Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Upside Down Christmas Tree or Umbrella Christmas Tree

A few weeks ago, I saw a little handout from Hobby Lobby demonstrating a beautiful photo of an "Umbrella Christmas Tree". Basically, it is an upside down Christmas tree. Oh, I have seen Christmas trees hanging upside down from some kind of hook and I always thought those were cool...but not practical for me. But this tree was different, it actually sits in the tree stand upside down! WOW! I Wanted it!!!! I had to have it. I have been obsessing about it since. I looked at the Midland, TX Hobby Lobby but they did not have this particular tree. Renea called me yesterday to tell me that they have the "umbrella tree" at the Odessa Hobby Lobby. So, off to Hobby Lobby in Odessa I must go.... soon.

I told my sister I wanted this type of tree and she joked that this was totally against all Christmas Tradition. I don't think it has any kind of evil connotations. She joked that it was sacrilege...I just like it because it is different and funky. How is the Christmas Tree religious anyway? I will have to look that up. But, my sister knows that I don't mean anything evil by this desire for a rare and different tree. It's just....well....my living room is painted in lavender and accented with bright yellow....need I say more? I need the funk. It makes me happy. Apparently, this is kind of a new thing because there is not all that much info on the web about it. I STOL a few pictures from Flickr to show you some examples of upside down Christmas trees.
I'm going to decorate my tree with hot pink and lime green ornaments. A friend of mine suggested I use zebra print wire ribbon to wrap the tree in ribbon coils. Oh, it is going to be a fun tree. I can't wait. I buy at least one or two new ornaments every time I go to Hobby Lobby or a craft store. FUN!!!


Rhea said...

It is not as bad as I thought it was going to be! Your will look better and can't wait to see it. Love Rhea

Stacey said...

I like it! I could do this as a second tree or something--maybe not our main tree! Well done FAQ!