Thursday, January 03, 2008

All About Me JuJu Doll

Happy New Year! Here we go again! I'm not ready to put my New Year's resolutions in writing yet. Still thinking on this. Meanwhile, let me share my latest JuJu doll with you. This one is special because it is the "all about me" JuJu. I had a nice conversation with a good friend yesterday about how we (women in general) tend to take care of everyone else and neglect ourselves. So, I think my resolutions will be about taking care of me. The end result will ultimately effect those I care for in a positive way. As the saying goes, "take care of yourself so you can take care of others". So, even though it may sound is really a gift for others. What will you do for you today? This year?


Susan said...

Miss FAQ, You and your friend are so right. One would think that a person would automatically take care of themselves, but it's not that easy. You have to make yourself take care of you, while taking care of the ones we love seems to come most naturally. But, being women, this somehow feels right. I'm with you, though. Let's re-gift that love--to ourselves.
Susan K. (A Walk in the Park)

rhea said...

I like this one too! Love ya, RHea