Monday, October 27, 2008

Purple Bird

My dear friend Renea inspired me once again. She said something about the birds I had made and that made me want to make another one. I was really planning to do another wordy bird but you know how I get distracted. I saw this purple and gold fabric in my fabric stash and it was calling me. What a funky bird this would make!

My husband loved it. He said it reminded him of a hologram for some reason. I guess the contrast of the orange checks and the purple checks is a bit much for the eyes! Heehee

The legs on this one were so much easier than the last ones I made. I used floral wire and taped them with brown floral tape. I guess the stiffness was just right and the tape gives you something to anchor it to the body by sewing.

I finished the big painting!!!!! I emailed a pic to Tandi (the lady who ordered it) and I'm waiting for her response. Then, if she does not hate it and I am not in a deep dark depression.....just kidding, I will show it to you. Anyway, I'm glad I finally finished.

Hope you all have a great week and keep in touch. I owe you all some visits to your blogs and I plan to do that tonight.


Kim Mailhot said...

Your purple bird is so cute !
Can't wait to see the painitng !
Happy Monday !

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Love your new bird, love your creativity. You know Lisa & I are anxious to see the painting. I thought about you yesterday as I drove threw Big Spring. Had a great time, just a long trip! Grif looks like she is carring very low. Hope Corey gets here in time! Otherwise she will KILL him! Yikes! Love ya, hope to see you today, Renea

sashibala said...

That bird is adorable! I'm looking forward to the big reveal of your painting, too! I know the lady is going to love it. :)

PLO said...

I LOVE your birdie! He is so cute!

Janet said...

Your bird is just so cute! I love the purple and orange checks.

Jane said...

A great deign, loving the checks too.