Monday, August 31, 2009

Bonnie and Clyde

I recently listened to a very interesting podcast about Bonnie and Clyde. ..Download it here. It is just so interesting to hear the non-glamorous things I never heard about in the old Bonnie and Clyde movie.

I can't help but wonder how Bonnie would have turned out if she would not have ended up with Clyde. But, I did learn that she had already married a no good guy before she even met Clyde. She was said to have been wearing the wedding ring from the first no good ass hole when she was with Clyde. (Some women are just magnets for men who are no good) She was 16 when she married ass hole number one. Makes you wonder about the dynamics of her family life....can't help myself.
Now, don't get me wrong....I do not condone the criminal activity of this depression era couple. I'm just intrigued with some of the information about Bonnie and I can't help but wonder why she was attracted to man like Clyde. I also can't help but wonder if her life would have been much better had she never met Clyde.

She was said to be very smart in school. We know she was creative.....remember her poem "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde"? It was also said that she loved to take photographs. It seemed that with each failed attempt for the law to raid and capture Bonnie and Clyde, rolls of film were left behind . Tons of photos were found. These photos were all obviously posed. Bonnie and Clyde dressed to a T. The first photo in this post, she was posing to look as if she was going to shoot Clyde. This second photo she is all set up in a sexy pose.
OK, I know we are not Bonnie, but girls, think about it......wouldn't we be thinking up the best photo shots? I can just imagine me as Bonnie telling everyone where to be, how to pose to get that perfect shot. "OK, lets pretend I am shooting Clyde....hey, give me your cigar.....wait until I stop laughing to take this shot....."
I'm just sayin'....get out of your normal zone and go and learn about history or something new and interesting. This might be the very thing that gets your creative juices flowing.
Oh, and if you are interested, a remake of Bonnie and Clyde is currently in progress....check it out here.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art Handbag Number 3

I finished this one this week. I am working on another and I have a custom order. I enjoy making these little purses. I'm thinking of making a bigger/shoulder bag for me. I prefer a shoulder strap. Also, I think they need at least a pocket for the cell I'm working on a design.
It has been a quick weekend. Feels like it will be time to go back to work so quick. Looking forward to our trip to Seattle in September. It will be here before we know it. We are all so excited to go somewhere.
Hope you are having a FABULOUS WEEKEND!

Monday, August 24, 2009

iPod Ecstasy

I finally bought my first ipod! For several years I have wanted one. I just could not bring myself to spend over $200.00 on one (for me that is). Both of the kids and the hubby had one though. (Hello, my name is Lesley Chandler and I am a poor abused/neglected mother and wife...LOL).

I have known about podcasts for some time now and always thought that if I ever get myself an iPod that I would love podcasts....TRUE THAT!!!
Oh, first let me say that I was wrong about the price! Not all of the iPods are that expensive. They vary in terms of space and price. More space....more price. So, I got an Ishuffle for only 45.00 at walmart which says it has enough space for about 250 songs ( I believe that is what it said). So I bought it. I could not wait to get home and download Itunes.

After I got all that done, I downloaded some of my favorite music using my Paypal account....YES, isn't that great?...they accept Paypal. Then, I clicked on the PODCAST section. Then ART (oh yes) and I downloaded several CRAFTCAST shows. It was free and it only took a second or two. Then I went and bought the little connection device so I could listen to my ipod in the car (it was about 9.99) at Walmart.

So today, on my way to Midland (35 min) drive, I was able to listen to show #111. It really hit home with me. It is with Sheri Gaynor the author of Creative Awakenings and it was so timely for me. It was an awesome interview....very must check it out if you have not already.

I'm so loving making these art handbags. This is a sneak peak of Art Bag Number 4. Number 3 is on the sewing machine and not picture ready.

One more thing and I will close, I picked up a book today that I really enjoyed. It is called "Ignore Everybody....and 39 other keys to creativity" by Hugh MacLeod (language warning). Pick it up and give it a looksie, I think you might like it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Handbag Binge

Help, I'm making purses and I can't stop! LOL....

