric beads! I was inspired by an article by Barbara Matthiessen in Belle Armoire Jewelry II-pg 72-75. I made these last night and just figured out the instructions today. That's just me. Now that I read everything a little closer and pay attention to the tips and pics.....I see how to do it. I made each one of these individually by wrapping fabric strips around a skewer. But, now I see you make one big tube and then cute the beads from that tube. Probably much easier. Oh well, the results are still satisfying to me. There is just an easier way! Yay!
It was a busy Saturday. I cleaned the entire house really good (even my craft room). I helped Heather get the Photoshop CS3 uploaded and got her new printer hooked up and helped her reorganize her room. Heather loves to draw cartoon like pictures. She is really good. I just felt like she needed a better work space and some light so she could do her art. Anyway, I'm very tired but it is a good tired. I feel like I accomplished much. So, now I am just relaxing and doing my blog thing. Let me close by sharing a pic of our Sebastian (Golden Retriever). I got him a special bone at the store today. This is a picture of him out in the back yard chowing down. He stayed out there a good hour just enjoying that bone.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Funky Art Queen Update

Hello blog friends! Yes, I'm still here. I took this self portrait yesterday. I was going to send it to Cody via snail mail with my letter but hubby thought that was a bad idea so soon in the training. So, you get it!

It has been a great week so far. I have felt so much better since we got a call from Cody on Friday of last week. He sounded so upbeat and happy. That did me and Craig so much good. Cody said he is the assistant dorm leader and he feels he is one of the best marchers. He told his father that he is appreciating life so much more and not just "sitting on my ass". He sounds pumped up about his Airforce training and that gave me such comfort.

I continue to work on my metal, soldered, and found object jewelry. This is a picture of my current works in progress. I spend so much time on each piece trying to decide what it is I am trying to say and how I am going to say it. I love going through my box of metal found objects and old jewelry pieces to put each piece together. I have such amazing friends. Last week, Kim gave me a large zip lock baggy full of her old, broken, discarded jewelry. Then, today, Renea and Lisa gave me another huge bag full of discarded jewelry pieces. I have so much junk to turn into treasure. I just can't say enough about my dear friends. They spoil me.....really I don't know what I would do without them.

OK, now I must give you the Chandler garden update. I really wanted a huge garden this year....but we just could not pull it together . So, I have my container garden again this year. Here are pics of my tomato plants and my jalapenos. I have cillantro in the front yard in barrels. So, we have everything we need (except for the onions) to make an awsome salsa.