Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Polymer Clay Tin


This is my 4th or 5th clay tin. I am trying to stick to a subject until I feel that I have mastered it. This was a long and skinny tin with some kind of disney Cinderella print on it. I found it at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 and decided to make it my next polymer clay tin. My last two tins were given to dear friends of mine; Renea and Lisa. I was not completely satisfied with the last tins because I could see some of my fingerprints on the clay. So, after reading up on this problem I learned that using a cotton fabric like denim to "smooth" out the clay minimizes the fingerprints from molding the clay.

OK-that being said, the entire tin is covered in polymer clay. Then, I baked the clay on the tin according to the clay directions. Then, I painted and collaged as I desired using gel medium to adhere my subjects on the tin. I then used a gold paint to surround the top of the box in a pattern of checks/boxes. The theme is "White or Red?"regarding wine.

Wait until you see and feel the plush inside of this box. It is a faux leapard print that is so soft and velvety. All in all, it was a fun project. After a very close inspection of quality, I only found one small fingerprint. I think it is one of my best polymer clay projects so far. Now, what do I put in it? I'm thinking it will make a great place for post it notes? Just a thought.


rhea said...

I like it! You could use it as a small jewelry box...

Sharon said...

Wow! what a creative idea! Love it!

K.G. said...

This is fantastic! You could make some really funky eyeglass cases.

Don't be so hard on yourself about the odd fingerprint. Consider it a mark proving that it was not mechanically produced :)

Creative Wishes,

Krystin Goodsell
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Kelly said...

Hi Leslie,

Another great piece! I've used polymer clay with glass but never with tin. What considerations did you make with the tin--like making sure the lid closed properly?

When I used the polymer with the glass, I used light cotton gloves and that kept my finger prints off it and they weren't too hot. Plus, if I wanted to push a little harder, then a little texture was added, but it wasn't the texture of my finger prints!

These would make great little gift boxes for earrings and things. I like making boxes rather than using wrapping paper because it always seems like they end up with two gifts.

I hope you are well!

Funky Art Queen said...

Kelly, thanks so much for the idea about the cotton gloves. That is such a good idea. The only considerations for in is that you have to cut around the hinges to make it shut properly. Polymer clay is so cool. Right now I'm working on some little clay charms to make necklaces.