Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mixed Media Work in Progress

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday-or should I say....Happy Superbowl weekend! Yay! Husbands will be busy so we can do art! Or, you may want to watch the game. I don't even know who is playing but it is all I hear on the radio....even Martha Stewart! Recipies for dips, sandwiches, etc. (I'm sticking my tounge out and making a yuk face) Sorry, I just don't dig sports. The only thing I like about it is the halftime show and the commercials are usually very entertaining.

Anywhoo, In my great wisdom......I have partnered everyone up for the art supply swap and saved me for last. Now, I don't have a partner. So, I need some amazing artist to step up here and save me. No, we don't want anyone making two boxes. I want one new person to sign up for the swap. PLEASE! Heehee. I have my shoebox ready! Do I have to send it to myself? (LOL)

OK, that being said....I want to tell you about my project for the weekend. I have a painting I did that is hanging in my bathroom. I posted it at the top of this blog entry. But, I have been looking at it all this week. It keeps calling me to look at it. I kept thinking, I really like this piece and I want to do a similiar piece. But this time, I want to create it on wood. I am really weary and tired of canvas. I guess I'm just too careless and get in too much of a hurry. Do you know how many canvas pieces I have ruined by dropping, denting, tearing....etc. I may have just had an epiphany! Perhaps I should only use hard and durable surfaces like hmmmm.....I don't know.....WOOD? I love working with wood because first, it is porous and will hold up to all my mixed media techniques. For texture, you can carve into it or layer on top. So, I think for now on, my work is going on wood. See, I am narrowing my my style down a little with experience!

I first sketched out my piece on paper. Then I bought the wood and some "texture magic" and a few more flower stencils. I gessoed the wood front and sides. Then after that was dry, I sketched out with a pencil by vase and flowers. I smoothed some texture magic to the side of the vase and some on the top of the painting and textured through it. I wrote "Be still and know I am God" on the side of the vase. I also textured the vase and wrote "Be still...Be still" all over it. Then, I stenciled the flowers on with the texture magic and allowed that to dry. I painted the vase a golden yellow. This morning I "antiqued" the entire piece with a damp sponge and a copper colored acrylic. I painted the flowers red with yellow middles. I still have several more steps but I will keep you posted. Should be finished this weekend. Here is what I have so far, bad photo makes it look too dark. I will do better shooting the final finish! Hugs to all

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Melis said...

I'd like to be in your art supply swap. You can see my art on etsy at or just follow the links through my blogger profile. I have some cool stuff I could send.