Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Funky Art Queen Halloween

Happy Halloween! Just another fun day in my neighborhood. Can you believe I did not dress up this year? This is the first year in I don't know how long. I just did not have the spirit this year. And of all things, my dear and sweet friends; Renea and Lisa decided to dress up this year! They never dress up and act like nuts...I think I have been a bad influence~heehee. So here they are in their precious costumes. Renea....

in her little camouflage pants! Cute! Then Lisa.....Lisa the Fly Fisherman or Fisher woman I should say. They were so cute. Boy...the one year I did not dress up.....Shew!!!!!!

Oh, and I have to tell you about my favorite girl in the whole world! My girl, my sweetie, Heather! She got first place at her work for her costume! She called me at work so excited! She did her make up all by herself! Isn't she the cutest little Joker?
I have fond memories of Halloweens from the past. My mom used to dress me up as a Gypsy! I loved it because I got to wear make up and a scarf in my hair and a big skirt and a sexy shirt that hung off my shoulders-I think I remember right. I had a big clip on ear ring and so many bracelets. I felt so beautiful. I remember a little friend of mine (a girl who was a huge tom boy) dressed up as a pirate one year. We were quite the pair. Things were safer back then. My mom let me roam all over the neighborhood with my friends to collect treats from our neighbors. We had so much fun!
I do remember one Halloween that traumatized me when I was very young. I went with my mother to a neighbors house to have coffee. (I was probably about 3-4) . Anyway, mother and neighbor friend sent me to the kids room to play. I went straight into the room without looking this way or that. I was headed for the dresser drawer where the view finder and other good toys were. I looked at the view finder for awhile and for some reason, I turned towards the door and I saw this huge life size Frankenstein sitting in a chair. It scared me out of my wits. I'm sure people could hear me screaming for miles.
These neighbors set this Frankenstein out on their porch for Halloween and I would have no part of it. I will never forget that as long as I live. It is very funny but I can still remember the terror I felt when I realized Frankenstein was in that toy room with me. Terror....pure terror. Oh, to be a child again. NOT!!!!!


Rhea said...

I cannot believe you didn't dress up this year!! Oh well, gives you a whole year to think of something else. Tell Heather congrats on winning! I know she was excited about Halloween!! Love you, Rhea

Stacey said...

That'd probably do it for me too, FAQ! But the pictures are great--thanks for sharing. xo