Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mixed Media

The above picture is a mixed media/collage that is going to be part of a purse I am designing for the Bags to Riches fundraiser. Can you guess what it is about? It is my dream job. I worked on this today. I also finished my sister; Ronetta's Valentine.....(late, I know) that is my middle name. Lesley Late Chandler. Heehee. Other than that, I did little. I did sweep and mop the kitchen and "studio". I also did a little laundry but it is only I procrastinated most of it for tomorrow.

I heard from one of the girls in the art supply swap. This is a pic of the loot she received.....

I have to say, she came out like a bandit! Yay! I hope to see pics from everyone else who participated in the swap! It is so much fun connecting with all of you.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on another doll like the one I gave Renea for Valentines but I'm hoping to improve the process. In order to focus my ideas and plan, I sketched out the ideas in my journal. Here is a peak at my journal entry....we will see if she comes out as planned.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

yeah, how in the world did Renae fit all those goodies in that box??? Visited her blog, saw pic of just a portion of what I sent her..hope she can use it all or swap it out for more goods. This was a fun trade, I did make out like a bandit. TY girls! ~Monica

Michelle said...

Hey Lesley! Long time, no see! LOL I SO wish I had participated in the stash giveaway! I sneaked a peek at your's and Renea's goodies and am sooooo green! Next time, I'm there! I have another blog...I know, I know. Check it out if you have a is so boring! But I plan to start "creating" again very soon! I've been busy knitting on Knifty Knitter! Oh my! Michelle (txstitcher)