Friday, October 10, 2008

House Warming Gift for Sister

Yesterday was day two for me. I thought all day long but nothing came to me until late in the day it hit me. Lately, I have been making these little fabric houses. They are just little funky, stuffed houses that are ornamental and fun. I had thought these would make fun little gifts for people who have recently bought a home. A house warming gift. But that idea was brought about as a marketing idea. I'm always making all this stuff and trying to think of ways to sell it.
Then, DUH! It hit me. My sister and her husband recently bought a beautiful home. Why could I not make her a special little house. Usually when these thoughts occur, I selfishly think how that will keep me from making something that I might can sell. Well, it's not like I"m poor! I have a day job. I'm just obsessed with the idea of making this art thing my day job some day!!!!Anyway, I decided to make Rhea (my sister) and her hubby (Jesse) a little house warming house. I spent all evening after work on this. I even embroidered their last name on it. I hope that it will be a blessing to their home. I also wrote a funny little blessing poem to add to her house. But that is a surprise.
It felt good to do this and I know when she gets it she will be delighted. Or at least she will act like it for me because she is just good to me like that. I love my sisters! Hmmm.....I wonder what gift I will give today.
PS: I have always struggled with the idea of when you give you are supposed to keep it to yourself. What are your thoughts on this. Teach me teach me.Have a beautiful and giving day!


Rhea Calvert said...

I can't wait to get my house!!!! Very excited!!! And yes, it will be a blessing to our home. As far as "when you give you are supposed to keep it to yourself"...I don't think so, because I think giving inspires others to do the same. Love you, Rhea p.s. will send you a pic of our new house in our new house!!!

Kim Mailhot said...

Hey Lesley !

Your sister will be so thrilled to have this little extra loving from you ! Way to go !House is so cute!

I get the "keeping it to yourself" thing about giving - some times telling people about what you have done can feel like "bragging" or something. That is one of the reasons why I decided to only post about my giving experiences occasionally and not to share what I am recording every day. I do think that if you share what you are doing with the intention of inspiring others to think about how they may give a little more of themselves, that "bragging" thing goes away. You have also shown that you are taking part of the 29 Gifts challenge and encouraging them to join in if they feel inclined. Beside, isn't it nice to hear about the good things that people are doing for a change ? We are always ready to point out when we are doing something wrong - both for ourselves and for others. Let's shout our good deeds from the rafters once in a while so other will feel like joining in ! You go, Your Majesty !
Hugs !

Anonymous said...

THanks for the 29 days link, I have been thinking of THAT all day. Interesting question.. Are you saying that you feel it should be anonymous giving? HAve I got that right?

Maybe, but giving is giving. And maybe this 29 day exercise will bring up issues like that for you to ponder.. all part of the gift, I say. And as if your sister wont KNOW who that adorable house is from?? O love them!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Go to my site & see who won the giveaway! Love ya, Renea

Amber said...

wow. i really feel out of the loop right now...but i'm getting back up to speed. your sister is going to love that house. and i know how you feel about wanting this to be your day too. i keep making art and hoping. and....i think it is such a wonderful thing you are doing...sharing your gifts. i'm sure they will be a blessing to many people.