Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update on Art Swap and Lots of Exciting News

Ok, I'm officially in a manic state! I think I am feeling the hints of spring. It has been getting sunny and warmer around here. Things are starting to feel a little pre-spring. I know myself....after 43 years of life (I should hope so-heehee) and I know that this is by far my most happiest time of the year for me now and historically.

I just get this happy feeling.....I get to be outside more and feel the sun on my face a little (with SPF of 15 or greater of course). I am thinking about getting my yearly pedicure (heehee) don't you feel sorry for that nail tech? But, I got to get my feet ready for sandal weather soon!

I'm just excited about life. So many things are happening! My job is going great, my kids are doing great, husband is looking really great because he started working creativity is flowing......things are good. Thank you Lord!
I have scheduled a mixed media class for March 1st at the Hobby Lobby in Midland and I am preparing for that. I'm very excited about that because I love teaching others about the joys of art and creating.

Now, the news about the art swap. I received some photos from Susan at A Walk in the Park regarding the swap loot she received. -I'm trying to swindle her out of the crown stamp! You can see the pics above. I still need to hear from a few of the others to complete this swap. I want to make a mosaic of all of our pics of loot to post, please send pics soon.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hey Les, don't think I've sent you photo of my loot, but there is a photo on my blog that you can use if you want. (or I'll try to send)Anyway can't wait for the class,that will be fun. Love your manic mode...HeeHee! love ya, Renea

PLO said...

this was such a blast, we should do it again real soon! I will send you a photo of my lovely loot I recieved, or you can link to my post about it, or whatever you want.

Sacred Snatch said...

That is a fine batch of swag!
The weather here in northern Cali has been teasing us. A few days of sunshine, followed with a few days of bitterly cold rains. Burrrrrrrr.

You crack me up. My toes are screaming for a pedicure! I leave for a Crafty cruise next week, and I so need to get the ol roots and hoofs done!


Crafty Chica said...

Wow, what a great score!!! I love doing art swaps! I'm going onthe cruise with SS, I need a pedi too, dang, I just noticed!