Friday, February 29, 2008

ACEOs for Sale

Hey, I'm having an ETSY sale. I have significantly reduced the prices on some of my items and I have placed two new items up for sale today. Yes, my dear friend Renea inspired me to try and sell things again. I had a long dry go have a looksie when you get a chance.
I listed these two new ACEO's. Here is a link to MY ETSY SHOP.


PLO said...

That is so funny, I just posted some things yesterday after slacking for 5 months! Lets inspire each other! I am so THRILLED that you want to participate in the Glasses!!!!! I will put your name on the list...I am so excited that you bloggy girlfriends are willing to do this, I think it will end up being a blast! Have a wonderful weekend, and keep on working and posting on ETSY!!!!!!!!!!!

Carmen said...

These are gorgeous! I really like the first one!

Carmen said...

well I will check your etsy, I will love to own your art for sure.