Saturday, May 21, 2011

Leather Wrap Bracelets

Thanks to "Nicole" at "How To Make Jewelry" and a very good video tutorial by Aunties Beads ,
and much trial and error, I finally cracked the Leather Wrap Bracelet code!  I just love the Chan Luu bracelets and they seem to be all the rage right now but they are very expensive.  So, for all us little people-unlike Jennifer Lopez who is sporting one in this photo.....

we just have to make do with our own versions.  

This one is not my first one.  You don't get to see that mess.  This is my second one!  It is made with turquoise beads on brown greek leather and it is a triple wrap.  The pink one below is my third one and it is a quadruple wrap! I really love the greek leather cording as it is strong and yet soft to touch.  I made another one with turquoise beads and copper glass beads on the brown leather cording and I added real vintage travel tokens.  I have not taken pics of that one yet.  So I will try to get those done today!  Can't wait to share those with you.  Have a good weekend and happy creating!!! XOXO

Here is the Gypsy Leather Wrap Bracelet