Friday, January 11, 2008

Mixed Media Classes

IT'S HERE! My poster from Shutterfly came in today. It turned out nice. This photo is not that great but the poster is so wonderful to me. I am going to use it to advertise for my mixed media classes. I have been working on my class activity plans and hope to have everything ready by next week to present to one of the craft stores I frequent as a proposal to teach mixed media classes. I have been ecouraged and redirected many times by a dear friend of mine to do this. It is what I love the most, teaching and inspiring others. I may never sell my art but if I can encourage one person to explore their creativity....well then, that is where I get my joy and passion. I already have a few students in mind for my classes.

I wanted to share this pic of my hubby. He had his 45th birthday this week. He is so fabulous, I made him a German Chocolate cake (His favorite). I cheated and used a cake mix for the cake but I did make a homemade cooked frosting for him. We also got him one of those fancy smancy turkey friers because he wants t0 make shrimp boil like my brother-in-law. So, we are looking forward to his trying that out. Happy Birthday My Love. You Are My Rock!


rhea said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! That is awesome! I know you will enjoy it! And the cake looks wonderful! Be sure and tell Craig to leave the crawdads out...or the big scorpions! lol
Love you,Rhea

Susan said...

I hope the teaching endeavor goes well for you. The poster will surely help seal the deal. Your hubby looks like a sweetie. Be careful though, he might take over all the cooking!
Susan K.

Anonymous said...

wahoo! Funky Classes! perfect!! this is great.

i'm so excited for you, lesley! fingers crossed. xo —M

(OH! and of course, happy birthday to Mister Keeps Funky Together... hope it's a wonderful year, craig! all the best birthday wishes!)