Sunday, January 27, 2008

Valentines Doll Wrapped Up to Go

She is ready to go! All wrapped up and somewhat fru fru'd. I hope my friend likes her. I also finished the ATC Valentine doll and this is her sitting up against the gift.

She is flying out in the mail tomorrow to another dear friend. There is just not enough time in the day to make all the stuff I want to make.
I am thinking about doing an altered book inspired by a new internet friend named Donna. She encouraged me to finally take a pic of this old house I see everyday on my way to work. I got a couple of good pics and she suggested an altered book. She also wrote a nice little poem that will be part of the book if she says that is ok. I want it to look very old and worn. Hmmmm the wheels are turning. But wait, I still have a few more valentines to do!~


Susan said...

Not only is there never enough time, it's sometimes hard to part with the art we make. Your friends are so fortunate.
Susan K.

Carmen said...

I came via Monica and I am enjoying your creations very much specially your ATC valentine doll, she will be loved!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful creative you!