Really, I am enjoying myself. This is my second art purse and I have already listed it for a friend of mine. She told me today she wanted one of my art I reserved it on etsy for her but she may not get it. She might want a different color...more like the first one with orange/reds.

I have started another Fish-a-licious purse and I have another Art Purse cut out. So, as you can see, I'm on a purse making binge. My fingers are sore for the hand-stiching.

I had an idea for a triangle shaped purse.....still in the sketch stage... will keep you posted. Have a wonderful and creative weekend.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Something Fishy is going on here! Yes, I finally finished my fish handbag and I named it FISH-A-Licious which I thought was brilliant (heehee at how I entertain myself). This was my second offering for the Bags2riches contest.
It was quite the ordeal in thinking about how I would make a purse look like a fish. I don't even want to go into the "why" of that project. Let's just say it is art honey and go with it. I can't explain why my brain works the way it does....I just go with it and that seems to work best for me. I'm sure that someone will like it in this world. I once read a quote somewhere (don't remember exactly how it went) that said essentially that for every piece of art, there is someone in this world that will love it. So, hope that person finds this! LOL
On another note, the book proposal was rejected by PUBLISHER NUMBER ONE. Now let me first say that while I don't enjoy blogs that are dark and negative and moody, I do appreciate when people share their real life experiences. That being said, I just want to tell you that it did make me sad for a moment (ok a whole evening). I did question myself and my talents. I am not one to stay down for long. The next morning, my best friend called me and she said the most wonderful thing. She said, "it took John Grisham 150 proposals to get published". It just made me remember that when you want something you have to be persistent and persevere. I'm moving on to PUBLISHER NUMBER TWO. I will be working on my plan this weekend. I will never give up on my dreams no matter what anyone tells me. Also, remember this.....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bags2Riches Donation

Just an update about the "Dick and Jane" purse....I mailed it today to the Bags2riches fundraiser in Indianapolis. You still have a little time left if you want to send a handbag or "coin purse" YOLI! August 20th is deadline to receive your entry.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dick and Jane In Love Bag

Do you remember the Dick and Jane readers? They might have been before your time, they certainly were before my time! LOL
But, I have seen these little readers at the antique stores and I just love anything about books. My mother read to us so much when we were kids. That is probably why I love books so much these days.

At any rate, I was inspired by Dick and Jane books to create this handbag. It is totally my own design.....I know it is nothing special in the way of design (just a simple box cut) but it is my own pattern! I like to use my own patterns. When creating a pattern for a fabric piece, one has to really think about the construction in terms of function .....being a right brain dominant person, that is difficult for me. So each time I construct a pattern, it is a great exercise for the left side of my brain.

But on the other side (the right side of the brain) inspired me to make this purse be about Dick and Jane being in love. The sides of the purse have iron on patches of "LOVE" and hot lips, etc. Hope you enjoy viewing this project.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Well, I am past due for an update huh? We have a few things to cover so I will get to it. Mom wins first place on the "Lost Soles" contest. What that means to her is that she can pick any item in my shop and I will give it to her. Yay Mama! You Rock!

The "Billy the Artist" last blog entry.....was a marketing tool by the marketing agency that sponsors Billy. Everyone got the same exact email. I emailed my interview and I have yet to hear from him. Oh well. Think I will send out some kind of mass marketing thingy like that for the "FUNKY ART QUEEN". Smart! I never heard of him until this little scheme. Bravo. Still like that watch!

Want to know what is in this box?
Oh sure you do! This is a book proposal with live samples of fabric art projects heading to the editor of a certain publishing company. Some of you already know about this because you participated in this project. Anyway, I have kind of hit on this topic since the first of the year. I finally got the book proposal sent this week. (SIGH). We will see what happens. I appreciate your good juju, warm thoughts and prayers on this matter.
It is a lovely and restful weekend and I'm playing with all kinds of art projects.
Thanks to all that follow me. I plan to come and visit your blogs tonight and tomorrow cuz I just gotta see what you are up to. Hugs!