Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More on Art Supply Swap

We have 10 participants including me! Here they are in partner format-each partner swaps with each other one shoebox full of art supply stash! Oh Boy! Please, lets take a picture of the packages we recieve and send them to me via email
so I can present them in my blog later when everyone has received there surprise box.

  1. Pocket Full of Prettys + Girl Gone Thread Wild
  2. Funky Art Queen (me) + The Eclectic and Random
  3. Barb + Paper Cat's Page
  4. Mo's Musings + A Walk in the Park
  5. Musings From a Mermaid + ForCryEye


PLO said...

I'm so excited! I can't wait to send my new friend her shoebox! thank you so much for hosting this swap, you rock!

Funky Art Queen said...

Thank you for participating. I almost have mine done and ready to go! Fun!!!