Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Work Humor

Cows...A Poem by Richard Armous
Do nothing but browse
And drowse
And now and then moo.
That's all they do.
Yet even while grazing
They aren't lazing.
Even while snacking
They aren't slacking.
If not illustrious
Thay are inner industrious,
Making milk with all their
With every bite.
Cream too,
With every chew.
I'd like it fine
Could I combine
In such measure
Business with pleasure.
Happy Friday from the Funky Art Queen.


Carolyn said...

since i'm breastfeeding this has special significance for me, hahahaha!
thanks for your nice comments this morning Leslie. i"ve still gotta do your meme tag... really i'm gonna do it!

hope you have a productive and creative day!

Carmen said...

Silly Friday!
how funny, my post it is a silly one, too!!!
We rock!!!