Saturday, February 02, 2008

Valentine Doll Made it Home

My little ATC Valentine Doll made it to her home. I love how Marah can take my art and make it look so amazing. I just had to show you this. She was kind enough to let me borrow this pic that she took of her. Marah is a Graphic Designer and she has an amazing eye for beauty and interestingness. She is the one who created my beautiful blog banner using some of my art. You can see some of her designs here at Etsy. Go and check her out.

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Kai said...

Hello! I'm Kai from and I found your blog through a link from someone else's blog! I ADORE this Valentine doll! Yes, your friend HAS posed her well! However, if your doll were not already wonderful it wouldn't have looked this great! So, see? You are BOTH to be credited! And your paintings are marvelous! I can't draw a straight (or even a good CROOKED line. Sigh! Love your blog!