Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Choices

OK, I was so mad last night because I messed up on an art project. First time? No, of course not, I just so wanted this to go right. Let's back up a bit to the beginning. This weekend, I found this site Noodle and Lou Studio. I discovered the most precious little polymer clay doll that the artist had created. You can see it too if you just scroll down a bit. So, I decided I wanted to make one for a friend for Valentines. So, I got the polymer clay out and got to it. This is what I do-often. Just get to something without thinking it through.

The first thing I realized was that my doll body was too thin. How would it sit up? It would have to be hung. That really disappointed me. But, instead of being upset and dwelling on this, I decided to make something of her anyway. I thought, I will make an ATC and attach the limbs to that and do something with this head and body later. I did not know how Noodle and Lou attached her limbs to her doll so I tried heart shaped brads. Then, then.......I broke the little leg....the clay is so fragile. But, I thought, I can make another leg.....so I started working on the arms and broke one of them too. I was so frustrated. Finally, I just gather up everything and threw it in the studio and went to bed. Sometimes you just have to leave well enough alone. But, I could not.
I decided today, I would email Noodle and Lou and ask her how she did it and she emailed me back with kind and patient instructions. So, I will try again to make this Valentines gift. It just means a lot to me. I may never make another but I have to make this one. It is about conquering fears of failure, lack of confidence and making a gift that I know my dear friend will treasure....just because I made it. Hugs cuz you know who you are! Wish me luck! Now where is that clay?

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Susan said...

Oh Gosh, FAQ, Polymer clay does sometimes have a mind of it's own. Your doll parts are beautiful. Don't give up. Polymer clay can be added to and re-baked. You can reshape her body, re-sculpt her arms, anything you want. Hang in there. It's ok to get mad. We know what you are dealing with.
Susan K.