Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Little Fabric Houses

Happy Funky Fabric Houses!

I started making these little houses a month or so ago and I really enjoy them. They are just little pieces of fabric art that can be embellished in so many ways. The one pictured above is my most recent. I loved the little fibers hanging off the chiminey on this one.

I love the "house" shape and pictures with houses. I wonder what that means? I think the house shape/pics of houses represent home, safety, security, love, warmth, many many happy things to me. I think these little houses would be cute house warming gifts.

I made one of the little houses a Frida house. I know her house was blue and so I started with that. Then I added several fabric transfers and some letter buttons to spell her name.

Then with Halloween coming, I felt the need to make some Halloween houses. This is the latest one.

Happy Halloween!

All of these houses are available at my Etsy shop today! Go and check them out!


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Cute little Halloween houses. Did you make a lunch bag? Love ya, Renea

Rhea Calvert said...

Cute idea...I love the halloween houses too! Love you, Rhea

Kim Mailhot said...

These houses are fun, funky and oh so homey ! Love the frida one !

Anonymous said...

I looove houses of any kind, dont know why either.. and the way your chimneys sit at an odd angle. Love them. You should give us the dimensions as a teaser to make us click over to your etsy shop..never mind, I am going there now.

Amber said...

I love, love, love the houses.