Saturday, February 25, 2006

Journal Art

I completed Art Journal #3! Yes, I'm up early as usual. I completed one of my journals yesterday and I counted them and decided I am on Art Journal #4 now. I have more but three other books are just journals and memo book etc. So, I'm on art journal number 4! I have joined an art journal yahoo group and can't wait to get to know others who also enjoy this "sport". I have been studying all kinds of things on the web so I can improve my own techniques. I will tell you though, Teesha Moore's site is one of the best I have run into for my taste. She also has a great link to her page on journaling techniques. Here is her journal site

I have been working on my circle journal entry and have already invited Renea to participate. She said she would so she will be the first recipitant of this journal. FUN FUN FUN!

Here are my two latest journal art entries in Art Journal #4.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Circle Journal is HERE!!!

I got my Circle Journey Book in last night. I savored the moment for this morning to open the package. I do that. I like to delay gratification sometimes on stuff like that. Anyway, I love it. The actual book is a little smaller than I anticipated, but the package is full of stickers and envelopes that you use to mail the book to people involved in the circle journey. I have to make an entry and then send it on.
Invitation to Join My Circle Journal-Circle Journey
I want to invite you to participate in my circle journal-journey. My only rules are that if you commit to participate, you will get it back to me or I will hunt you down like a dog! HEEHEE-No Really!!!! Just email me with your address and I will consider. Your chances are better if I know you but I will strongly consider new people as well. I just need to have something to determine a trust level like your blog site, your art site, your response to my emails, your ebay rating, etc.

Now, that being said, I can show you my newest piece of art. This is a collage piece inspired by this old picture I have of these two lovely children. Don't they look like little gypsies? I have used these darlings several times and I think that I will retire them now. I feel like they finally have a proper home. This is a highly textured collage piece. Hope You Like!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Love Sepia

I did this little journal entry while we were away this weekend. I digitally altered it to the Sepia style. Seems like I really enjoy Sepia which is kind of a contradiction to my usual love and passion for bright and bold color. Perhaps, this is my altered ego?
I did the background for this one with the Portfolio Oil Pastels. I have learned that these oils can smear on to the opposing page. So I covered this and some others with contact paper to protect them. Then I decided I really did not like that look so for the latest works with the oils, I am allowing them to dry some and spraying with acrylic spray-allow to dry and that works nicely. Back to work today! But, I'm ok with that. Ready to get back to it!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Off Today!

I was off from work today so I was able to be Ms. Artsy Fartsy all day long. I had a blast and the day went by much too fast. I worked on my journal art today and completed this entry. I don't even know if this is really the words to this song but it is how I sing it when I get the that is what went on the journal today. I needed some place for this thoughtful girl to go. I also completed two other pieces which you can see at my auctions on ebay. See my link to my auctions. All in all, the last few days were good and I think I can face work again. Oh, if I could only be rich instead of so damn good looking. TEEHEE

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Journal as Art

I picked up a book this weekend during our little excursion. It is called "The Journal as Art" Drawing from Life by Jennifer New. Here is a link about it

It is a good book about journaling/sketch books, etc. You just have to see it! Here is one of my recent journal entries........................

We had a great time on our little trip. It went much too fast.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Listening to the Heart

Sometimes I get in an art funk. Nothing really comes to me so I have to put it all away and wait. It may be a day or two but not much more than that. Renea, my best friend and I agree that often times we will have a project started only to have to put it away as it just does not seem to be working. Then, a few days later, WALA! the idea comes together and you have this wonderful piece of art! That is what today's journal art entry is about. You just have to listen to what the heart is telling the hands.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Journal Art

I was very inspired by another journal artist just have to go and see her work!!! Here is a link to her blog:
I am still trying to find my own style but this lady really inspired me so this is what I came up with for todays entry. It says

"Does the whole always equal the sum of it's parts? Am I not more than this outer shell made up of my body, face, eyes, hands,legs etc? YES!! There is so much more that the eye can't see. But the heart, oh the heart knows."

Update on the weekend! Husband found a nice hotel in Lubbock and made reservations!!! I am looking so forward to it. I love getting away for a little while. It will be nice. Bye for now!~

Monday, February 13, 2006

Funky Art Journal Entry

Today's art is an inspiring journal entry. I was inspired by a piece I bought on ebay that was very colorful. It had inspirational journaling all over it. Mine does not have near as much but I'm getting a little more comfortable with this form of art. Some day, someone will find all of my art journals and say,"she was kinda crazy huh?" Here it is: It was done with watercolor and gel pens. I love gel pens. Gel markers...not so good but gel pens...FABULOUS FLOW!!!! I attached this piece to another piece of watercolor canvas by sewing it with a brightly colored (lime) embroidery thread.

All in all it was a fair day. No major problems except that our romantic weekend has gone from staying in a nice hotel with a hot tub to staying in our travel trailor and sharing our tiny bathtub-teehee (wait it gets worse) we hear it is supposed to snow and freeze in Lubbock this weekend so now we don't know where we will go or what we will do. It is actually kind of comical. I know that as long as we are together, we will enjoy ourselves!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

altered journal entry

SUNDAY!!! Am I the only one that gets overwhelmed on Sundays? It seems like that is the day you have to pay for all the things you did not do Saturday. My List of Things to Do:
  1. Finish Laundry
  2. Do work homework-2 different reports
  3. Buy Groceries
  4. Hang Heather's Border in her Room
  5. Clean my bathroom-only room I did not finish yesterday

Once I put it in a list, it does not seem so bad. Craig and I are looking forward to next weekend. We are going to have some time away together. Although, we have not made reservations anywhere yet....that will be number 6 on my list.

Here is an entry I made for my journal lasts week. She kinda looks bored huh? It's definitely not me!!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Altered ARt Charms or Charming Altered Art

Well, here is one of the altered art charms I created for my friend. I hope she likes them. I have to get chains for them before I get them to her. I received an order today for an altered art case like the ones I have done in the past. So, I'm excited about that new project. It's a darn shame I can't do this for a living. I'm in a bit of an art funk lately. I think it is because I am getting over the flu and have not felt myself. Sometimes when I get to this point, I have to refrain from doing art for a day or two and it all comes back. Or, I can just mess with my art journal...that is probably what I will do. Can't live without some type of art. LOVE IT!!! I have those triptychs that my mothers husband made me and they are on my mind. I need to create something with them but sometimes you just have to wait for the perfect idea to come. It will happen! So, another day has almost passed and I look forward to tomorrow and the ideas it could bring!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Altered Art Projects

Feb 5, 2006
This is my most recent piece. Seems like I have been creating a lot of cats lately. I did this with oil pastels and some inks on watercolor paper. I like how the oil pastels can be rubbed in to the texture of watercolor paper. This is an unlilkely pair but they seem to like each other huh?

Today is superbowl sunday and ask me if I care?!!! I have many different projects going on in the art department (my little home studio).

  • I am working on 6 altered art charm necklaces. I have a friend who ordered some that have a pic of her little grandson. I create these with glass slides and solder them with lead free solder on metal tape. You have probably seen these. Debbie, my friend who ordered these necklaces, is buying them for her daughters and one for herself. I am going to put little charms that will hang off the bottom.

  • I am also working on my art journals.
  • I received some tryptichs from my mothers husband. He handcrafted these per my directions so that I could use them for art. I absolutely love them. My mind is going 90 miles an hour on ideas for these. Be watching out for them!