Saturday, December 29, 2007

Handmade Purse-Handmade Handbag

What do you see? I think it looks like a turkey under the x-ray machine. That is side one of this handbag that I created today. I used some ink blot art I created on black canvas to create the front and back of this bag. I used vinyl and a sort of crazy material on the inside for a liner. I was so pleased to find the animal print purse handles in my stash as they seemed to just fit perfectly with this purse.

Here is the other side:

I think it is cool to have a one of a kind bag like this. I don't believe I could recreate this one exactly! Now, do I keep it or send it away on an art journey? I might have to keep it. We will see.

Friday, December 28, 2007


I just wanted to play with inkblots. Do you remember doing this in school when we were kids? I did this with acrylics on black canvas. I used the compressed air (like you use to clean your computer) to spread my blobs of paint around and then I folded it together to create the "blot". Then, I digitall altered it. I want to design some kind of T-Shirt with these. I think they should say something like "I'm not crazy....I just see things differently than others". Then perhaps on the front of T-Shirt "What do you See?"

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wish we Were Flying

Let's take a break from all the holiday madness and just fly away! A mixed media piece gone digital altered piece. It's fun to play with a piece you have created and create a whole different look by cutting and pasting and digital play.

Tomorrow is Friday.....then, we are off to New Mexico to spend Christmas with my sister. I want to "fly" there now...but, I have one more day of work. Then we will "drive" there. Long, long drive....I would rather fly to get through it quicker but it's just too much money to we will drive. Can't wait to get there. I will have to take my journals and journaling supplies so that I don't go crazy on this long drive. I'm so looking forward to seeing my sister.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meditation JuJu Doll

Meditation JuJu Doll

If you are like me, you are so busy about this time. The holiday panic is landing on you about right now...oh my gosh....I still have some shopping, baking, and wrapping to do!

So, I thought this JuJu would be a good reminder to us all to stop and take time for ourselves. Happy Sunday. Have a nice relaxing day!

Oh and I wanted to show you the girls. I have dusted off a shelf and displayed them in another area of the house. They were a little crowded in their last home. So, they are all together again. I did not make the catrina or the fabric doll in the back...but the rest are my little creations.

Happy Holidays From All Of Us!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Not Chagall's Rooster

A mixed media piece inspired by Chagall and Karen Michael. I called it, "The Bird".
Lesley Chandler

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

I had such a lovely birthday. Can I please have at least one day that is my birthday every month? So many of my family and friends called and I heard several renditions of "Happy Birthday". My husband got me two CDs I really wanted and the best birthday card ever. Then my sister called me two times and sang two different versions of Happy Birthday. She sent me a musical birthday card with my favorite get down and get funky song ever....."BrickHouse....she's mighty mighty just letting it all hang out yea she's a brick house".......I'm sure the battery will be run down soon because I keep playing it. My other sister called and sang the birthday song and my Mother also called me and left a voice mail and then when she actually caught me she sang it again. My daughter....well that is the last blog entry. Oh, I love birthdays. Everyone should be so lucky to have such good friends and family.

My friends Marisa, Renea, Lisa, and Kim called to wish me a happy birthday. I got a lovely email from my dear friend Marah. Oh, and I have to tell about the most wonderful gift from my friend Gale. Some of you may remember me talking about always seeing one shoe on the highway or streets in town. I even (for a short time) started posting pictures on Flickr about "Lost Soles" the subject of always seeing that one shoe on the highway and street. I always wonder who that shoe belongs to? Why is there only one shoe....where is the other one?

I see the single shoe on the road all the time. I guess it is because I am on the road a lot with my work. Nevertheless, it is a subject that intrigues me. So, one day I told my friend Gale about this phenomenom. I thought to myself, she must think I am nuts for expressing my interest in this 'one shoe' phenomenom.

Then today, she gave me this wonderful little plaque that reads "One Shoe Can Change Your Life" Cinderella. It was the most precious gift. It said to me that she thought about my intrigue with the single shoe on the road. It said to me that she considered my thoughts about this as I explained it to her. It said to me that she knew it was signficant to me. It said to me that she did not think I was weird for even noticing the single shoe on the road. It is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received and I will cherrish it forever.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Early Birthday Gift

My sweet daughter walked into the kitchen early this morning while I was enjoying my coffee. She had this big gift bag with tissue paper and a birthday card. She begged me to open it today because she could not stand it any longer. I told her that I wanted to wait so I would have a surprise tomorrow (on my actual birthday for any of you who don't know that...)but she looked so anxious for me to open it. So, I did what any mother would do and I opened her precious and thoughtful gift. She got me these warm and comfy slippers from Avon. They even have some kind of smell good stuff in them. The foam on the bottom is so thick so you feel like you are walking on a cloud. My baby girl knows that I have perpetually cold feet and that I needed some slippers. She is my precious angel and I wanted to share her sweet gift with you. This is me enjoying my new slippers. I wonder if they would mind if I wear them to work......hmmmmm-

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Frida Kahlo Tribute

Oh, I have been a bad blogger this week. Please don't tell Santa Clause on me. I will try and make up this weekend. OK! That being said, I have to tell you why I have been so absent here this week. I have been working on a project to send in for a call for art for the Stampington Company-Somerset Studio Magazine. I'm so excited about it but I don't want to put the picture of it until I know if it gets published or not. But, I can tell you about it.

I am always looking for new techniques and media to use in my creative work. I discovered the "faux stone" look using Styrofoam and modeling paste. So, I created a sort of shrine to Frida to submit to the "Heroes" call for art. The deadline is December 15th and I just decided to do this last week. I like to live on the edge. I plan to ship it out today! So, wish me luck. Since I have no eye candy for you...I wanted to share these thoughts and news:

  1. "Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love."~ Hamilton Wright Mabi
  2. You should go and watch this video about the Free Hug guy to warm your heart. It is really something-I love it.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Homemade Gifts for Holidays

Most of my gifts this year will be homemade. I guess I took the ETSY homemade challenge out of necessity. But, I think that personal and homemade gifts are great! And, just for the record, I really don't want anything for Christmas. I just want the family to be healthy, happy and grateful for all we have. I would like us to remember what Christmas is about and engage in the spirit of giving. Giving does not necessarily mean buying or giving things of material nature. We can give extra time, do favors, make homemade personal gifts, and many other things. So in that spirit....I have some ideas to share for your spirit of giving this holiday season.

  1. Cocoa Cones-I got this idea from my friends Renea and Lisa-here is a great link for instructions on this idea

  2. A special letter-write a letter to someone you love and say all the things you have meant to say but havn't...tell them you love them

  3. Personalized photo gifts-like a fabric transfer pillow

  4. Cookies in a Jar-There are tons of recipes for gifts in a jar. Just google it and see! But you might want to try the recipes out before you give them. I made some really pretty cookies in a jar mix last year and gave them out before I tasted them. I later tried my own jar out and did not care for the cookies. So, lesson learned!

  5. Handmade Christmas Cards

  6. Pot Holders-Crochet,knit,sew, whatever! Do we ever have enough of these things?

I will be thinking on this some more today...I know there are so many ideas out there. Please share them with me. Would love to hear what you are doing for home made/handmade gifts.