Saturday, October 13, 2007

Transparencies in Art

I have been working with transparencies to incorporate images in my art. Last night, I finally came up with something I like!! Now, I'm going crazy printing transparencies. I like this whole black/white/lime green combination. I'm thinking about redoing Cody's room in this color scheme.
Print on your transparencies according to your directions. Let the transparency dry and cut it out and use adhesive spray (outside) it is so strong. Spray the back of your transparencies and add them to your prepared canvas. Add, embellish, paint over, go CRAZY~


Ikle.Kaiy said...

hello texas from the isle of man(Irish sea(uk))!! i like your work it looks exellent. Just im not brave enough to go further than what i know. We didn't do much in the ways of Mixed Media's, but what i did do was alot of collaging. Mostly for posters and things not for fine art.

If you are up for it have a nose at what I'm up to. It's very different but its always worth a peek.
Im trying to get my work out into the world. because im too shy to say words.. only to type them.


Funky Art Queen said...

Thanks ikle.kaiy! Just let your art speak for you girlie! I'm not the best with words either but I find it easy to say what i mean in my creative journal or with my rules! Thanks for your comments!