Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Harvest

What a great weekend this has been. Yesterday, (Saturday) Heather and I went over to Stanton Trade Days and shopped around most of the morning. She found some treasures and I was excited that she wanted to buy some old vintage photos because she wants to try her hand at art. Oh, that is so cool. So she bought three great vintage pics. I will scan them for her and we will experiment with some art. And.....look what I found! Look at these great gumball machines! I bought both of them for $20.00! I was so excited to find these. I have been wanting a gumball machine to somehow mount out by the pond with fishfood in it. I think it would be so whimsical and fun to be able to turn the little handle and get fish food. Little children should love this.

I got up early this morning and I have already been out to my little garden. I collected a bounty of tomatoes and a few peppers. I'm thinking salsa today.

I'm also thinking Sebastian has the right idea on how to spend the weekend. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Rhea said...

LOVE the gumball idea! Makes me miss my pond. And I think you are right...Sebastian has the right idea! He is getting so big and reminds me of Castor Troy! Love you, Rhea

Jazz said... precious

Jazz said... precious