Monday, January 28, 2008


ArT SuPpLy SwAp

Have you been participating in that unwritten contest of 'whoever dies with the most art supplies wins'? Do you have tons of art supplies and even some that you suspect that you will not ever use? I know I do.....I can't stand to throw anything away because just as sure as I do, I will find an article in CPS or Somerset that tells you how to use this supply. But, realisticly, I think I would be happy to know that I don't have that one supply or media because I shared it with someone else in an art supply swap.

In response to this New Year and my need to organize and renew....I have several items I would love to swap. So, that inspired me to sponsor an art supply swap. But, how will I organize it? How will I ensure that everyone who participates is pleased? I can't promise anything but if based on the trust and artist sisterhood system....I think we will all come out well.

Here is how it will go:

  1. Send me your address

  2. I will pair you up with another participant

  3. Gather up a regular shoebox full of art papers, fabrics, rubberstamps, (these are just examples), paints, markers, pencils, found objects, whatever you want to share with your art sisters and get it ready to mail.

  4. I will send you an address of someone to share with. You and that person will swap. So be nice and kind and share well. Remember 'tis better to give than to receive'. Let's make this fun and kind.

  5. Deadline to sign up is Feb 3rd.

  6. Must mail by Feb 14th

  7. Please send me feedback so we can see how this goes.

Happy Art Supply Swap. Can't wait. Fun Fun fun!!!!!! Sign up here!!!!


Renea said...

Hey Les, sign me up for the art swap, sounds like fun. Thanks, Renea\

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

doh! I just listed old rubber stamps on ebay.... I was whining the whole time I wish someone would trade me for those. Too late now! But, perhaps I can spare a bit o' my fab stash for an exchange of GOODS. Count me in. Any chance YOU & I might swap a roo boxes? ~Monica

Carmen said...

Please count me in!!!
Thank you!

Carmen said...
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Mo said...

Oh me too! Just ONE shoe box? *sigh* I have so much cool stuff... but when I get to actually create, I find I go to the same type stuff over & over. So some other creative soul should get to enjoy these treasure. ~ Mo

Jo Anne O. said...

I am leaving a comment here but I will also email you my information!

I have SO much stuff that I need several shoe boxes...if not a whole UPS truck to get rid of the supplies I don't use!

This is a great idea and right up my alley!!!!

Seriously, I can take more than one partner if you find you need me to do if you have an uneven number of players or something like that...

Susan said...

Great idea, count me in.
Susan K.

Funky Art Queen said...

Wow, we have lots of participants already. Fun! Thanks to everyone and be sure and share the news with others. The more the merrier.

jennalee said...

This sounds like fun, but I can't part with my stash. I might need it someday.