Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mixed Media Collage Journal Entry

City Night Life! 
Lesley Chandler 10/15/13 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Journal Art Weekend

I spent most of the weekend on journal art. I have been thinking about why journaling is good.  What is the point? It occurred to me that if you need a point....then it is not art! So I'm settling into the idea that this is what IS my creative place right now.  So, I go there....and do what I feel.  I ordered some journal supplies today.....and I'm excited about that.   I'm also thinking about journal prompts....things that will inspire us to get into our journals today.....

Journal Prompts

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Journal Art Fun

 I have spent a lot of time playing in my art journals today.  Like I said before, it seems like I always go back to journal art.  I enjoy getting into the acrylic paints and looking at pictures and whatever I have saved up to add to journals. It may not be any real ART, but to me.....it is something I will love to look at later.

I love going back and looking at all of my art journals.  I have many MANY of them. Some of them are crazy-frightening entries.....but others are  happy and pleasing to my eyes.  

I journal when I am happy, and I journal when I am sad, angry, excited.....pissed! So, if anyone ever reads all of these journals.....they will see that I am a woman just like most.....struggling everyday with work life, family life, and life in general. I am trying to figure out who I am and what it is I am supposed to do in this life. The only thing that makes me different from most, is that I chose to document my feelings through creative journals.....that I am not afraid to leave evidence of my thoughts and feelings. 

This is actually the first one I completed today. I  used an old accounting book I bought an estate sale to make the tulips. I love when you can see through the subject. I use glaze to make the paint "see through". I think it creates mystery and an element of interest. 

I recently thought it would be a good idea to incorporate "evidence" of things not so great in our life-like court documents, divorce papers, mean notes, etc. into art. Wouldn't it be great to have this piece of art that is covertly a document that was a very troublesome event in one's life? You could show how that horrible thing was counted as a joy and was turned into something positive. You could really make lemonaide out of lemons through art. Just a thought......

Monday, September 02, 2013

Seems like I always go back to my journals and mixed media. It is where I am most comfortable. The more paint, glue and craft supplies the better! I have been in a creative funk lately....but, I was inspired when I looked at journal art on Pinterest today.  So, I got out my paint and began....sometimes I wonder why.....what is the point?  I quickly put silly ideas like that away.....That is the Point....there is no point....just create....just feel and do what comes to you.  Some day, I believe it will all make sense. 

I also worked on some Pallet art signs today. My hubby found some pallets and disassembled them for me to create some signs. I made two over this long holiday weekend. (Labor Day) and I enjoyed that.  Here they are. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013!
I'm glad to say the Chandler Clan survived another year without too much bruising or scars-lol.  2012 seemed to be a challenge in so many ways but I choose to look forward with hope and prayer that this year will be FABULOUS!!!

We are starting a new chapter in our lives. This chapter is nothing like we had planned for the past few years.  But God laughs at us when we tell him our plans right?! LOL

I am happily jumping back in to my creative journals.  I have enjoyed working in them and find it to be my "therapy" in so many ways.  The collage above is a collection of some of my more recent entries. I'm finally feeling the colors again! 

Looking forward to a day with my daughter shopping and attending the Peddlers Show in Midland to see all the wonderful things that people are creating these days.  I hope you have a lovely day too.