Saturday, January 05, 2008

Recycled Handbags

I'm on a purse making frenzy again! I guess I just got all pumped up because I found out that one of my purses is going to be in Haute Handbags! So now, suddenly, I'm a purse designer dahling! Anyway, I am working on two inkblot handbags this weekend. I bought some fun material and some canvas with my Hobby Lobby gift certificate from Mother-in-law (Christmas Present). Last night I made the inkblots on the canvas. I am debating about adding some words like "what do you see?" or something. We will see, hopefully I can complete one or both this weekend so I can show them to you.
Meanwhile, in search of ideas for purses, I found this great site with tons of handbags that people designed from recycled materials. My favorite was the one made from magazine paper beads. Take a look here
I'm going to get a haircut and some highlights today! Weeeee! I hope I come out looking gorgeous......or at least updated! So, happy something for you today!!!!! Oh, and go buy something from me at Etsy so I can afford to make more stuff!!!!!

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